Best Dough Maker in India

You have had a rough day working through the entire day, and you are now craving some authentic Indian food as dinner. But the moment you enter your kitchen, you realize that you have to make chapatis for you and your family. At this juncture, you cannot be bothered to knead the atta or maida to make a dough for your chapati because that is extremely time-consuming, as will it stop you from multitasking. Other than this, not many people like getting their hands dirty with sticky doughs or cannot knead the dough properly, and for that purpose, you need to bring home a chapati dough maker. 

Chapati dough maker machines are extremely useful and easy to use and can knead the dough according to your specifications in just a few minutes and will give you the same taste as if you’ve kneaded the dough yourself. Most of these dough makers can be used to reduce human effort and wastage of time to give you the best results. 

Best Atta Dough Maker Machine

1st Place
Best Dough Maker in India 1 Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep-800W with Processing Bowl By Inalsa
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Best Value
Best Dough Maker in India 2 Clearline Electric Dough Kneader With Non-Stick Bowl By Clearline
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3 Best Dough Maker in India 3 Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos – 1000W with 5L SS Bowl By Inalsa
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4 Best Dough Maker in India 4 Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Atta/Dough Maker By Solimo
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5 Best Dough Maker in India 5 Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta By Inalsa
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1. Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep-800W with Processing Bowl

Next on our list of the best electric dough maker in India is the Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep-800W is a multi-utility machine. This electric dough maker can potentially save a lot of time on your hand by helping you prepare the dough. The best part of this machine is that it is designed in an extremely compact manner and will not take up much space. 

Since the appliance is also a food processor, it can chop, shred, slice, and emulsify food, and it also beat cake batter egg whites, grind meat and knead dough which is the main purpose of the appliance.  

The Inalsa food processor has 2 speed settings with a pulse function; you can alternate between them to choose your preferred function. There is also a function for an extra boost of power which you can use to facilitate faster kneading. The main bowl’s capacity is 1.4 liters, which is a large quantity, so if you have a large family or are preparing a large meal, you can opt for this one. It has an overload protector that helps your machine sustain any damaging voltage fluctuations and a child lock to prevent accidents.


  • Compact
  • 800W power
  • Large 1.4 litres capacity for the main bowl
  • Multi-utility


  • It takes time to clean the corner edges.
  • Noisy 
  • The grater is too coarse.

2. Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader With Non-Stick Bowl

The highlight of the Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader is the non-stick bowl that comes attached to it. This atta dough maker is not a multi-utility machine like the others, but it does the job assigned to it perfectly, being a one of a kind machine. 

This electric dough maker is perfect for homes that require a modern machine to replicate the perfect kneading, which we see our mothers and grandmothers do so effortlessly. It will help you save a lot of time as it is very fast and is powered by a very powerful motor which rotates at 650 watts. The speed is very much alterable according to your specifications. The atta maker operates very easily as all you need to do is put your ingredients in the correct measure (atta and water) and close the double lid and press a button. The timer indicates as and when the dough will be ready. 


  • Non-stick bowl
  • Easy to use
  • Double lid
  • 650 W
  • Timer button


  • Overpriced
  • Blades are weak

3. Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos – 1000W with 5L SS Bowl

Are you looking for a much powerful machine that can easily make dough for you in a matter of a few minutes? The Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos-1000W is extremely powerful for this purpose. This is a stand mixer equipped with many multi-purpose attachments and can be used according to your needs. Despite being a bit expensive, you can expect this product to be extremely helpful while dough making, whisking, beating and doing other jobs. The plus point of buying this machine is that it comes with a 5-litre mixing bowl, which can be beneficial for your use if you have a large family or has guests who come over quite often.

It also has an 8 level speed control with a pulse function, making it extremely useful, and an elegantly designed body with an LED indicator. 


  • Dustproof splash guard
  • Safety lock
  • Overheat safety protection
  • 5-litre stainless steel bowl
  • LED indicator


  • Expensive
  • Anti-slip feet aren’t much useful
  • The build is not that durable

4. Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Atta/Dough Maker

This is an extremely reasonably priced product that can help you make your atta knead into a soft dough manually. All you would need to do is put your wet and dry ingredients gradually as you would normally knead your atta and then manually operate the machine. 

It is a hassle-free kneading because it does not need electricity to work and can easily be used even in places with no electricity. The material is made of food-grade BPA free plastic, which is safe to store products in.

