Aquaguard Water Purifier Not Working

Water is an indelible part of life, and while it is very important for our sustenance, most of it comes unpurified and needs to be purified in your water filter. But sometimes, due to a lot of unknown circumstances, you may find your Aquaguard Water Purifier not working, and while it may be because of a lot of factors, it may also be a minor glitch in your machine which you may easily solve with just a few tweaks to your machine. However, your machine also might have gone through some major problems as well, for which you will have to call an expert technician. This article will help you recognize water purifier troubleshooting and get the correct help for your water filter.

Causes Of “Aquaguard Water Not Coming” 

Aquaguard Water Purifier Not Working

There may be different reasons why your Aquaguard is not producing the correct output of water, which usually can be solved by your mechanic very easily once the signs have been recognized properly by understanding the working of the Aquaguard water purifier system.

1. Lack of Feed Water

A very minor cause for your Aquaguard to not work could be the lack of feed water, which basically means that for some reason, the water supply to the machine has been cut off. What could be a problem is that you might have accidentally switched off the diverter valve for which there might be a cut-off and no supply of water to the machine, and in such cases, the machine switches off automatically. You can also check out all other tap connections in your house to check if the water supply is there. If it is still not working, you must call the servicing company to take a look at it. 

2. Lack of Power Supply

Another minor and frustrating reason for your purifier to stop working is the lack of a proper power supply. Sometimes, it may happen that the socket or the pin is loose, and the loose connection does not allow the water purifier to work properly. Check if the power source and the fuse is working properly.

3. SMPS Adapter Issue

It could be that the SMPS Adapter in your water filter has burned out, and this is highly possible, even more so in India, because there are a lot of high voltage fluctuations here. The adapter is an important ingredient of these water purifiers and usually, they wear out or burn out because these pumps work on Direct Current (DC) whereas the input current available in India is Alternating Current (AC). If your SMPS has an issue, you will need to replace the SMPS which a mechanic or the servicing trained experts can help you out within literally no time. A trained electrician or a mechanic can do it for you in no time, or you can do it if you have experience.

4. Pressure Pump Malfunction

The RO systems which are present in your water filter work on the principle of Reverse Osmosis which means that pressure needs to be applied on the liquid so that the RO process can take place. Therefore, it is this pressure pump that is the most important part of the RO water purifier and filter, and these pumps are not repairable and need to be replaced with new ones, which can be expensive. You can get the correct advice regarding this from your mechanic.

5. Malfunctioned Float Valve

The RO water filter usually stops working when the internal storage of the tank becomes full, which literally prevents the water from overflowing from the tank and the float valve which is present in the filter shuts the machine off to prevent the loss of water. So, when you start using the stored water from the tank, the water level in the tank reduces and consequently, the machine starts to function again. But when there is a malfunction in the float valve, the entire machine will shut off and stop working.

6. Shorting of Low-Pressure Switch

Your Aquaguard water purifier works only when the input water pressure matches a certain prerequisite for the internal water pressure. If the water pressure is low, then it won’t work. In case the pressure of the water drops below this value, the low-pressure switch will automatically cut off the RO machine. This switch can however easily be replaced by your servicing men or mechanic. It is recommended that you keep the water pressure to the prerequisite norms, and never let the tank go dry to prevent this from happening.

7. Solenoid Valve Stopped Working

When you switch off your RO filter machine, it is the solenoid valve stopping the waste water which would have otherwise flowed into the RO membrane of the water filter. In some cases, it could be that the solenoid valve shorts out, and therefore it will shut off permanently and consequently will stop the flowing of the water to the RO membrane and cause it to stop functioning. This can easily be sorted with the help of your mechanic.

8. Air Vacuum Inside the RO

This is a very rare case and rarely does this happen. Normally, this scenario does not happen because the technician ensures that all pipes are tightly fit. But sometimes it may so happen that there might be a loose-fitting somewhere in the filter which causes the pump to suck air and it is that air that gets trapped in the pipelines of the RO filter and the machine stops working due to the airlock. The water therefore is not allowed to pass, and as a result, your water filter stops working.


It is therefore clear that there may be different reasons for which your Aquaguard Water Purifier is not working. You however do not need to worry because Aquaguard usually comes with excellent servicing mechanics and provides fast servicing as well. If you have prior experience, then you can try mending the purifier yourself, but using this article you can easily recognize the signs and therefore take advice from your mechanic. With proper maintenance of your water purifier, you can easily solve these problems. It is also recommended that you pay heed to the minimum guidelines of your mechanic because they can tell you how to run your machine best based on the area you are situated in.  

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