Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Microwaves In India

If you’re planning to buy a new microwave and are confused about how to select the best microwave oven in India, this article is all you need! You must already comprehend the countless benefits of convection microwaves and how this compact kitchen appliance introduces a whole new dimension of convenience to your cooking. However, selecting the best convection microwave in India out of a plethora of options could be a tough task. With a flooded market and fishy advertising tactics, every second microwave could seem to be the perfect option for your needs which might not turn out to be true in the end.

To help you avoid the remorse and select the best microwave oven for your kitchen in the first attempt; we’ve conducted a thorough research across a wide range of brands and budget segments. We’ve also listed out the factors that we’ve compared our top picks against; for your reference in the buying guide. With the best microwave in India, you can experiment with your recipes and truly expand the horizon for your cooking experience. This list has Convection & Solo Microwaves. If you’re looking for a microwave “specially” for baking, you must consider an OTG Oven for baking.

Best Microwave Oven in 2021

1st Place
Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 1 Samsung Baker Series MG23T5012CK/TL By Samsung
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Best Value
Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2 Bajaj 1701 MT Solo Microwave Oven By Bajaj
Check Price
3 Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 3 Samsung Baker Series MS23T5012UP/TL By Samsung
Check Price
4 Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 4 Whirlpool Solo MAGICOOK PRO 20SE By Whirlpool
Check Price
5 Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 5 Croma Solo Microwave Oven CRAM2026 By Croma
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1. Samsung Baker Series MG23T5012CK/TL

Samsung Baker Series MG23T5012CK/TL is one of the best microwave ovens in India for a family of three to four people. This chic microwave is ideal for a variety of defrosting, cooking, and reheating tasks. 

It comes with tactile buttons that let you set the timer and temperature. It also has a triple distribution system (TDS) that plays an essential role in the uniform cooking of food. The power usage can be reduced with the push of a single button of Energy Saving Mode

The microwave’s ceramic enamel interior helps to keep the bacteria build-up at bay and provides a hygienic environment within the microwave. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and clean, as well as doesn’t fade over time.


  • 1 year warranty period on the product and magnetron
  • Large capacity
  • Hygienic
  • Consumes less power
  • Features child-lock mechanism
  • Uniform heating


  • It can be difficult to check the state of the meal due to the dark inside the ceramic-covered cavity.

2. Bajaj 1701 MT Solo Microwave Oven

Bajaj 1701 MT Solo Microwave Oven is the best microwave oven for small families or bachelors as they have a capacity of 17L. It is ideal for not just cooking but also reheating and defrosting as well. The microwave comes with a 30-minute Timer and Clock. You can set the controls with stylish jog dials that are user-friendly. 

This Bajaj Microwave comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on the entire product and magnetron. With this microwave, the total power consumption is up to 1200 W. There’s a reason that this is the best microwave oven in India 2021-you have the option to choose from 5 power levels and cook according to your preferences. How amazing, isn’t it? Furthermore, the entire kit includes the product, user manual, and warranty card.


  • Multipurpose
  • 30-minute timer
  • Features 5 different power settings
  • User-friendly dials


  • This product does not come with a starter kit

3. Samsung Baker Series MS23T5012UP/TL

Samsung Baker Series MS23T5012UP/TL is yet again one of the best ovens in India for a family of 3-4 members. It is a multifunctional product that can be utilized for defrosting, cooking, heating, and reheating. It has a triple distribution system (TDS) that plays an essential role in the uniform cooking of food. 

The touch keypad (membrane) is tactilely responsive and can be cleaned easily. The Healthy Steam makes it simple to cook healthful steamed food that is both delicious and flavorful. You can defrost your food quickly by calculating the appropriate defrosting time by selecting the kind and weight of the food. 

With this microwave, you can prepare desserts super easily. All you need to do is select the desserts, combine the ingredients, and then choose from the Home Dessert alternatives to enjoy! It has a Glass Control Panel, on which 6 buttons help you cook as per your needs. The outer covering is made of Ceramic Enamel, a smooth, resilient surface that is easy to clean without washing and will not fade over time.


  • Uniform heating with TDS mechanism
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Multipurpose- cooking, heating, defrosting, dessert making
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • This product does not come with a starter kit.

