Best Water Purifiers With Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Van Leeuwenhoek observed some water microorganisms for the first time in 1676, and after some decades the need for water purifiers was recognised. The first water filters were later invented and applied to domestic water filters. While the water purifiers and the technology used in them have come a long way from what it was like in the early time, the need to use water purifiers has been constant.

As pollution is worsening day by day, the need for using water purifiers keeps on intensifying, and today these purifiers are essential for our safety. Today it’s very common to see people using hot and cold water purifiers for home, and we’ll look at some of the best ro water purifiers with hot and cold water dispensers available on the market. 

What is a hot and cold water purifier with the dispenser?

A lot of Indian states experience both winter and summer season severely, and it’s annoying if your water purifier can’t keep up with your needs as seasons change. Since some people enjoy drinking cold water in summers, a water purifier with hot water results in the hassle of filling the bottles and refrigerating them.

Same goes for water purifiers that only offer cold or normal water, and you’ve to heat the water before consuming it in winters. Realising all of the efforts that go into getting water to suit your favourable temperature, a new type of water purifier was invented that allowed you to have your water at the exact temperature you’ll like it to be.

This new purifier was known as a hot and cold water purifier, and it is versatile enough to meet all your water demands. It’s not only good for homes but also great for school, office or any workplace. 

Advantages of having water purifier supplying hot and cold water

1. Like any water RO purifying unit, these purifiers remove all the unwanted debris, microorganisms, dirt, chemicals or any harmful thing from your water and makes it safe for consumption.

2. Heat and cold water dispensers offer versatility so that you can choose how you’ll like your water to be without spending any extra efforts, time and electricity to either heat or cool it. 

3. You can use hot water for beverages instantly, and the dispenser heats water at the perfect temperature of 94-degree celsius that makes your beverage flavourful and gives it a scorched taste.

4. Water tastes better, and thus, it makes staying hydrated into an easy and fun task.

Best hot and cold water purifier for home

Best Water Purifiers With Hot & Cold Water Dispenser 1 AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier By AO Smith
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Best Water Purifiers With Hot & Cold Water Dispenser 2 LG WHD71RB4RP Water Purifier By LG
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3 Best Water Purifiers With Hot & Cold Water Dispenser 3 Blue Star Stella ST4BSHC01 RO+UV Water Purifier By Blue Star
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4 Best Water Purifiers With Hot & Cold Water Dispenser 4 Cuckoo Fusion Top Hot & Cold Water Purifier By Cuckoo
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1. AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier

This AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier is not only a champion in the appeal section but also offers great features like night assist, min-tech, ART etc. Its tank type is made from virgin food-grade ABS and utilises eight-stage RO and SCMT technology to purify water. 

The filter works on 50 wattages and uses ART technology that gives great water recovery. You can save up to 9000 litres of water with this feature.

Z8 RO purifier offers you water at both normal and hot temperature. It even offers hot water at two temperatures, i.e., 45 and 80-degree Celcius to meet your various needs. The night assist features allow you to locate your filter in the dark.


  • Eight process filtration process
  • Great appeal
  • One year warranty
  • Free installation in the municipal limit
  • Night assist feature
  • Mineralised hot water at 45 and 80-degree celsius


  • Doesn’t provide cold water
  • Cannot purify iron from water

2. LG WHD71RB4RP Water Purifier

This LG water purifier hot and cold provides you with cold water at 5 degrees and hot water at 90 degrees instantly. You can enjoy tea, coffee, cocktails etc. at just a touch of a button. 

The filter uses multi-stage reverse osmosis to deliver safe drinking water. Multi-stage filtration removes any contaminants from the water. You can see when you need to change the filter by looking at the indicator on the smart display. 

This filter fulfils the purpose of proper storage and maintenance by the dual Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank, and the Digital Sterilizing Care keeps the storage compartment sterilised. It has a good capacity of 7.3 litres that is good for small or medium-sized families. 


  • Digital sterilisation 
  • Smart display
  • Dual protection stainless steel tank
  • Water at normal, cold and hot temperature
  • 8 stage purification process 
  • 1-year warranty
  • Filter change indicator


  • Doesn’t dispense water during the power cut

3. Blue Star Stella ST4BSHC01 RO+UV Water Purifier 

Blue Star Stella is known for being the first company to manufacture hot and cold water purifiers in India. Excellent build quality and sleek look make this water purifier a hot choice on the water purifier market

It has Precision 5-stage purification technology that provides safe drinking water with better taste than normal tap water. This filter uses both RO and UV technology to purify the water and has an 8.2 litres capacity. The tank is made of premium quality food-grade plastic. 

Blue Star Stella even offers a full refund within ten days in case of any defects and a one year warranty on the product. 