The machine has a very functional design with a transparent body. It can help you customize every little detail of the atta and make chapatis or paranthas very easily according to your choice. This machine is compatible with dishwashers.


  • Can operate without electricity
  • Manual operation
  • Compatible with dishwashers
  • BPA free food-grade plastic


  • Very slippery jar
  • Jar and attachments have very sharp edges.
  • The chopper or whisking blades are useless.

5. Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt with Break Resistant Processing Bowl

If you are looking for a food processor that can double up as a electric dough maker and help you multitask very easily. In that case, the Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt with Break Resistant Processing Bowl will be your new star in the kitchen and will carve its niche in the kitchen. 

The 650 watts machine is super fast and can do anything; it will incorporate all ingredients into a dough in just a few minutes. Its blades are made of superior quality steel, which can be used for chopping, blending pureeing, and comes with a 1.5-litre blender jar, which is perfect for middle-sized families and can knead bread dough perfectly. This machine’s maintenance is extremely easy as the attachments can be swapped very easily, and it is easy to clean after use. And unlike other food processors, this machine is quiet and will not make a lot of noise. 


  • Noiseless
  • Easy maintenance
  • A lot of attachments


  • Blades are not that useful.
  • The lock on the mesh is prone to breaking. 

6. Home Plus Magic Atta Maker

If you’re looking for a low maintenance machine that can fit in one corner of your kitchen without taking up much space, then the Home Plus Magic Atta Maker will be your new best friend. It comes with a powerful 500 watts motor which can help expedite the process of kneading atta. 

The Home Plus Atta Magic Maker does the job perfectly and does so much more than just making the dough. You can use the appliance to chop light ingredients such as onion, blend soups, whip cream and cake frostings. You can also use it to make the batter, purees, shred, grate or slice vegetables and use it as a juicer.

It comes with a measuring glass that can provide you with the correct water measure so that there’s no extra ingredient put in and will help stop any miscalculation leading to an overflowing. It has anti-skid feet and a super-strong jar body which is beneficial for its durability.


  • Lightweight
  • Multi-purpose
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Circuit breaker for safety


  • The machine is not that durable.
  • Prone to breakdowns 

7. DONDA Plastic Portable Atta Maker Machine

Are you looking for a device that is easily portable and can be taken too literally any other place to make atta? The DONDA Plastic Portable Atta Maker Machine might be the one you are looking for, as it is curated, keeping in mind the same specifications. 

The Donda Portable Atta Maker can help you manually knead the atta with much more ease. All you have to do is grease the blades with edible oil and fill the mixing bowl with atta, edible oil and water in a 1:1:1 ratio and then rotate the handle till you can see it is done. 

The atta maker has a transparent lid which is extremely beneficial for use and helps you create the perfect mix after incorporating all the ingredients. The machine is extremely easy to use and very easy to clean as well with an ABS Transparent Lid, which is very durable and increases the machine’s longevity.


  • Portable
  • Manual kneading
  • Transparent lid
  • ABS quality plastic


  • Poor manufacturing quality
  • Sharp edges on the product

8. MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer Tilt-Head Food Mixer

Have you ever felt that the moment you put your wet ingredients in the dry ingredients, it often falls on the beater blades and sticks to the sides of the mixing bowl? The MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer Tilt-Head Food Mixer is unique in this regard; it can tilt its head to provide you with the perfect angle to put in your ingredients. Other than this, it has a very high-performance motor with 800 Watts, which can run at 6 optimized speeds and is equipped with superior quality ABS Housing Plastic body, which increases the durability of the machine. 

The dough hook’s stainless steel attachments make sure that there will be no rusting and hygienic. The Mysa SM-1502, like most food processors, can be used for multiple uses like whipping, making batter and dough making and other jobs like whisking and blending, and can be used for a professional baker. The anti-slip caps on the feet help to provide balance to your machine.


  • Stainless steel blades
  • 800 watts motor
  • ABS housing plastic body
  • Tilt head design 
  • Multi-purpose


  • None as such

9. Sunbeam 2594 350 Watt Stand Mixer With Dough Hooks And Beaters

First on our list of the best dough maker is the Sunbeam 2594 350 Watt Stand Mixer. This atta dough maker is not your average stand mixer because it is an integrated machine that can mix anything. So, if you’re looking for a multi-utility machine that can prepare any batter or dough, the Sunbeam dough maker might be the best option for you. It has a mixing power of 350 Watts, which is powerful and gets the job done in just a few minutes. To complement this powerful motor, it has a range of 12 different speed settings to facilitate dough making and makes your life easier. 

