Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India – Buying Guide

On average, the human body consists of 60%-70% water, most of which is contained in the cells which need water to live. This expresses the importance of water. A lot of minerals naturally exist in water and are important for the human body. To acquire pure and clean water, water purifiers have become a necessity in the modern world. Many bottled water industries have been capitalizing the use of tap water since years, but tap water has always proven to be a better alternative to others. A good water purifier removes the excess salts, suspended particles and microbes and retains its essential vitamins and minerals. With many manufacturers and tough competition in the purifier industry, it has become a difficult task to choose between the many options!

The water filters and water purifiers work on the same functionary principle. They work by sucking up and extracting first, the raw materials and unwanted waste and then filter out impurities ranging from sediments to micro-organisms and then dispense clean water.

The big distinctive point between the two is that the water purifiers can even filter out the viruses and bacterial content in the water.

Product Comparison

1st Place
Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India - Buying Guide 1 Excell+ 7-Litre KENT Under Sink Water Purifier By KENT
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Best Value
Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India - Buying Guide 2 A.O.Smith Z2+ RO+MIN-TECH Water Purifier By AO Smith
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3 Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India - Buying Guide 3 Havells UTC RO + UV Water Purifier By Havells
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4 Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India - Buying Guide 4 Ozean 12 LTR Under Sink RO Water Purifier By Ozean
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5 Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India - Buying Guide 5 4400 Kitchenmate Zero B Under Sink RO Water Purifier By Zero B
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Best Under Sink Water Purifiers

1. Excell+ 7-Litre KENT Under Sink Water Purifier

KENT Excell Plus is an advanced under counter technology RO(reverse osmosis) water purifier. It possesses state-of-the-art multiple purification technologies to remove all forms of impurities from the water. KENT has earned a name for itself and has become a renowned water purifier brand in India.

KENT promises the quality of the design, and the product be it any category. The purifier holds a capacity of seven litres and it is considered as a perfect water purifier in modular kitchen.

Capable of purifying brackish as well as municipal tap water, the company also provides a 4-year free service claim. In addition to this, the company provides one year warranty on this product. This Kent purifier has a capacity of storing 7 liters of water that perfectly suits all Indian kitchen needs.

With this purifier, you can even purify brackish or municipal tap water. This Kent purifier makes sure that all the nutrients and minerals in water are intact and all the unwanted particles and other stuff like bacteria or virus are removed.


  • Patented by KENT Mineral RO Technology.
  • RO+UV+UF+TDS water purifier.


  • Being an RO Filter, there’s wastage of water.

2. A.O.Smith Z2+ RO+MIN-TECH Water Purifier

If you are looking for the best under sink water purifier, you should consider buying an A.O.Smith Z2+ RO+MIN-TECH Water Purifier. The RO (reverse osmosis) technique, known amongst the most successful water purification methods, is used in this water purifier. Water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane under the influence of pressure in this procedure. Impurities present within the water are drained while purified water is collected in a storage tank that can be further consumed. 

Water is purified by a six-stage process (pre-filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, RO membrane, and CM-Tek (Silver Activated Post Carbon + Min-Tek). This model has no bypass; thus, 100% of the water travels through the RO membrane. Mineral technology replenishes essential minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium. It guarantees that the water retains its taste as natural and has a pH that is regulated. It is a necessary component of drinking water. 

The SSM (side stream RO membrane) technology is appropriate for low and high TDS of water up to 2000 ppm. If the raw water TDS is >2000 ppm, the RO membrane is covered for a 1-year warranty; if the raw water TDS is 2000 ppm, the RO membrane is covered for 2 years. This amazing under counter water purifier has a maximum storage capacity of is 5 L. This under counter water purifier even features a Digital display for hassle-free and smart display of information. Additionally, It has a Swivel faucet for ease of usage.


  • It involves a 6-stage purification process for maximum efficiency
  • The functioning is simple to grasp due to the digital display
  • 2-year warranty on the RO membrane


  • Costly

3. Havells UTC RO + UV Water Purifier

Havells is another well-known Indian brand that produces high-quality home appliances such as water purifiers, water heaters, fans, and microwave ovens, among other things. The model Havells of UTC RO + UV Water Purifier is one of the best under counter water purifiers, and the best under sink RO facilitated purifier. With its unique twofold UV protection, it provides comprehensive safety for your family by re-purifying the stored water every time you turn on the faucet. 

The maximum storage capacity of this under counter water purifier is about 10L. It additionally features an inlet safety cover that helps keep the water safe from insects and free from dust.

The most amazing feature of this under sink water purifier is it involves an 8-stage purification process. This primarily includes an activated carbon filter that facilitates the removal of chlorine and bad odor while the sediment filter eliminates sand and dust particles. Another impressive characteristic is that this purifier helps retain the water minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and other trace elements (copper and iron). As a result, you will have the greatest water drinking experience possible.