4. Whirlpool Solo MAGICOOK PRO 20SE

If you are searching for the best oven for your home, you can consider buying Whirlpool Solo MAGICOOK PRO 20SE. There are up to 5 different power levels to choose from to help you enjoy lovely Indian meals. The Press Type Door Lock saves space and provides convenience. Moreover, the microwave’s feather touch control panel is very user-friendly. Digital display keeps you informed about cooking, power level, and time. 

You can prepare your favorite dishes in the 20L Power-Coated cavity with utmost ease. Whirlpool Solo MAGICOOK PRO 20SE’s unique “dough rising” feature helps you prepare the dough in a much healthier way. With the huge turntable, you can quickly cook many foods or reheat many meal pots in a go. 

The Jet Start feature allows you to start your oven with a single push of a button. Select from a multitude of pre-programmed auto-cook menus to make a range of unique delicacies at your home.


  • Auto-cook menus
  • Jet start
  • User-friendly
  • 5 different power levels to choose from
  • Defrost function
  • Timer/Clock
  • Power coated cavity


  • No grilling option

5. Croma Solo Microwave Oven CRAM2026

Croma is considered one of the best microwave oven brands in India. It is known for manufacturing some of the top-notch microwaves in the market. This solo microwave’s sleek steely design complements any modern kitchen. It will increase the elegance of your countertop and attract visitors’ praise. 

The microwave has a user-friendly build and additionally features a cool-touch handle for easy operation. The handle has a firm grip, allowing you to easily open and close the oven, even after multiple uses.

This microwave has a capacity of 20L and allows you to cook and heat your absolute favorite foods all at once. Its large capacity of 20 L provides you with enough room to heat your meals without disturbance.

It has five power settings for accurate cooking. This microwave oven also has an easy-to-clean cavity that protects it from corrosion/rust. The glass turntable ensures that the food is heated evenly.


  • Large capacity
  • Even heating of dishes
  • Easy cleaning
  • Elegant and stylish
  • The cool-touch handle is heat resistant and gives a firm grip
  • 5 different power setting


  • No option for cooking

Best Convection Microwave Oven in India 2021

1st Place
Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 6 Samsung Microwave Oven CE1041DSB2/TL By Samsung
Check Price
Best Value
Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 7 AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave By Amazon
Check Price
3 Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 8 LG Convection Microwave Oven MC3286BRUM By LG
Check Price
4 Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 9 Samsung Microwave Oven MC32J7035CT/TL By Samsung
Check Price
5 Best Microwave Oven in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 10 IFB Convection Microwave Oven 20SC2 By IFB
Check Price

1. Samsung Microwave Oven CE1041DSB2/TL

Samsung Microwave Oven CE1041DSB2/TL is undoubtedly one of the best convection microwave ovens for your family. Without using a deep fryer, you may enjoy healthy fried foods with this amazing convection microwave. 

It features a SLIM FRY technology that functions by combining the grill option with warm airflow to make meals crispy inside out with just a little oil. The Fermentation Function, which uses innovative fermentation technology to set the perfect temperature, allows you to enjoy handmade dough or curd. You can easily connect this oven with your Samsung app and pick recipes from the pre-programmed auto-cook menu to enjoy flavorful and delicious meals with your family. 

You also get the option to use your microwave as a Tandoor that can go up to 200 degrees C. The Ceramic Enamel Cavity is designed in such a way that makes it long-lasting, easy to maintain and clean, hygienic, and 99.9% free from bacteria.


  • Features Slim Fry Technology
  • Can be connected to Samsung app
  • It can be used as Tandoor
  • Come with an Auto-cook menu and pre-programmed recipes
  • The cavity has a long life-span, is durable, and is 99% bacteria-free


  • Not so user-friendly

2. AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave

Considered one of the best convection microwave ovens in India, AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave can be utilized for grilling, baking, defrosting, reheating, and cooking, that too at the press of a button. With a capacity of 23L, it is ideal for a family of 3-4 people. 

The microwave’s preheat feature ensures that your food is uniformly cooked and also enables you to cook food quickly once the microwave attains the desired preheat temperature. The Auto-defrost function thaws frozen items of various weights using time parameters that are automatically adjusted. 

