IFB 23BC4 review

IFB is a leading microwave brand in India as they have a huge variety of products to choose from. IFB was the first company in India to launch a Front loading washing machine, Clothes dryer, Dishwasher and Smart load washing machine. From small appliances for an average sized family to bigger appliances sufficient for larger families, they have it all. Following is our take on trying to give out a helpful review on IFB 23L Convection Microwave Oven.

Let’s already cut to the chase. Today, we present you with a balanced assessment of the product: IFB 23BC4 Review. So, as with any microwave, a user must consider the following key points before blindly investing in it.

  • Suitable size and internal capacity.
  • Appealing look and design.
  • Must include features you need.
  • Should have a decent wattage count.
  • Should be reasonably priced.

Let us now dig in and talk specifically about the IFB 23BC4 Review in detail with respect to the above mentioned essentials.

IFB 23BC4 Review

1. Size and capacity

IFB 23BC4 Microwave Oven Size

The device weighs an average 16.1kgs with its peripheral dimensions as 281*483*390 (h*w*d measured in mm). It’s capacity as evident already is a decent 23 litres. The dimensions of inner cavity of product are 220*340*320. It has turntable at the base of the cooking cavity measuring 270mm in diameter. So, overall the size is pretty comfortable for medium sized kitchens and cooking capacity of 23 litres can easily handle day to day cooking. Generally, microwaves range from 20L to 44L in capacity. You only need to worry about it if you plan on cooking large family sized meals. If not, 23 litres will easily suffice for preparation for upto 4 adults.

2. Sleek look and design

Although some people might not relate to it, but looks matter so much for a majority of people. The IFB 23BC4 has a pitch black body which goes really well in the kitchen no matter what background colour your kitchen has. It has also got a floral design panel that adds to the overall allure. The looks of the product have been at par with the expectations.

3. Features included

IFB 23BC4 Microwave Oven Features

A microwave is more of a convenience focused appliance rather than an essential. And as time goes, we constantly witness some new added features that blow us away. Let’s discuss what this model in particular has to offer. It has a unique fermentation feature that allows you to prepare yogurt in no time. As promised, this feature works just fine.

It includes a steam clean/deodorise feature that cleans and sterilises the appliance and cookware placed inside, almost instantly. You can use the microwave as frequently as you desire having this feature by your side.The grease in the machine is cleansed in just a couple of minutes with the help of steam, leaving a refreshing lemon fragrance in the process.You got to give props to the manufacturers for introducing an easy cleaning option as it might get really tricky at times.

There is also a ‘weight defrost’ feature added that enables the user to accurately set the timer to defrost based on the weight of the food item. You just have to input the weight on the digital input and the device automatically defrosts the food just right. This feature has also been upto the mark and hasn’t led to any kind of suspicion regarding to the promises made.

The ‘keep warm’ feature remains at top of the recent additions. This feature delivers a very low power microwave pulse that keeps the temperature of your food at a constant level without overcooking it. This means you can keep your food warm in the microwave if not consuming immediately after preparation. The Keep Warm feature can be activated for a maximum of 90 minutes. Haven’t had a slightly burnt supper ever since getting the appliance. So got to give it to them for this feature as well.

4. Power consumption

The power consumption or the wattage of a microwave decides how fast the device is at cooking. The higher the wattage count, the faster the food cooks. Generally a wattage of upto 1000 is enough for domestic purposes. As the device has three modes of cooking namely microwave, convection and grill, following are the power consumption of each mode:

  • Microwave Power Consumption (Watts): 1400
  • Convection Power Consumption (Watts): 1850
  • Grill Power Consumption (Watts): 950

5. Cost effectiveness

he product is priced very effectively. But there’s no reason you should pay that much. This is the reason online shopping gets a little tricky sometimes. There are these festive season sales and clearance offers which you must look for. The IFB 23BC4 can be bought within as less as ₹ 10000. And for as little as 10k bucks, the device is definitely worth a buy. You can check the best price by clicking the below link.


So, overall, the product offers satisfactory results for it’s cost. Has a variety of features that work exactly as mentioned in the manufacturer’s guide. Average sized appliance optimal for daily use. Sits in the kitchen with elegance and looks pleasingly good. Doesn’t wreck havoc on the electricity consumption as well. If you’re looking for a microwave that’ll suffice your day to day cooking needs, you’re highly advised to look no further.

Samarth is a Mechanical engineer from IIT Bombay with deep understanding of machines and the overall market. Samarth has been building machine from over 8 years so all his reviews on November Culture are first hand expert review. He co founded November Culture along with few other industry experts to provide reviews of daily products.

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