Best Water Softener in India – Reviews and Buying Guide

Supply of hard water is experienced almost in every second home in India, and dealing with it is the most difficult task. The common problems generated due to hard water are the formation of a narrow white or brown coloured film atop the bathroom tiles, shower, tap heads, glassware, clogged pipes and also result in dry, dull and drab skin and hair.

A solution to these problems is boiling, if you want to make hard water soft naturally or by using a water softener with a technology that reduces calcium and magnesium content in the water. Many water softeners are available in the market. Still, until you recognize and understand the functionalities and features of each of them, you won’t be able to decide on the best one suiting you. The only solution to the problem is to install a hard water softener to your taps. This device acts as a filter to the taps and showers. It helps to attain quality water just at one spin! Hence, buying a water softener for home in India has become a necessity!

While it remains a priority to install a water purifier would if safe drinking water is your top priority; a water softener would act as a preliminary medium to remove minerals, salts and ions giving you potable water that can be used for washing, cleaning and rinsing without any safety concerns. It is however recommended to use a water softener in combination with a purifier (a UV water purifier works well) to completely eliminate impurities and pathogens.

Product Comparison

1st Place
Best Water Softener in India - Reviews and Buying Guide 1 Water Science Cleo Water Softener By Water Science
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Best Value
Best Water Softener in India - Reviews and Buying Guide 2 D’cal Hard Water Softener By D’cal
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3 Best Water Softener in India - Reviews and Buying Guide 3 Dr Recommends Water Softener By Dr Recommends
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4 Best Water Softener in India - Reviews and Buying Guide 4 Caresmith Water Softener By Caresmith
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5 Best Water Softener in India - Reviews and Buying Guide 5 Kent Bathroom Water Softener By Kent
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Best Water Softener in India 2021

1. Water Science Cleo Water Softener

The Water Science CLEO Shower & Tap Filter is meant to scale back chlorine and other minerals from water. It changes harmful contaminants into harmless embodies. The showerhead is designed using a 4-layer filtration system that effectively filters 95% chlorine from the water.

The softener uses KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) technology that washes out water salts so that it doesn’t deposit on your skin or hair. It works great with both predicament and water and thus, is often used with geysers too.

The presence of TDS and chlorine in water is harmful to your hair and skin. Water Science CLEO shower and tap filters don’t reduce TDS or chlorine from the water. These filters convert harmful impurities into simple forms.

The filter has been designed to fit 22, 24, and 28 mm aerator taps. It doesn’t reduce the TDS or hardness value of the water. As you know that the filter is designed using KDF technology, it also comprises nano-silver carbon.


  • 4 Layer Filter System
  • Good Quality Built
  • Works with Cold and Hot Water


  • Cartridge Life Depends on Quality of Water

2. D’cal Hard Water Softener

D’Cal water Softener, also known as a water conditioner, helps in preventing the build-up of calcium formation that’s caused thanks to the quality of water. These calcium accumulations in the geyser rods of taps lead to internal corrosion and reduce the lifespan of these devices.

The softeners in a way that helps in making the calcium inert and alter its sticky nature. Since it doesn’t filter the water, the upkeep cost is nearly negligible. The contents of this water softener are tasteless, odourless, colourless, and non-toxic. The softener does not filter calcium from the water.

It just decreases the stickiness of calcium present in the water so that it can pass without clogging or making marks. You can easily drop the softener in the overhead water tank, and it starts working. It also comes with a complimentary ‘hard water testing kit’. Hence, proving to become the best water softener.


  • Easy Installation
  • Simple and Safe
  • No Water Wastage
  • Complementary Testing Kit


  • Not Durable
  • Cannot Replaced Cartridge

3. Dr Recommends Water Softener

The Dr Recommends Shower Filter may be a high-quality and efficient softener that’s designed to get rid of chlorine content from the water. Its advanced filtering layers include a fifteen-stage filter that helps in removing unhealthy impurities, rust, and sediments from showers or taps.

The water softener encourages healing and restoration and is also recognized as the best product in effectively improvising the condition of hair and skin. The showerhead consists of several filtering layers, including activated charcoal, KDF 55, tourmaline balls, and calcium sulphite.

Hence, this proves to be a good quality bathroom water softener. It features activated carbon that entraps toxins and chemicals that are present in the water. The magnetic energy ceramic balls help in absorbing impurities and heavy metals that play a major role in clogging the pores. The specially designed cotton and mesh filters prevent the flow of impurities.