With Auto-cook menus, pre-set temperature, and cooking time, you can forget about the headaches of following cooking instructions. The Child Lock application prevents minors from mistakenly operating the control panel.


  • Large capacity
  • It can be utilized for grilling, baking, defrosting, reheating, and cooking
  • Uniform heating with preheat function
  • Features an auto-defrost function
  • It comes with a child-lock mechanism


  • It does not come with a user manual
  • Poor after-sales service

3. LG Convection Microwave Oven MC3286BRUM

This LG MC3286BRUM model includes all of the necessary features and benefits to meet your culinary requirements. It has a capacity of 32-liter, which is enough for a large family. With this LG microwave oven, you may experiment with various cooking methods, i.e., you can use it for reheating, grilling, cooking, and thawing tasty foods. 

Additionally, it comes with a kit that contains all of the necessary utensils. There are ergonomic buttons to manage and adjust the timer, temperature, and jog dials, ensuring a seamless cooking experience. Its sturdy metal body, as well as similar production elements, make it is a long-lasting appliance. 

The microwave offers an Indian auto-cook menu that is known to be a significant time-saver in the kitchen. It simply needs AC 230V, 50 Hz power to function properly, demonstrating its energy efficiency as a home kitchen device. It comes with a multi-cook Tawa that can be used to prepare various foods, be it veg or non-veg.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Free multi cook Tawa
  • Large capacity
  • Numerous Auto-cook menu options


  • The microwave emits smoke while cooking.

4. Samsung Microwave Oven MC32J7035CT/TL

Without using a deep fryer, you may enjoy healthy fried foods with this amazing convection microwave. It features a SLIM FRY technology that functions by combining the grill option with warm airflow to make meals crispy inside out with just a little oil. 

The Fermentation Function, which uses innovative fermentation technology to set the perfect temperature, allows you to enjoy handmade dough or curd. You can easily connect this oven with your “My Recipes” app and pick recipes from the pre-programmed auto-cook menu to enjoy flavorful and delicious meals with your family. 

You also get the option to use your microwave as a Tandoor that can go up to 200 degrees C. With the flick of a switch; you can choose from 220 pre-programmed local recipes and 247 auto cook menus, allowing you to prepare a wide range of dishes conveniently. 

This best oven in India consists of wider grills that facilitate the uniform cooking of food. The Smart Multi-Sensor, which measures the temperature of a food’s surface, allows you to cook with precision.


  • LED display
  • Child lock mechanism
  • Smart sensor
  • Wider grills
  • It comes with 220 Pre-programmed Indian recipes and 247 Auto-cook menu
  • Features Slim fry technology


  • Could not find any disadvantages

5. IFB Convection Microwave Oven 20SC2

Established itself as one of the best microwave oven brands in India, IFB is well known for manufacturing some of the best convection microwave ovens in India. It has a capacity of 20L and is ideal for a bachelor or a nuclear family of two people. 

It is a nicely built model with numerous essential features and innovative technology to attract shoppers’ attention. This microwave can be utilized for baking, cooking, grilling, defrosting, and reheating with ease. It offers a multi-stage cooking function along with an auto-cook setting. 

The microwave is also fitted with user-friendly, ergonomically designed sensitive touch keypad control buttons. Furthermore, it possesses the ability to keep 3 kinds of cooking cycles in its memory. The device’s end users have 24 conventional menu preferences to choose from. 

This IFB oven is equipped with Speed Defrost technology, which allows you to defrost faster than ever before. You can have a stress-free lunch or dinner by having it heated precisely when you want it. All you have to do now is regulate and adjust the timer and the power level.


  • Auto-set cook and auto-cook options
  • Has Child lock mechanism
  • Features rapid defrost technology
  • It comes with an auto-reheat option
  • Multi-stage cooking


  • Disappointing after-sales service
  • Not so user-friendly

What to Look For in a Microwave Oven

What to look for in a Microwave Oven

The size of a microwave should be selected on the basis of the number of members in a family for whom the food is made for. A microwave having a capacity of 18-20 liters is ideal for a small family of 2-3 members. A larger microwave with high power would be required for cooking a meal for a large family. For a large family, the microwaves with a capacity of 20-23 liters are ideal.

