Best Vegetable Chopper in India – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Vegetable Chopper In India

Someone very rightly said that time is money. In this fast-paced world, most homemakers have to multitask, and if you are a bachelor living alone, or a working person, you will automatically understand how time is a very valuable thing. When you are in the kitchen, why would you spend it on cutting vegetables? Do you not wish that someone could do this for you? That is where an electric vegetable chopper comes in handy, because it can very easily chop your vegetables for you and do the cooking prep for you while you catch a break or work on other things.

These vegetables choppers in India are efficient, fast and also quite durable to provide you with a great cooking experience. You also no longer need to worry about accidentally cutting your fingers or anything, because using these machines are safe and definitely much more useful and productive than a normal knife and cutting board combo. Now, let us look at the top 10 best vegetable cutter in India.

10 Best Vegetable Chopper in India

1st Place
Best Vegetable Chopper in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 1 Borosil Chefdelite 260W Electric Chopper By Borosil
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Best Value
Best Vegetable Chopper in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 2 INALSA Mini Bullet Inox 450W Electric Vegetable Chopper By INALSA
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3 Best Vegetable Chopper in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 3 Glen Mini 4043 Plus Electric Chopper By Glen
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4 Best Vegetable Chopper in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 4 INALSA 4-in-1 Joy 250W Electric Vegetable Chopper By INALSA
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5 Best Vegetable Chopper in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 5 Pigeon New Handy Mini Polypropylene Chopper By Pigeon
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1. Borosil Chefdelite 260W Electric Chopper

Borosil, as you know, is quite a renowned and trustworthy company when it comes to investing in home appliances and glass cutlery. Therefore, it is evident that the Borosil Chefdelite 260W Electric Vegetable Chopper keeps up the brand name with its advanced features. It comes with a 500 ml “chop and serve” bowl included with it, and also is equipped with two speed options.

You can choose between normal speed, and if you want to further speed it up, then you can also choose the turbo option. You simply need to push one button to speed it up a notch. This is literally the best electric vegetable chopper in India and has an anti-skid base, which is also the lid and therefore you have to worry about less attachments.

This has a whisking attachment and superior blades which does the job in a matter of a few seconds and therefore is extremely fast. With the brand name of Borosil, it does make a good investment.


  • 260 W motor
  • 500 ml chop and serve bowl
  • Anti-skid base
  • Whisking attachment


  • The chopping texture is uneven
  • Cleaning the chopper might be a tedious job for some

2. INALSA Mini Bullet Inox 450W Electric Vegetable Chopper

The INALSA Mini Bullet Inox 450W Electric Vegetable Chopper comes with an extremely powerful motor which is highly efficient for the productivity of the machine. It has a 450 watts motor with a 100% copper winding, which is extremely powerful and can do the job in just a matter of a few seconds.

Other than this, this electric vegetable chopper can puree, mince and chop, which means it will serve well as a multi utility machine. It comes equipped with two speeds and therefore helps when you need to make purees or lump free sauces, and also comes with a stainless-steel body and a superior quality ABS plastic build which does not easily rust and therefore prolongs the longevity.

The container easily can contain 0.9 litres of product maximum, so you can easily use this for chopping vegetables for a larger family, and will not need to use the machine over and over.


  • 450 watts motor with 100% copper winding
  • Multi-tasking
  • Stainless steel body and superior quality ABS plastic build
  • Suitable for larger families


  • The lock is a bit weak
  • The jar is prone to breaking

3. Glen Mini 4043 Plus Electric Vegetable Chopper

Glen is a brand which is quite popular in the kitchen appliances stream for its very effective and productive kitchen solutions, and the Glen Mini 4043 Plus Electric Vegetable Chopper really has kept up the good name. If you have a small family or are a bachelor who is looking for something really small and compact which you can store easily, then this is something that you could go for.

It comes with a 400 ml jar with an anti-skid base, which helps the electric vegetable chopper from sliding off the kitchen counter. The bowl is made of food grade polycarbonate which is very hygienic as compared to normal plastic or some substandard material.

The blade used in the chopper is rust free and therefore quite durable. The best part? Despite being not a very big or bulky machine, you can easily chop, whisk or puree whatever you want in this unbreakable jar.


  • Small and compact
  • Anti-skid base
  • Food grade polycarbonate unbreakable jar
  • Multi-utility machine


  • Button at the top is a bit unreliable
  • Quite noisy

4. INALSA 4-in-1 Joy 250W Electric Vegetable Chopper

As you can already see, INALSA is a very popular choice for most people because of its no nonsense productive properties which easily let you operate all kitchen appliances. Are you looking for the best electric vegetable chopper in India which looks good but also does the tasks efficiently?

