Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens have become incredibly popular not just in India but also worldwide. This clearly indicates that most people regard microwaves as an essential kitchen appliance. In the contemporary world, every family requires an easier approach to work and save time for every duty to be able to engage in other activities. This applies to cooking as well, which is why a microwave has become a necessity in all households rather than a luxury. 

We must have heard about a plethora of advantages of microwave ovens. But nothing exists without a touch of both good and bad elements to it. The same goes with microwave ovens as well. Little do we know about the disadvantages of microwave ovens. This article will be an in-depth study about all of the benefits and shortcomings of microwave ovens. Let us first have a look at the benefits of microwave oven.

Advantages Of Microwave Ovens

Advantages Of Microwave Ovens

Microwaves in residential and commercial kitchens are lauded for their comfort and efficiency. Considering its popularity, it is fair to conclude that individuals acknowledge this glamorous appliance for its dynamic abilities. These days a kitchen without a microwave appears to be empty. There are tonnes of advantages of microwaves. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Quick Heating / Reheating

When you cook using a microwave, the obvious benefit of a microwave oven that pops up in your mind is speed. Using a microwave provides a much faster cooking experience than any other appliance. This is because the water molecules present in the food are vibrated roughly a million times per second by these reflected microwaves resulting in rapid cooking of your meals. While cooking food, a microwave generates radio waves via a magnetron, immediately transmitting heat energy to the molecules of the food item it is heating.

When the food items start spinning around on the turntable, the radio waves pass through the food items uniformly, making it incredibly fast for the molecules to vibrate inside the food, enabling them to heat quickly. If your desire from a microwave is simply to reheat food, then you could choose a microwave from one of the best microwave under 10000 or 5000 rupees.

2. Precise Cooking Programs

Among a plethora of advantages of microwave ovens, this is the most appreciated one by the customers. All you have to do with a microwave is set the timer as per your requirements and walk away. Once you hear your microwave beep, you can go and get your meal. In contrast to a conventional gas burner, you don’t have to get up and look at the food item cook to protect it from burning down. It does not require you to keep stirring your food at regular time intervals.

The timer may also be a convenient cooking timer for other devices on a microwave. In most microwaves, you can set a countdown time. You may use them regardless of the cooking function of a microwave. You save yourself additional washing when you cook your meal in a bowl from which you would wish to consume the same. To get more advanced features, you might need to one of best microwave ovens available in India.

3. Easy To Clean

How easy it is to clean a microwave, isn’t it? One of the most important benefits of a microwave oven is that a microwave makes it extremely easy to clean the utensils and its cooking chamber. This is because it only heats the food and not the utensils. In addition, food does not stick to the utensils. Hence, it facilitates the cleaning and touching of utensils without causing any sort of burns. The smooth finishing inside the oven with a glass finish is effortless to clean as well. Even if you encounter any spills, it simply needs a wet cloth/sponge to remove it.

4. Can Be Used To Defrost Food

The disadvantage of many conventional ovens is their defrosting features. But the greatest choice for defrosting food is a microwave oven. Microwaves have the superpower to cook and melt frozen food items within a short period without compromising their original taste. This feature is said to be one of the greatest advantages of microwaves for busy people having hectic work schedules. They can prepare extra food and keep it in their freezers. They can reheat it once they get back home.

In addition, with the microwave’s defrost feature, people can just put food away for defrosting while they go out for a quick run. Once they have returned, their food is defrosted, and they can prepare it rapidly without having to leave it on the counter for hours. Using this particular setting means that the food may be prepared safely and comparatively in a much shorter time.

5. Safe For Children

Even though it is strictly prohibited for small children to utilize and operate a microwave along with handling the hot meals it produces, utilizing one by children of appropriate age can be considered a safer option than using a cooker or a stovetop. Contrary to ordinary ovens or gas stoves that create a lot of heat and smoke in the kitchen, it’s preferable to utilize a microwave. A majority of the models come with child lock technology to keep it away from the kids.

6. Variable Heat Settings

One of the benefits of microwave ovens is that they come with variable heat setting options. Alongside enabling you to decide the cooking time, it also helps you determine how high you want the heat levels to be. By combining proper cooking time with the right heat level, your food is cooked uniformly without getting burnt.