  • Compact Shape and Size
  • Easy to Handle
  • Compatible with Basin Taps
  • Special Cotton and Mesh Filter


  • Low Lifespan of The Cartridge

4. Caresmith Water Softener

The Caresmith SIFT softener may be a heavy-duty device that targets water, chlorine and chemicals. It is fifty per cent larger than any regular water softener available in the market.

The greatest part about this device is it features an incredible ten stage filtration system that helps in reducing hair fall, and also protects your skin from dryness and eliminating the bad odour from the water. This advanced ten stage filtration system is extremely effective in declining chlorine, inhibiting bacteria and diluting the effects of hard water and other impurities present in water.

Another point to note is this system does not work on reducing the TDS level or hardness value of the water. The product description mentions that it doesn’t reduce TDS or hardness of the water but, in turn, it converts chlorine and other dangerous impurities to harmless salts.

But it completely assures of making the water a lot safer and free from chlorine and other contaminants. It is an apt choice for a water softener for a house.



  • Easy Installation
  • 10-Stage Filtration System
  • Affordable
  • Healthy and Safe Water for Skin and Hair


  • Filter Life Is Less

5. Kent Bathroom Water Softener

This bathroom softener from Kent won’t only keep your hair and skin healthy but also keep your geyser and bath fittings freed from deposits. This hard softener features a high-water flow of 1000 litres per hour. Which means it can soften up to 1,000 litres of water every hour. Isn’t this simply amazing? 

Kent bathroom water softener works on the principle of a natural process. The process decreases the hardness of water by exchanging magnesium (Mg+2) and calcium (Ca2+) ions with sodium (Na+) or potassium (K+) ions. This exchange of ions turns water soft.

Kent softener uses resin media to soften the water. The only thing required for a continual supply of soft water is regeneration and recharging of ions for ion exchange. This may resemble like performing some scientific experiment, but actually, this process requires you to only add around 500 gm of common salt into the top chamber.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Saves Electricity
  • Can Soften 1000 Litres/Hr
  • Geyser Life Increases


  • Visual/Physical Impurities Are Not Filtered
  • Professional Installation Demands A Bit Of Expense

Hard Water Softener Buying Guide

Utilizing hard water is not appropriate for skin and hair. Constant use may cause numerous health-related complications such as psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff, kidney stones, constipation and might also affect bone density. Using a good water softener acts as a saviour against all these issues. Scroll through our buying guide to learn about the features to keep in mind while buying one.

What Does A Hard Water Softener Do?

Hard Water Softener

Does your skin feel sticky after a shower? Does your scalp feel itchy after every shower? Have you noticed a reduction in the water pressure after a couple of months of installing a new tap or shower? Have you observed white deposits of salt over the bathroom tiles, walls and your geyser coils?

If the answer to all these questions is a heart wrenching YES! then sadly you received the supply of hard water in your house. The effective solution to these issues is to buy and install a hard water softener. Chlorinated water acts as a disinfectant, but it can result in disastrous effects on the body as the chemicals set into the bloodstream through the skin when you have a shower.

Chlorine also reacts with water to form dangerous compounds like chloroform that are harmful to health. Hence, installing a water softener for bathroom helps to reduce the chlorine content in the water. Water from your tap directly could appear turbid because of the presence of TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) and other contaminants. The use of these softeners filters the visible impurities, giving a transparent appearance to the water. These are a few benefits of using a water softener.

Factors to consider before buying Water Softener

Hard Water Softener

1. Size of the Softener

It is necessary to select a water softener that suits all your needs. Even though the device must be chosen based on the ability and not the size, this aspect too plays a major role in terms of convenience. You can opt for a size depending on the average amount of water that is consumed in a day. The first thing to know is whether your hunt is to have a 1-piece softener or a 2-piece softener. A 2-piece one is a better choice. If you have the space to fit the system, go for this.

2. Features 

You must consider the features and controls that the water softener provides such as programming levels and display options. It should be easy to use too.

Timer Controls – The timer controls constitute that the water softener obeys the automatic regeneration process. This makes it uncomplicated to select the time of operation so that it does not interrupt with your regular household chores.

DIR Controls – The DIR, i.e. Demand-Initiated-Regeneration recognizes whenever the resins ask for recharging. The controls revive only when there is a demand for regeneration.