INALSA 4-in-1 Joy 250W Electric Vegetable Chopper might be the right choice for you then. This machine is equipped with a 250-watt copper motor, which is very powerful, and it easily does 4 jobs of chopping, mincing, pureeing and whisking, and is a multi-utility machine. Just one touch is enough for the operation which is extremely handy and user friendly in this regard.

Often, we face problems with the short power cords, but this one comes with a 1.3-meter-long power cord, and therefore will not create a problem for you even if the power socket is located quite far away from the machine.


  • 250-watt copper motor
  • 4-in-1 multi utility machine
  • 1.3-meter-long power cord


  • Not very durable because of the poor build

5. Pigeon New Handy Mini Polypropylene Chopper

Other than being extremely handy and quite compact in space and build, the Pigeon New Handy Mini Polypropylene Chopper is definitely a very beautiful and ergonomically designed manual vegetable chopper which is also quite easy on your pocket. It is priced very reasonably which makes it a very popular choice for a lot of customers.

This is made from polypropylene, which is a durable material and houses a strong 3 blade design which is made of stainless steel and would not rust even if you keep washing it frequently. You can easily wash this using your normal dish soap or a mild detergent and lukewarm water. It has an unique string function, which you can pull to operate the machine.

The material in itself is eco-friendly and you need no electricity albeit at the cost of a little manual effort. You can chop all your vegetables in a hassle-free manner therefore.


  • Ergonomic polypropylene design
  • 3 blade stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap


  • Operated manually, might be difficult for some people

6. Orpat Express 250W Electric Vegetable Chopper

Looking for the best electric vegetable chopper in India? Orpat is also quite a famous name when it comes to making electronic devices and kitchen appliances and is also quite trustworthy. You do not need any sort of expert installation because this is very easy to operate. The Orpat Express 250W Electric Vegetable Chopper comes with a powerful 250 watts motor which is noiseless and can easily chop your vegetables in an even manner in a very less time.

It is also multi utility as it can mince and puree very well. The interface is just easy with just one button for one touch pulsing which does the job perfectly. This machine is equipped with a multipurpose splash guard cover, which stops overspilling and also can be used as a container after you have finished chopping the vegetables.

This is easily suited for big families with a BPA free and ultra-hygienic container with a maximum storage capacity of 700 ml with an anti-slippery base for enhanced support.


  • Multi utility – can chop, mince and puree
  • Easy user-friendly interface
  • BPA free large container
  • Anti-slippery base


  • Not a very powerful motor
  • Chopping is not even

7. Brayden Chopro 300 W Electric Vegetable Chopper

If you have a modern kitchen which could do with an electric vegetable chopper which suits the looks as well as the needs, then the Brayden Chopro 300 W Electric Vegetable Chopper might be the perfect fit for you with its amazing sleek looks and equally ergonomic design. The blades have a swivel angle of 30° which can chop your vegetables in a very short time and is much more efficient than normal blades.

This machine is also quite compact and also handy with its one touch pulsing function which starts with just one touch press of the lid. The ergonomic design has a spill protection guard lid so that there is no overflow of contents.

You can chop, grind, mince, blend and also make a puree, making it the perfect kitchen appliance for you if you prefer multitasking machines which reduce time and effort. This machine is also quite easy to assemble and has a 300 watts copper coil motor for an enhanced productivity.


  • Blades have a swivel angle of 30° for enhanced chopping
  • Multi utility
  • 300 watts copper coil equipped motor


  • Jars are not that durable
  • Body of the chopper is also not that durable

8. Prestige PEC 3.0 250W Electric Vegetable Chopper

Prestige, as we all know, is a brand that has a reputation preceding it as one of India’s finest kitchen appliances manufacturers, and the Prestige PEC 3.0 250W Electric vegetable Chopper totally lives up to the expectations. You can cut literally any sort of vegetables or fruits, herbs or spices, and sometimes even meat and fish in this machine because of its enhanced blades which are quite good.

The blades are extra sharp and are made with stainless steel, so it does not rust or corrode and has a prolonged longevity. The machine has a very unique ring handle design which helps in delivering a very effortless and productive chopping and cutting.

The plastic container used in this machine is quite sturdy and can be easily used as a container to store and refrigerate any food or vegetables. It has a very sleek and beautiful design which is going to be a perfect fit for your beautifully designed modular kitchen.


  • 250 watts powerful motor
  • Extra sharp stainless-steel blades
  • Durable
  • Sleek design
  • Electric vegetable chopper price is reasonable


  • You need to be careful handling the extra sharp blades
  • Very noisy
  • Bad servicing

9. iBELL VC510SG Twin Blade Electric Vegetable Chopper

The iBELL VC510SG Twin Blade Electric Vegetable Chopper despite being a compact machine is equipped with a rust proof blade which is proof of its productivity and durability. This rust proof blade is made of stainless steel and is a twin blade, which does the job satisfactorily and can be used for soft vegetables and fruits.