While choosing a microwave, one should also consider buying a microwave of a leading brand. Almost every manufacturer of a good brand offers a minimum warranty of 1 year on the microwave.

Types of Microwaves

The essential decision while buying a microwave is which type of microwave oven should be bought. Currently, there are 3 different types of microwave ovens.

1. Solo Microwave OvenReheating and simple cooking
2. Grill Microwave OvenReheating and grilling
3. Convection Microwave OvenReheating, grilling and baking

1. Solo Microwave Oven

In the microwave oven category, this type of oven is an entry-level model or basic model. For producing microwaves, it has 1 Magnetron. Solo Microwave Oven is suitable for a family with 2 members or bachelors. Compared to other microwave models such as convection and grill, it is cheaper. The price of a solo microwave oven ranges from Rs.4,000 to Rs.8,000. It cannot be used for baking and grilling food, only suited for reheating and simple cooking. Uniform heating is provided by a solo microwave oven.

2. Grill Microwave Oven

This oven has additional grilling accessories. The grill microwave oven is suitable for grilling paneer or meat. The grill function and microwave can run parallel and make tasty grills in a few minutes. This oven helps in roasting and grilling by its heating coils.

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3. Convection Microwave Oven

The convection microwave oven is used heating as well as baking food. The heat waves are circulated uniformly and efficiently by the fan of convection microwave oven. For baking muffins, pizza and cakes, the convection oven is an ideal type of oven. Baking and grilling can be performed together or independently. If one is wondering about which type of microwave oven is best for home use, then the answer is convection microwave oven.

Customers in India who wish to buy a microwave must be thinking about which is the best microwave oven in India to buy. There are many brands which manufacture microwave ovens. It is necessary to choose the right brand in order to buy a product of great quality. Many manufacturers in the market sell microwaves of cheap quality and fool the customers. The hard earned money of customers is wasted if a bad quality product is bought. Hence, it is necessary to be careful about the brand while buying a microwave. A good brand also provides a warranty of minimum 1 year on a microwave, which is beneficial for the customers. The following are the top 10 best microwaves in India.

Buying a Microwave Oven In India – A Comprehensive Guide

Leading such hectic lifestyles, individuals often disregard fueling their bodies with proper nutrition. Be it untimely meals, unbalanced proportions of macronutrients or even completely skipping meals altogether. Work life compels us to be ignorant towards our own health and well being. Such ignorance is the prime reason for our susceptibility to trivial infections and gradually degrading our immune system.

One of the major reasons of the above mentioned problems is the time consuming meal preparation methods. It can’t be denied that traditional stove-top cooking can often be an irritating job; especially after a long day at work! These are the times when you need a helping hand in the kitchen the most. Why not consider having it a bit easier by getting a personal microwave oven? Convenience is the objective after all!

Buying a personal microwave oven can potentially cut your cooking time and effort in half. Moreover, with precisely calculated cooking times, you have to struggle really hard to mess a dish up. Remember any instance where you kept something on the stove-top and completely forgot about it ? Well, i do. In fact, I’m having multiple flashbacks. This occurrence will indeed be a thing of the past. Microwave ovens are equipped with buzzers that notify you as soon as the set timer is complete. I told you! Messing a dish up is hard when you have the best convection oven at your service.

But before buying a Microwave Oven; just like every other appliances, it’s important to know how it works and how it would assist you with your requirements.

How does a Microwave Oven Work?

How does a Microwave Oven Work

Microwaves emit electromagnetic waves of high frequency when the food is cooked in it. These waves produce heat and thus, each particle of the food is cooked. A microwave oven saves the time of cooking as well as makes the food tastier. It is very easy to use and consumes very less electricity.

A microwave oven saves a lot of time. It takes less time to cook compared to the traditional techniques of cooking. The timer allows one to set a specific time for cooking food. The oven is turned off automatically when the timer runs out. For cooking different types of food items, different times are set. Cookies will take a long time to bake while water can be boiled in one minute. Reheating and defrosting food becomes quite easy due to a microwave oven. It doesn’t get hot while heating the food. Thus, there is no need to worry about this electric appliance getting overheated.

