How to Choose the right Roti Maker?

Roti Makers in India are slowly increasing. Making Rotis / Chapatis from Roti Maker (Chapati Maker) has now become habits of some people. Not only in India, but it has also reached different parts of the world, including the US. Roti Maker has helped youngsters to cook their own meal rather than having foods from outside.

You might have heard of Roti maker from somewhere & now you have decided to buy one. But couldn’t make out which one to go for as almost every Roti Maker looks same? Choosing something that you do not know about is the most challenging task! Don’t worry, I’m here with a few aspects that you must check in every Roti Maker while buying it.

How to Select the right Roti Maker to Buy?

1. Are Roti Makers Worth It?

Most of the people start blaming the Roti maker appliance once they fail in making proper chapatis. I can make proper round rotis with a 1000rs Roti maker. So it completely depends on your skills. Just like every other task, this too takes time to expertise in it. So just calm down & try to practice for some time before returning the roti maker. You might feel happy later on, once you become a pro in making chapatis. The making of rotis won’t differ from Roti Maker to Roti Maker, all that is required is skills to understand & implementing guides as per given.

2. On/Off Indicator Light

This is one of the most basic thing one should look in a Roti Maker. Whether it has a indiciator light which can indicate about what’s happening. Many Cheap brands don’t provide any such facility as it may cost them more to insert this mechanism. In order to avoid any accidents on/off light bulb in required.

3. Griddle Size

Griddle must be made of forged aluminum. Aluminum is well known for equal heat distribution. It must be non-stick coated with some non-removable coating techniques so that we can avoid use of oil. Different size are available in griddle but for best Roti size 8″ to 10″ must be selected.

4. Power Usage

Your cooking surface should be able to reach 425º F for best result. Power factor depends on factors such as griddle size, material used to cast it. On average, for a 10″ griddle you need 750 Watts for the griddle and about 250 watts for the cover. It also is the major factor for many of us as too much power usage may lead to high electricity bills.

5. Brand Name

For good service and customer support popular roti maker brand must be selected. As there are many popular brands in market it will be easy to select one of them.

6. Shockproof Roti Maker Body

This is important function you always look for. Shockproof body helps to protect person against electrical leakage. During Rainy season or wet climate, having a Roti Maker that conducts power can be very dangerous. Although almost all Roti Maker manufacturers have started providing with Shock proof body but you must read the description before going with any of them.

7. Non-Heating Handle

At high temperature, you might feel burns while holding the handle that conducts heat through it. Just like every other utensil that we buy, Roti Maker should also have a non-heating handle that can bare high temperature without discomforting the maker.

8. Reviews and Rating

Before making purchase read review and rating present at online stores. you can visit amazon or Flipkart to read genuine customer reviews. But don’t look too much over negative rating because mostly are due to wrong use of the machine.

9. Warranty Period

Check warranty offered by companies. some companies offer 1 Year warranty which is sufficient for you. On another hand, there are some brands who offer warranty up to 2 years like Eveready Roti Maker. So keep a check on warranty as well.