  • Good water capacity
  • Improved water taste 
  • Great water recovery
  • Child lock function
  • Double layered RO+UV technology
  • Ultra high TDS removal
  • Touch sensor technology


  • It does not dispense water at the time of power cuts.

4. Cuckoo Fusion Top Hot & Cold Water Purifier 

As chirpy as the name Cuckoo, this filter has an outstanding build quality and a very stylish design. It has an operating status indicator that separates the power switches for hot and cold water. Child safety locks make sure your child doesn’t play around with filters or hot water in your absence.

Its six-stage filtration removes all microorganisms, harmful chemicals, heavy metals and contaminants from your water. Airtight stainless steel tanks prevent any insects or dust particles from polluting your drinking water. The filter provides mild alkaline water between 7 to 9 pH and is recommended for places with 350 or above TDS. 

This filter is designed for smart homes and offices that want an efficient and durable solution to getting access to safe drinking water. In case you want a cheaper alternative for this filter then you should check out any model of kent hot and cold water purifier.


  • Sturdy body
  • Operating status indicator
  • 3. Child safety lock offers enhanced safety
  • 4. Full tank indicator prevents overflowing and wastage of water
  • 6 stage purification is efficient 
  • Airtight stainless steel tank


  • Needs proper installation by professionals

Hot and Cold Water Purifier – Buying Guide

Hot and Cold Water Purifier - Buying Guide

Purchasing a water purifier requires both research and analysis from the point of health as well as the budget. When there are so many water purifiers available on the market, it’s crucial to check the advantages and disadvantages of each feature so that you can find a purifier best suited for your home or office. 

Latest models of water purifiers provide you with both hot and cold water. The endless number of options make the selecting process difficult, and thus we listed three significant factors that will help you narrow down your choices. 

1. Filter Technology

Have you heard of all those fancy terms in the water purifier advertisements and wondered what those terms mean? If yes, then here are some of the technologies used in the water purifiers to provide you with safe drinking water. 

  1. TDS controllers: Stands for total dissolved solvents and TDS controllers in water purifiers control the concentration of dissolved substances in water like inorganic salts etc. 
  2. Pre-sediment filters: These remove larger impurities and protect your RO membrane from getting damaged. They also reduce the load on RO and increase product life.
  3. Pre-Activated Carbon filter: Water contains a lot of dissolved salts and decaying material that gives it an unpleasant odour and this filter removes substances that may add odour to the water. 
  4. Ultrafiltration (UF): This filter traps all the minute impurities before the water goes ahead with RO purification. 
  5. RO semipermeable membrane: This provides the highest degree of purification as it removes 95 to 99 % of TDS by using the reverse osmosis process. 
  6. Ultraviolet (UV) protection: It removes all of the microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and pesky spores from the water, making it completely safe for consumption. If you are interested in UV water purifiers, you might want to check out our reviews on the best UV water purifier.
  7. Post-Activated Carbon filter: Any remaining impurity that might add odour to the water is removed by this filter. 
  8. Mineralizers: This replenishes the essential minerals in the water to make the final output good for consumption. 

2. Other Recovery Technology

There’s a lot more that goes inside your purifier other than the purification, of course. Your purifier discards some amount of water in the process of purification, and there are certain technologies integrated into the purifier to prevent a lot of water wastage. 

For a better idea, your RO purifier wastes three litres of water for one litre of output which translates into an ugly and big number for water wastage. Many companies are coming up with new processes or technologies to prevent water wastage, but only a few have succeeded in making one. 

Currently, one of the technologies used to prevent water wastage is ART which stands for Advance Recovery Technology. AO Smith has patented the ART technology that saves twice the amount of water in comparison to other methods while ensuring immaculate purification. 

3. Capacity

Capacity is the amount of water that can be purified by the water purifier in litres per hour. It is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing any water purifier because it will determine whether you’ll have enough water to drink irrespective of whether it’s a scorchy summer or chilly winters. 

The capacity suitable for your home depends on how many members you have in your family so if you are a small or medium-sized family then anywhere between 7-8 litres of the storage tank can fulfil most of your needs.

But if you have a bigger family, then you should opt for more capacity to ensure you don’t run low on water when it’s needed. 


We tried to make your job easier by discussing most of the technologies and factors you should look for while buying a water purifier. There will be various models available on the market, and you may not think that a cold and hot water dispenser is not that important to have but believe us when we say it makes your job so much easier in so many ways. 

Your dispenser allows you to choose whether you’d like to have cold or hot water and that itself introduces a lot of convenience in your life. From making a quick black coffee to pouring hot water on your ramen, your dispenser could handle all of it easily, and therefore we highly recommend buying a hot and cold water dispenser.