It is easy to clean and maintain, a sponge or a damp cotton cloth is enough to do so. It should be wiped from inside. There is no need for supervision during microwave cooking. While cooking with a microwave oven, one is relaxed. When vegetables are boiled in the safe bowl of the microwave, they become healthier compared to boiling them on a gas burner with a pan. The nutritive values of food are retained by microwave cooking. Minerals and vitamins in the food are retained. Food tastes delicious as it gets cooked evenly in the microwave.

One needs to follow precautions for safety while using a microwave. For microwave cooking, use cookware which is meant for it. Any plastic or metal cookware should not be used. While taking out the food from the microwave, gloves must be used. Call the service provider if there is something wrong with the microwave. The rules displayed in the manual of a microwave oven should be followed strictly. With the help of a microwave oven, thousands of recipes can be cooked.

Factors to consider before buying a Microwave Oven

Truth be told, 100s of convection microwaves oven are manufactured every year, but there’s one small catch: most of you see on the shelf today are not even worthy your money. And if you rely on sponsored reviews to choose the right microwave oven, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Anyone who tells you that you need an expensive or cheap microwave oven, either hasn’t used a microwave before or they’re just trying to make some profit. But here’s is the interesting fact, Most people that feed you that information don’t even know your needs. Bear with me, because I’m going to show you how to choose the right microwave!

1. Wattage/Power Control

Visit any reviews on the internet and you will find the following comment when it comes to choosing a convection microwave oven. But here’s the problem and give me a chance to explain. If you buy a microwave oven today and let’s say you want to use 50% of the heat which is 500W and if you have 1000W microwave, what about the energy wasted? The microwave oven will give 100% output of heat even when you set it at 50% or 20%. This means, uneven heat which leads to burnt cakes and puddle butter.

Even the preset settings won’t be of help unless they come with sensors. And most reviews you read online, never tell you this.

It’s not their fault, it’s just that most of them don’t use microwave or choose to be ignorant. So, what’s the point? You need a microwave with linear power control or choose an inverter-based unit. Unlike traditional microwave, an Inverter oven produces 50% heat output, when you set it to 50% and 100% when you set them at 100%. And the best part is, you won’t have uneven heat or overcooked food.

2. External size

Best Microwaves In India Sizes

Microwave ovens are available in multiple sizes in order to cater your needs according to your family size. However, to decide the external dimensions of your personal microwave oven, you need to first decide the spot where you will place your oven. Proportionate to the available area to place the oven, you should decide the outer dimensions of the oven.

The external size of a microwave oven can further be decided based on the desired weight and power output of the appliance. Overall, the external dimensions of a microwave should primarily be a function of your Countertop space restrictions.

3. Internal Capacity

When it comes to choosing a microwave oven, size matters a lot. In fact, if you have a family of four, you’ll need a big microwave oven. In other words, you may need a microwave oven that has two or more shelves, because they allow you to maximize the space well.

If you have a small family or you are living alone, you can choose a 0.5 cubic feet microwave oven that can help you prepare coffee and soups very quickly.

The size also depends on the nature of work you need to do with a microwave oven. For instance, if you are into baking or want to use one for your restaurant, then you need big model that works fast. Briefly, the internal capacity of a microwave oven should be based on the amount of food you intend to cook which indirectly depends on the size of your family.

4. Additional features

Whether you are looking for a Solo Microwave oven, high-end Microwave oven or any other type of Microwave Oven, there are certain features that you need in a microwave. In fact, any microwave without these features is a waste of cash. We have enlisted some of the basic must-have features below, that should be present in any microwave oven in order to qualify as a convenient kitchen appliance.

i. Humidity sensors

Almost all recent models of microwave ovens are equipped with humidity sensors. These are specialized components that are responsible for automatic adjustment of cooking time and temperature in response to the humidity levels inside the cooking cavity. This provision enables you to perfectly cook your meals.

ii. Turntable

Rotating glass turntables are one of the essentials that every microwave oven must have. These help you out in evenly cooking dishes from all sides. Consequently, you do not have to interrupt the microwave oven to rotate the dishes manually. Moreover, these are detachable. So, you have the convenience of using them only when required.

