Lifestyle Trends in 2020

Lifestyle Trends in 2020 1

Every item on this planet has been trending at some point or the other. Some new products are released, technology gets more advanced and people get more environmentally conscious. Here are a few that are going to be trending in 2020.  In this article, we are going to talk about these trends.

Trending Lifestyles in 2020

  1. Plant-Based Diet
  2. Plastic Free environment

Plant-Based Diet

Lifestyle Trends in 2020 2

The vegan diet has been trending for a few years now, but we expect it to more people to follow the vegan lifestyle. As you might already know, plant-based diets are focused around food items that can be derived from plants Sources. These sources include fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes, nuts and other meat substitutes such as soy products.

People following the plant-based diets don’t eat or use any product that has been derived from animals. Products like milk are replaced by products such as soy milk. In 2020, it is not going to be difficult to follow plant-based diets like it used to be before.

 Plant-based diets are healthy, why? Plant-based diets focus on wholegrain, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. These products provide us with massive health benefits and help in reducing cholesterol levels, chronic disease, heart diseases etc. The issue with going on a plant-based diet is that is the lack in intake of vitamin D, B12 and omega fatty acids. Now, you can get some of these nutrients from cereals, and supplements, although we would advise you to go to your general practitioner before you decide to take any supplement.

People who are about to start following a plant-based diet need to make sure that they have all the groceries required to make their meals. It is essential to make a meal plan at the start of the week, otherwise, it is going to be easy to go back to meat products.

Plastic-Free Life

Lifestyle Trends in 2020 3
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A lot of people getting conscious about the environment especially after all the natural disasters that have been occurring in the past year. The most recent one being the Australian bush fires that has caused and continues to cause a lot of damage to the continent and taken the lives of over 500 MILLION animals.

For people who have grown up in the 1990s and the 20th century, living life without using plastic may seem like an impossible task, but it’s not. This article should help you at least use less plastic than you would have normally been using.

The first thing, we should be doing is to avoid buying water that comes in plastic containers, the best thing you can do is to carry a steel bottle with you. You can carry it your bag and shouldn’t cause much trouble.

Stop using use and throw utensils, reusable utensils are available in the market. Reusable utensils will also prevent you from spending unnecessary cash, that you would normally keep spending on the use-and-throw utensils.

The next thing would be to carry around cloth bags with you while shopping, these bags can be used continuously and don’t even weight that much. There are countries in the world where grocery shops now charge you if you want to buy and use plastic bags.

Many people believe that liquid soap is more sanitary than bar soap when the truth is the opposite of what people believe. The bar soap gets rinsed constantly when it is being used, while liquid soap that are kept in plastic bottles don’t.

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