  • Purification of water in eight phases
  • Features a smart alert system
  • The use of two UV purifiers ensures that all germs are killed
  • Ingenious design


  • It’s pricier than the rest of the models

4. Ozean 12 LTR Under Sink RO Water Purifier

Ozean water purifiers offer the best under sink water purifier in India, using the most up-to-date purification technologies like RO, UV, UF, and Alkaline, which improves water taste and removes chlorine and bacterial impurities. It’s a storage tank that can hold 12 L of water, which is a large capacity compared to other expensive models. 

This water purifier’s body is made of MS Skid, which is excellent for water purifiers. This faucet is constructed of stainless steel and brass, which means it will corrode very little or not at all. This water purifier in the modular kitchen will remove any unpleasant odors from the water. The pre-filter, post-filter, sediment filter and RO membrane are among the filters fitted within this water purifier. 

The sediment filters and pre-filters are designed to target any sediments or suspended particles found in the water. Furthermore, this avoids causing undue harm to the RO membrane. A granule carbon activated filter is also included, which is utilized to remove various sorts of contamination and pollutants from the input water. Some organic chemicals dissolved in the water are potentially hazardous to one’s health; the active charcoal carbon filters effectively remove these.


  • It has a massive 12L capacity, which is useful
  • The purification is highly efficient and safe
  • The water purifier comes with all of the installation parts
  • It is very cost-effective


  • Includes installation fee

5. 4400 Kitchenmate Zero B Under Sink RO Water Purifier

The company offers heptapure technology purification process, which ensures that the consumer receives pure and safe drinking water. The operations are fully automatic. TLC Valved wires ensure there is pump cut off whenever the tank fills up.

The product is also available in many colours. The 6-stage reverse osmosis (RO) zero b water purifier under-counter model saves on a lot of space.

The auto flush timer periodically flushes to pull out the excess salt content deposited on the membrane, thus enhancing the life of the water purifier.

The company also provides additional safety by offering 100% germicidal protection. Only to add a bit more to the advances; a one year warranty on the product is available.

This water purifier easily purifies water that comes from municipal tap or overhead storage tank or bore-wells or even water from the tanker. It has a water flow rate of around 12 liters per hour which maintains a continuous water inflow if needed. This under sink water purifier is available in black and white colors.


  • 6 stage Reversible Osmosis.
  • Auto Flush Timer.
  • Suitable for Municipal Tap Water.


  • Lesser Capacity.

Under Sink Water Purifier Buying Guide

Under Sink Water Purifier

How Under Sink Water Purifier works

The major additional feature of an under sink purifier is that they sanction the use of multiple filters which help in achieving numerous objectives. 

Activated carbon filtration, usually in the form of extreme performance carbon block filters, is the keystone of most under sink filters. All under sink filters must get a hands-on at least one good activated carbon filter. A golden thumb rule when choosing an under-sink filter is “the more carbon, the better.”

 Water purification is the process of extracting unwanted chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water. The main goal is to generate water, fit for specific purposes. Since clean and hygienic water is not easily available in most of the countries, purification may also be carried out for a variety of other purposes, including medical, pharmacological, chemical, and industrial applications.

Water purification process, to a large extent, reduces the concentration of particulate matter suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi as well as lower the concentration range of dissolved matter present in the water.

Advantages of Under Sink Water Purifier

1. Improve the Taste of Water

Depending upon the content of chlorine and fluoride or the surrounding in which one lives, the tap water may contain some unpleasant taste and smell. The lucky ones amongst us may feel weird reading this, but the unpleasant taste and odour of tap water shift many of us from drinking tap water to bottled water or to just drink less water than the body’s requirement. A good under sink water filter can easily fix all that.

2. No additional space require

Under sink water filters possess an edge when compared to countertop water filters. Space becomes a major drawback when one thinks of installing a water purifier. But an under counter water purifier does not require any additional space. One can fix the purifier on a wall or in a much convenient place. They might consume some space under the sink, but that becomes more economical than spending bucks on fixing countertop purifiers.

3. Cost-efficient

Under sink water filters are also exceptionally cost-efficient. They can save a lot on the amount one may spend buying bottled water every month! They are generally more efficient than other variants of water filters like faucet filters or freezer filters. However, it depends on the quality of the brand and the model, as well. The promoted benefits and the improvisation in health are quite noticeable and compensate for the price one pays, making it a money worthy product.

(Note: Simple under sink water filters are less efficient than conventional under sink water filters because they filter all variations of drinking water and not just the cold water)

Disadvantages of Under Sink Water Purifier

Tap is an essential requirement of any kitchen water purifier. The water may pass only if there is a faucet set attached along with the purifier. One may have to purchase a faucet set if not provided with the purifier.