iii. Removable Metal racks

Microwave ovens that do not have metal racks in interior cooking cavity often partially heat the food. The layer in contact with the base of the cooking cavity is under cooked at times. To avoid such inconveniences, it is best to look for a microwave oven that has metal racks. The racks elevate the food and facilitate even heat distribution around it to ensure uniform cooking.

iv. Multistage cooking

All cooks must be familiar with the conscious frequent adjustments of the flame while cooking on a stove-top. The regulation of heat along the cooking session is the key to perfectly cooked meals. On the other hand, microwave cooking enables you to automatically adjust cooking temperature along the course of preparation. This feature is a must-have if you prioritize convenience.

v. Numeric keypad

The user interface is a yet another crucial element to look for, when buying a new microwave oven. A numeric input medium is a much more accurate than a dial or knob control. A user interface with numeric keypad can enhance precision and convenience.

vi. Child Lock

If you have a kid at home who can’t operate the microwave or you just need to keep the kid away from using the microwave oven, you’ll need to use a microwave oven that has a press sequence to. This kind of microwave oven allows you to press a sequence of numbers (1234) before they can even run. And the best part is, this keeps your kid safe. You’ll never have to worry about your children being alone in the house with such electrical appliances at loose. The child-lock feature is an integral feature, even in solo microwaves that cost you less than ₹5000

Now that we’ve a fair idea of what features to look for, in a microwave oven, let’s look at the best convection microwave ovens that most culinary connoisseurs would recommend you. 

5. Budget

Price range for microwave ovens can vary significantly depending on the brand, size, and type of microwave. The best approach is to have a maximum prize in your mind and then base your research on that price. You can then start looking for them online browse through hundreds of options or you can easily choose one from the products we have listed below. We have made sure to cover products ranging from 5000-20000 so that it is suitable for everyone.

You can make a list of features you are looking for and prioritize on the most important ones according to your needs. For example, you may be willing to go for one which isn’t great by design but has some very good features. Here your priority is the number of features and not design.

Samsung, LG, Toshiba, IFB are some of the best convection microwave oven brands in India. IFB and Toshiba offer a three-year warranty on their heating elements and body, except these, others only offer a one year warranty. Also, do take into consideration the after sales support provided by these companies.


Microwaves have elevated kitchen convenience to a whole another level. Not owning one of these magical gizmos in today’s time is just not acceptable. Above was our best attempt at helping you narrow down your options and truly get your hands on some of the best microwaves in India.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

It is the most basic kind of microwave equipped with a magnetron and comes with a “microwave only” mode. A solo Microwave oven is used for defrosting, reheating or cooking food. It is not used for baking and grilling process.

Microwave ovens do consume electricity (depends on the type of microwave). Most of the microwaves only need a few minutes to cook a dish, since they only heat the food and do not waste energy heating cookware as well. Therefore, a microwave is usually the most energy efficient means of cooking.

A grill microwave can be perceived as an intermediary between a standard microwave and a convection microwave. Grill microwaves have a heating element at the top. They use radiant heat form the heating element to roast certain meats or vegetarian alternatives (paneer/tofu). However, these can’t bake like convection microwaves.

A microwave and an OTG oven work on entirely different principles. A microwave oven uses a magnetron to generate microwaves that heat up food. While OTGs use radiant heat from heating elements to heat up the entire cavity. Both often use a convection fan to better circulate the heat throughout the cavity.

Combination of a standard microwave oven and a convection oven which can heat the outside of food to higher temperatures than a conventional microwave.

1. Determine the external size you want
2. Determine the internal capacity you need
3. Decide how fast you want your food to cook.
4. Look for your must-have features.
5. Purchase a microwave oven with a turntable.
6. Consider a model with a metal rack

If you are using a Solo Microwave oven, you can’t make pizza because it has no baking facility. Whereas, with a convection microwave, you can bake, grill and roast owing to the convection fan included in it’s design.

Compact microwaves use power between 500 to 800 watts during heating. Depending on the model, regular sized microwave uses power between 850 to 1800 watts. An average modern microwave will use around 1200 watts. So while buying microwave, always buy which has minimum power output of 1000 watts.

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