It comes with a copper coil in the motor as well, which increases the power of the motor which has a 200 watts power consumption. You can chop, mince and also blend in this electric vegetable chopper and the multi utility machine is very easy to use, being very user friendly with just one “push to chop button” on top of the chopper which is handy.

The container has a 600 ml capacity which can easily sustain large amounts of chopping vegetables and fruits in just one go and is also leak proof to stop unnecessary overflowing.


  • Rust proof blade
  • Multi utility machine
  • 600 ml capacity
  • Leak proof container


  • Twin blades are not that powerful
  • Motor is not that fast

10. Homeplus Colored Electric Vegetable Chopper

The Homeplus Colored Electric Vegetable Chopper definitely houses a very sleek design which may be very deceptive seeing that this machine is actually quite a performer. If you are looking for an electric vegetable chopper which looks good in a modern kitchen, then this will be a good choice for you.

This chopper is electric and made of stainless-steel blades to prevent rusting or corrosion, and the body is made of ABS plastic which is durable and definitely much more hygienic. Other than chopping, this machine can mince and also has a whisking blade which you can use to make liquid beverages like buttermilk or lassi.

The Homeplus Colored Electric Vegetable Chopper has a push button of start and stop which is very efficient and easy to use. The blades are called magic blades, and are very fast. They are dual sharp edged and made of stainless steel which reduces the chopping time by half.


  • Sleek design
  • Stainless steel “magic blades”
  • Multi utility


  • The machine is not that durable
  • Containers are not made of good material

Factors to consider before buying Best Manual And Electric Vegetable Chopper in India

Buying Best Vegetable Chopper In India

1. Manual or Electric Vegetable Chopper

Whether you choose to invest in a manual or electric vegetable chopper is something that you need to ascertain when you are looking for your chopper. When you invest in a manual vegetable chopper, you basically have to fit the chopper and then manually rotate it, which may actually defeat the purpose of having a chopper. However, you will only get one speed, and you will have to give more effort to get the desired speed. Whereas, if you choose an electric vegetable chopper, it will definitely be much easier for you, because then you can actually utilize the machine to save time as actually intended.

All you will need to do is press a button, and it will start the chopping. You can also notch up the speed as and when you want to make the chopping go finer or faster, which is therefore much more efficient and productive. Therefore, an electric vegetable chopper is the best choice, however, if you are somewhere without a proper electricity supply, then you can invest in a manual chopper.

2. Container Capacity

Container capacity is an important thing to take note of if you are in a household where you have to chop vegetables for a large number of people, then it is better for you to invest in a chopper which comes with a container that can easily contain a large number of chopped veggies. If you are in a small family however, you don’t really have to worry about this, as most choppers come with attachments which cater to small families easily.

3. Jar Material

It is also very important to check and do some research about the jar material of the container you are using, and this is because plastic can often be toxic and may have chemical reactions with the food inside it. This is why the best vegetable cutter in India have BPA free material in its containers to stop the spread of adverse chemical reactions. Such toxic reactions can not only disrupt hygiene, but are also weaker than other materials.

4. Quality of the Blade

The quality of the blade is literally the main hero of your electric vegetable chopper, because it is on the shape and the sharpness of the blade of the chopper that the cutting speed and also chopping style depends. You can get a fine chopping, or a coarser and much larger piece in the chopping, and all of it simply depends on the blade. So, make sure that you check out the blade of the electric vegetable chopper before you invest in it.

5. Power Wattage

The power wattage consumption of your electric vegetable chopper is another very important aspect you must be checking out before you invest in a pricey machine. The higher the power wattage consumption, the faster and more powerful motor will be, and therefore it will potentially speed up the entire process to give you a better result and a much faster outcome than a machine having a motor which consumes a lower power wattage. But having a higher power wattage can also have an effect on the electricity consumption and therefore you must always check out what works best for you.

6. Accessories

A lot of electric vegetable choppers in India come with a lot of attachments which may allow you to do much more than just chop vegetables, and honestly, it does sound good. Who does not like a multitasker in the kitchen? If you choose your machine with the correct accessories, your electric vegetable chopper may come with a food processor (check detailed review of the Best Food Processor in India) or even a blender attachment which can make your normal and ordinary electric vegetable chopper a multi utility machine and help you out in your kitchen.

7. Price and Warranty

The price of the electric vegetable chopper machine is something that you need to keep in mind, because there is literally no point in burning a hole in the pocket for something like this. However, if you desire a product to have more specifications, the price will rise up. Also, make sure that your machine comes with a warranty so that the company can provide easy servicing should there be a problem.


Having an electric vegetable chopper comes in handy, because it makes life very easy for you with its easy operation and time saving properties. However, with the vast number of options available, it is natural to be confused about investing in one. Therefore, the buying guide and reviews will definitely help you to make your correct choice. You must always research your choices and then find your correct fit, because that is better than investing in a product which you will regret buying later. Happy shopping!

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