 External installation in the system may not prove to be durable and on the contrary, may also require extra expenditure.

 The installation also requires an electric wall socket beneath the sink. Look out for a way to install this socket underneath so that the motor gets fixed easily without grabbing extra space.

 To avoid any mishap, leakage proofing is essential. This again asks for some extra spending.

If not installed properly, the drainage system may fail its purpose and may cause leakage of the waste. Therefore, a certified technician may be required to fix the pipeline and installation of the filter.

A TDS controller helps to keep a quality check upon the number of minerals present in the water. Not having a TDS controller may result as a major drawback.

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Factors to consider before buying Under Sink Water Purifiers

When it comes to finding the best under sink water purifier, it is essential to make sure that you will go through the features that make an under sink water purifier long-lasting and worth your investment. So below are some of the factors you need to consider before buying Under Sink Water Purifier.

1. Easy to Install

Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India - Buying Guide 6

The installation of the water filter must be done by a trained and certified technician or a plumber who is well- versed in fixing purifiers. The installation process requires additional arrangements like an electric power socket and a faucet set or a tap.

2. Space Utilization

‘Under sink water purifier ’ as the name suggests, are installed under the sink or the kitchen counter. It is, therefore, important to assure that the model selected has a compact design which suits your kitchen type. The model selected must not be too big or too small in size for space. The kitchen must not appear as a congested one!

3. Maintenance

Maintenance is a prioritized feature that has to be considered while buying a water purifier or for that matter, any product. Along with the budget and the size of the purifier, the maintenance chunk equally plays an important impact while buying one! The purifier must be easy to clean and easy to maintain. Over expensive water filters and carelessness do not go hand in hand. ‘Do not Curse the Well that Quenches your Thirst’

4. Faucet Set Details

Faucet Set Details

A faucet or a tap is one of the main requirements of a water purifier. It also is a necessity in modular kitchens. There are two types of faucets available viz. Gooseneck shaped and Swivel shaped. Either one must be available along with the product. It can be placed beside the tap, over the sink. Faucets ensure mess-free kitchens.

5. Water Pressure

‘A glass of water soothes the thirst’. Since a thirsty man must never be left waiting for long, it is important to assure that the water pressure is maintained. Checking the water pressure before buying the product too plays an important role while buying a purifier.

6. Purification Technology

Water Purification Technology

It is important to understand which technology will be more suitable to purify the water supplied to your homes. A quality check test is then essential. Hard water gets the TDS levels high and vice versa. If the water is hard and also contaminated, then RO+UV becomes the correct option to go for.

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7. Mode of Operation

Always make sure to select a water purifier with an automatic mode of operation. The water purifier must have an auto shut off feature that on its own shuts down the purifier when not in use for a long time. Certain purifiers come with advanced features which automatically fill the tank when empty. Such water purifiers become the treasured ones!

8. Self Cleaning System

This set-up is an added advantage to an under sink water purifier. The self-cleaning system enables the purifier to clean automatically by saving on time and energy.

9. Brand and Quality

The quality of the product defines the brand. A company selling faulty products may only end up decreasing their reputation. Hence, the brands selling quality products must be approached first as health is the only wealth.

10. Budget

People often back off after reading the MRP of the product. But, our health is as essential as our wealth. Buying budget-friendly water purifiers may help to a great extent, but buying faulty, underrated products by risking our health might result in much greater expenditure later! Hence, it is important to stay wise while purchasing over expensive as well as cheap water purifiers.

Types of Under The Sink Water Purifiers

There are two kinds of under the sink water purifiers available in the market viz. The inline filters and the regular filters. The inline filters are the one installed with push-fittings which are in line with the regular source of water. In the other case, the lines are separated using T-Connectors and installing separate filter taps.

The Inline filters are comparatively difficult to install. However, it allows the use of a normal kitchen tap and continues to filter the water flowing through it. On the contrary, regular filters demand to have two different taps in one sink. They are, however, easy to install.

An inline filter settles on one cartridge, whereas the fashionable models available may ask for multiple cartridges. The regular ones are mostly multi-staged filters. If you are looking for a no-fuss, durable and hygienic purifying system, then Inline Filters are the best choice to opt for!


If your hunt is for a water purifier that saves on the space in your kitchen, then under the counter water purifiers are the best choice for you! Since the filters are placed under the sinks; they require exceptional care and attention. The maintenance of these purifiers is less as compared to the other ones.

However, maintaining proper hygiene and getting them serviced from time to time is important. Referring to our buying guide may always help in selecting an appropriate water purifier. Nonetheless! A well-trained and certified technician also plays an equally important part while buying the best under sink water purifier.

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