Top 5 Glen Chimney Review in India

Chimneys are life partners of a modern-day kitchen. This beautifully designed sophisticated air vent de-odorizes the cooking area removing every bit of unwanted oily greasy molecules and suffocating smoke. The hygienic and clean kitchen makes cooking a pleasurable experience for every home. A chimney not only works as an exhaust but also ensures that adequate air is coming into the stove allowing it to fire and burn.  

Chimneys work on the common principal that hot air rise above and with this principal the rising hot gases creates a pressure in the flue and draws the combustion air into the chimney which exhausts the gases outside the room. The modern-day kitchen chimneys are equipped with powerful suction motors that suck out greasy and oily particles unlike exhaust fans that just vent out smoke.

Features of Glen Chimneys

Founded in 1999 Glen Appliances have registered its name in every Indian household building a satisfied customer base. It is the most sought-after brand in home appliances that offers technologically superior world class products & quality services. Glen Chimneys come with curved glass finish equivalent to stainless steel strength. 

Two bright yet power saving LED lights are aesthetically placed to provide the right brightness on the kitchen area facilitating cooking. The models are sleek, and glass used is toughened. It boasts of a stainless-steel baffle filter that is easy to clean and maintenance free.  Retardant plastic that is flame resistant is used from an utmost safety perspective in its fan and circuit wires. Moreover, the products come with a lifetime warranty.

Glen Kitchen Chimney Review

Top 5 Glen Chimney Review in India 1 6071 Glass Front Glen Designer Chimney By Glen
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Top 5 Glen Chimney Review in India 2 6079 Glen Electric Chimney By Glen
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3 Top 5 Glen Chimney Review in India 3 6050 DX Junior Glen Pyramid Kitchen Chimney By Glen
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4 Top 5 Glen Chimney Review in India 4 6063 Touch Sensor Control Glen Auto Clean Chimney By Glen
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5 Top 5 Glen Chimney Review in India 5 6075 SS Glen Pyramid Wall Mounted Chimney By Glen
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1. Glen Designer Chimney 6071 Glass Front 60CM 1250 m3/h Baffle Filter

Glen’s designer chimneys are elegantly designed, the hood is finished with curved glass that is as strong as stainless steel. The 180 watts powerful motor comes with copper winding and has a suction power of 1250 m3/hr. that easily sucks the impurities of oily and greasy molecules floating in the air.

The push button control panel is user friendly. There are 2 LED lamps fixed to the hob area that provide ample lighting. Some of its best features are: Front panel made of toughened glass; Baffle filters made of stainless steel, Italian motor with 100% copper winding, Power saving LED bulbs and Cost saving powerful motor.

The baffle filters are made of stainless steel which makes it durable and easy to clean. And, a not so good feature is: Warranty isn’t for lifetime across models.

2. Glen Electric Chimney 6079 60cm 1000 m3/h Chimney

The Glen 6079 is a vertical and wall mounted Kitchen Chimney. It’s stunning in looks, black in color and beautifully designed with the strength of black Toughened glass. It looks so elegant and gives a modern look to the kitchen.  It is equipped with Stainless Steel baffle filters that are easy to clean and has longer life span.

It has an Italian motor which is 100% copper winded and is fitted with Thermal overload protector that ensures that in case of overheating it turns off the motor instead of burning the same. This Glen Chimney comes with a Lifetime Warranty which is its unique selling point in the segment. The push button controls are easy to operate.

The powerful 1000 m3/h suction throws the smoke from the pan to outdoors and ensures that your kitchen is odor-free, and the walls are clean of any grime. It has 2 LED lamps to brighten up the cooking area.

Some of its best features are: It is made of designer glass, has good suction capacity of 1000 m3/hr., generates low noise, has stainless steel baffle filter and has push button controls. Although, Suction capacity could have been better around 1200 m3/hr., but, 1000m3/hr. also works well.

3. Glen 60cm 1000 m³/h Pyramid Kitchen Chimney 6050

The Glen 6050 Pyramid Kitchen Chimney is a classic pyramid design hood with a Black finish body casted in black powder coated finish.  Equipped with 2 Stainless Steel baffle filters which are easy to clean and are long lasting.