7. Low Energy Consumption

This is one of the financial advantages of microwave ovens. Unlike ordinary ovens, microwave ovens consume less power and energy. The average wattage of a microwave is between 600 – 1200 watts. The microwaves also feature an automatic mode which makes them go off automatically once their cooking temperature level and time get over. And this usually helps in consuming the energy along with having control over the electric bills.

8. No Change In Taste And Nutrition

Microwaves do not burn food and preserve its tastes and nutrition because of the rapid cooking process. This serves as one of the main advantages of microwaves as we can get our meals with the same nutrition and flavors even after cooking in them. Moreover, the vitamins are also retained in our food as it is not overcooked.

Disadvantages Of Microwave Ovens

Disadvantages Of Microwave Ovens

Just like a coin has two sides to it, along with the advantages of microwaves, some disadvantages. A few of the disadvantages of the microwave oven are described below.

1. Dry Food

Because of the high heat intensity of the microwave, certain types of food can be overcooked and dried. However, this is where precise cooking programs and preferable heat settings come into play. Over time, you will discover precisely how long your food has to be cooked and at what power level, to produce the greatest results. You will learn about the optimal cooking time and temperatures for every dish, starting with a shorter cooking duration and monitoring the food after each brief spell.

2. Soggy Food

Overcooking your food in a microwave may make the food mushy or soggy, much like it can dry our meals. For example, reheating our pizzas for longer durations might lead to moisture build-up inside the microwave chamber. This, in turn, can get transferred to the pizza, which makes it soggy. It takes practice and time to know a perfect time and temperature to cook to forestall this situation. You can also set the timer for shorter time frames and once in a while check your food while it is getting cooked.

3. Not Versatile

Another point added to the list of “microwave oven disadvantages” is the lack of versatility. Often, people buy a microwave not just to reheat but also to bake, cook and grill. Keep in mind that a simple microwave won’t satisfy these kitchen requirements. You can neither utilize it for frying food items nor obtaining the “browning” or “crisping” characteristics that an oven gives when you bake delicious food or sweet treats.

You must invest in a convection microwave that adds flexibility to your cooking by using the grilling function. It is also suitable for baking cakes and cookies or searching for a microwave oven that could help you minimize the cooking duration in your kitchen.

4. Needs Special Containers

You have to be extremely cautious while choosing the cookware or containers to cook with a microwave. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of microwave ovens as not all containers are considered compatible with a microwave oven. Cookware made of only Ceramic, glass and certain types of plastic is deemed to be microwave-safe. Another set of microwave-safe containers are Tupperware. If you are searching for microwave safe utensils, ensure to read our article on the best microwave utensils in India.

Cooking with pottery, soft plastics, crystal, unglazed earthenware pots, or metal containers is a huge NO-NO. It may be highly dangerous to use the wrong materials in a microwave. You should verify the directions from the manufacturer guides included in the cookware. Don’t use it if in doubt!

5. Chances Of Food Poisoning

One of the most severe microwave oven disadvantages includes food poising resulting from the hot and cold spots in the food that are said to be created by standing waves pattern in the microwave oven. To avoid uneven cooking, it is also necessary to keep the form and size of the meal. Even the shape and size of the food determine the formation of hot and cold spots. Technically, microwaves can’t penetrate food up to 1.5 inches.

6. Potential Radiation Leak

Do not continue using a microwave if it is damaged or defective. This can influence the level of radiation leakage, subsequently causing radiation intoxication. When operating a microwave, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not continue utilizing it if you have a defective door seal or any other apparent problem. If you have an undamaged microwave, there is no chance of it harming you no matter what anyone says, it is just one of the microwave myths.


So, that was all about the advantages and disadvantages of a microwave oven. We hope this blog provides you an overview and fundamental information about microwave ovens necessary for you to acquire to make the best use of it. You may also discover what it isn’t ideal for and how you can be safe when using it. To sum it up, we can consider microwave ovens to be ideal. They facilitate rapid cooking, cooking with many options (heat level + precise cooking programs), easy cleaning, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, etc. Whereas, on the other hand, it is infamous for its susceptibility to producing food and radiation poisoning, along with being incompatible with a lot of cookware, producing soggy and dry food, etc.

We look forward to helping you in your kitchen with this list of benefits and drawbacks for microwave ovens.

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