The Sunbeam Mixer has a soft start technology, and it gently accelerates to your preferred speed and will help you minimize any mess that may occur on your counter due to spillage. It also has the “burst-of-power” technology, which adds a boost of power at any speed. The ingredients also get incorporated very easily with the synchronized 3-way mixing action, and an off-centre bowl helps to add ingredients right in the centre, which helps in easy mixing. 


  • Multi-utility machine
  • 350W powerful motor
  • 12 different speed settings 
  • Soft start technology
  • Burst-of-power technology


  • The quality of the mixing bowl could be better
  • Cleaning is a tedious job because it has many attachments
  • The plastic base is flimsy

10. Homeplus Plastic Vertical Dough Maker

Another Homeplus machine, this too is a electric dough maker machine that has a motor that can support heavy-duty machine use for kneading the atta and also can chop up your vegetables according to your convenience. You can easily make the atta in just 30 seconds and make other fruit and vegetable juices with an additional juicer attachment. 

The dough has got anti-skid feet which will help your machine stay on its feet while in use. This is an expensive product but is endowed with nice specifications like food-grade blades and others like stainless steel chopping blades and internal circuit breakers to prevent any electrical mishap in voltage fluctuations and short circuits. 


  • Multi-utility
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Poor build
  • Not very durable
  • The motor is not that strong

Best Dough Maker – Buying Guide

Best Dough Maker in India 16

1. Capacity

The container’s capacity makes a major difference to your lifestyle because ultimately, you’ll end up using your atta maker or dough machine for your entire family. If you belong to a large family, you need a larger mixing bowl to hold a greater amount of ingredients and be incorporated much more easily than mixing in a bowl that will overflow. Smaller versions offer a capacity of 400-500 grams and can go up to 5 kgs easily for domestic use. 

2. Material quality 

The material of the mixer bowl and the machine’s body is especially important because it is this material that determines the durability of the product. You can buy a product with strong ABS plastic, which is very durable and is scratch proof and can be easily cleaned. Usually, the product is either made of steel or hard quality plastic food-grade plastic, depending on whether you are using it for a domestic or a professional purpose. Stainless steel is therefore much more durable than plastic bodies.

3. Speed Setting 

The speed of any food processor or chapati dough maker machine can have different settings, which can be easily set according to your convenience and ease of usage. Usually, there are three probable speed settings: low, medium and high, and to accompany them, the best machines have a boost function for fine mixing of the ingredients. It is recommended to mix the dry ingredients at a low speed and the wet ingredients at a higher speed to help in the incorporation. 

4. Noise

Dough makers and other food processors make a lot of noise because the motors present sound while in motion. It is recommended to invest in a preferably noiseless product because too much noise can irritate you. There are many low noise and noiseless options available in the market you can think of investing in. 

5. Dishwasher Safe

When you use the chapati dough maker for home use, you will use them almost regularly and find it a pain to clean them regularly twice or thrice every day, depending on your usage. A better option is to buy a product that is dishwasher friendly. That way, you can take off the mixing bowl and beater blades and put them in the dishwasher and not hassle yourself with cleaning. 

6. Ease of Use

You need a chapati dough maker and can invest a bit of time on it and have many specifications; then, a manual dough maker would be a smarter option to invest in. However, to reduce time and effort, automated technology and different programs in your food processor help to get the job done easily without thinking much about it. In such cases, you can even multitask around your kitchen while setting the atta to knead. 

7. Attachments or Accessories

It depends on what purpose you’re buying the dough maker for. If you want a multi-utility machine that can double up as a food processor, then you can perform other jobs like grinding, cutting, grating, meat chopping, egg beating, etc., which may be beneficial for your use depending on the jobs you will buy the machine for. 

8. Price and Warranty

The price of chapati dough makers from different brands cost differently, depending on the branding, the features and sizes. Even though the price increases for more specifications, many domestic atta makers are available at a sustainable market budget. It is recommended to purchase a product with a good warranty period and provide easy servicing should you need so. Because it is a huge investment, you need a trustable brand that has good service quality. 


In conclusion, it is always recommended that you check out the atta maker’s specifications you will invest in depending on the guide and reviews listed above. Modern ideas of such machines can help to expedite your cooking process and can potentially lessen your workload. Most of these machines are very energy-efficient and can work on and on to take some load off your daily schedule so that you can be stress-free about cooking. 

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