The motor is 155w and powerful with 100% copper winding with Thermal overload protector which ensures that in case of overheating motor does not burnout. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty which is its unique selling point. The push button control panel is easy to operate and user-friendly. It has 240-Watts LED lamps to brighten up the cooking area.

Some of the best features of this Chimney are: It is a wall-mounted chimney, it covers stove area and even the 4 burners, its suction capacity is decent for medium frying and grilling, it has stainless steel baffle filters which are long-lasting and it has a warranty is for life.

The powerful suction power of 1000 m3/h throws the smoke and other impure oily greasy molecules from the pan to outdoors and ensures that the kitchen is hygienic, and the walls are clean. Suction power could have been better for this chimney to utilize all the advantages of having chimney at home.

4. Glen 60cm 1200 m³/h Auto Clean Chimney 6063

Glen Appliances 6063 Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney gives an elegant look to the kitchen. It has a trendy black designer hood with curved toughened glass.

It has a durable stainless-steel baffle filter that is easy to clean and lasts a lifetime and is maintenance free. It runs on a 230-watt powerful motor that has a powerful suction capacity. Warranty for the motor is 5 years.The touch sensor controls are easy to operate and are user-friendly.

The powerful suction power of 1200 m3/h throws the smoke and other impure oily greasy molecules from the pan to outdoors and ensures that the kitchen is hygienic, and the walls are clean.

It has 2 40-Watts LED lamps to brighten up the cooking area. Some of the best features of this chimney are: Its touch sensor control, thermal Auto clean function, its energy saving LED Lights, its powerful copper motor and 3 speed settings. And only one feature no one likes is the warranty for the motor is only for 5 years unlike lifetime for other Glen models.

5. Glen GL 6075 Stainless Steel Kitchen Chimney

Glen’s GL 6075 is a beautifully crafted curved glass Chimney for every modern household. The operations are at the push of a button has a lifetime warranty against damages. Its suction capacity is 1000 m3/h suitable for midsize kitchens. 

The suction motor is of Italian make with a copper winding that can absorb excessive heat. The chimney is also fitted with two LED lamps to brighten the cooking area. It’s sleek in design and toughened glass is used in the making. The baffle filter is made of stainless steel. It is easy to clean and maintain. You can even use these simple economical chimney cleaning techniques to clean this chimney.

The fan is made of flame-retardant plastic while flame retardant wires are used in the circuit making it utmost safe. Some of the best features of this chimney are: Warranty is for lifetime, it has push button controls, has baffle SS filter, also has Italian motor with Thermal Overload Protector and has 2 powerful 40 W LED energy efficient lamps.

Which Glen Chimney Should I Buy?

Glen Chimneys come with different USP’s depending upon the customer’s need.  Some prefer high suction and some moderate depending upon the cooking area or kitchen requirement. Glen has a perfect fit for all kitchen needs. Keeping customer feedbacks and variable requirements, Glen chimneys are designed to suit every household as per its requirement. 

It’s an appliance for lifetime and so must be suitable as per need of the house for a life span. All Glen chimneys are super energy efficient and there is one for every home. So, go ahead and buy any Glen chimney keeping your requirement in mind and leave the rest to Glen.

Why to Buy a Glen Chimney?

Glen’s chimneys are beautifully crafted designer pieces. They come in toughened curved class and elegantly finished to enhance the look of every kitchen. Their feather touch user-friendly operating panel is a child’s play to use. Available in variable suction powers and different wattage energy efficient motors means there is one for every home meeting every requirement. The stainless-steel baffle filters are maintenance free for lifetime. Also, the lifetime warranty available on glen chimneys select models is an icing on the cake.


To conclude we have found that Glen has a beautifully designed Chimney for every Indian household which will match the space and requirement of every kitchen. So, when you choose a chimney for your kitchen be rest assured on the brand as Glen and only check your kitchen’s requirement, and once that is done go ahead and take any Glen model that fits your kitchen area sans worries.

While there’s no doubt that Glen chimneys are a steal for the money; there are some other brands that you might want to consider for the sake of comparison. In our opinion, Hindware Chimneys are the close rival of Glen and might prove to be a better option for some households.

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