3. Type of Usage (Tap/Shower)

Conforming to the design, here are two types of shower filters you can use:

Showerhead or Tap Filters: These resemble a showerhead and even act like one. You just need to install it to the top of your tap and shower. Although these appear to be a bit bulkier, these are best at their job of cleansing the water from harmful particles and maintaining constant water pressure.

In-line Filters: These models of shower filters don’t accompany a showerhead, and you’ll need to install it between the current showerhead and water line. One of the advantages of opting for this type of filter is that you need not change your showerhead.

4. Filter Technology

Multi-Level Carbon Filters: These sorts of filters use similar technology employed by other water filtration systems. The filters lead the water through several mediums each designed to get rid of a selected sort of impurity. Some of the filters even clean the water by pushing it through 10-12 mediums.

KDF Filters: These filters can be used in combination with carbon filters or can be used alone. Composed of copper and zinc, these are extremely effective in removing harmful heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. These filters help withdraw other impurities from the municipal water.

5. Filter Capacity

This feature is also brand-specific and thus before buying you should check this. It helps you to know what proportion of water the cartridge can filter before finally abandoning. Accordingly, you can arrange for its replacement. Most cartridges of tap filters last around six months to a year or twenty thousand litres to forty thousand litres of water. If you don’t want to experience the hassle of changing the cartridge too frequently, then it is better to go for a shower filter with maximum cartridge life.

6. Budget

People often forget that our health is as important as our wealth. Purchasing budget-friendly water softeners may help to a great extent, but buying faulty, underrated products by risking health might result in much greater expense later! Always opt for trusted and popular brands. It is less likely to be duped by well-known brands, and they provide you with good customer support. If you’re unaware of whether a specific company is the best one or a ‘not so good choice’, always go check out their reviews and ratings. Beware and shop smart! 


Installing a water softener in your house proves to be a boon, as it helps in preventing the formation of bacteria and prevents scaling on appliances like washing machines, water filters, kitchen sinks, and bathroom tiles. We have concluded that the Water Science CLEO Shower & Tap Filter is the best water softener amongst all the others. You can witness the effects immediately on the state of your skin and hair.

They also help in holding on the shine of vessels and maintaining healthy skin and hair. Thus, if you live in an area which receives a hard water supply, a water softener may prove to be a useful hack to prevent impurities.


1. Is it safe to drink water from a water softener?

No. These tap & shower water softeners aren’t recommended for purifying H2O. Because these dense, hard water softeners are not capable of providing you water that may be fit for drinking. Raw water can contain several sorts of impurities and dissolved solids (TDS) which may only be removed with a RO water purifier.

2. Does a tap or shower water softener remove chlorine?

Not all water softeners are capable of filtering Chlorine from water but, if you’re trying to find such softener, you’ll choose multi-stage tap filters that have activated charcoal layer, KDF 55 layer or calcium sulphite layer. These layers help in filtering chlorine content from the water.

3. How long does a tap and shower water softener last?

The longevity of your tap & shower water filter depends hugely on the standard and quantity of the water. Most tap & shower filters available online, including those we reviewed above, require you to exchange the filter cartridge after every 3-6 months or every 20,000 to 40,000 litres of filtered water.

4. Does a water softener lower the TDS levels of water?

A water softener does not decrease the TDS level of the water, but it follows the exchange process. The magnesium ions and the calcium ions, which are the constituents of hard water, get detached, or their chemical properties get changed in this process. As the water passes through the filter, it goes through several layers that do not lower the TDS levels of water.

5. Who should buy a water softener for the bathroom?

Certain areas face the issue of hard water which is not good for health. Bathing with this water may lead to skin and hair damage. Hence, people experiencing such issues must buy a water softener for bathroom.

6. How to use a hard water softener?

Ion exchange is a common way to soften hard water. Refer to the link below to know more on it

7. What are some common signs that your water softener is not working properly?

If you notice that you are facing a difficult time forming face with soap/shampoo while bathing, you can get the softener checked as hard water and soap do not get along well. Another indication that the softener is not functioning properly is you might feel that your clothes are stiff and scratchy after washing as they don’t get cleaned properly.

You might also notice a crusty or chalky build up around the faucets or pipes. The taste of water may be a bit different than water as water contains more minerals. Thus, if you are noticing a change in the taste of water, you should consider getting the softener checked.

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