Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

A chimney is ventilation that works as an exhaust for the smoke.  In olden days when wood and coal were used as fuels, there used to be a lot of smoke making it necessary to vent it out of the room that was used as a kitchen or a furnace or a fireplace etc. Modern kitchens are equipped with kitchen chimneys.

Apart from being an appliance that vents out smoke from the kitchen, keeping it free from smoke and oil fumes it also adds to the style and looks of the kitchen.  A chimney also ensures that adequate air is coming into the stove, allowing it to fire and burn. Apart from this, there are a lot more advantages of using kitchen chimney at home. It is an important part of the modern kitchen. 

The inside space of a chimney is called as a flue.  The high the chimney is installed, the higher its ability to transfer smoke to the outside environment.  The smoke that is dispersed at a height helps in reducing the impact of pollutants on the surroundings.

Product Comparison

1st Place
Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2021 - Reviews and Buying Guide 1 Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney By Faber
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Best Value
Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2021 - Reviews and Buying Guide 2 Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney By Eurodomo
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3 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2021 - Reviews and Buying Guide 3 Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney By Hindware
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4 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2021 - Reviews and Buying Guide 4 Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney By Elica
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5 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2021 - Reviews and Buying Guide 5 Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney By Faber
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Best Kitchen Chimney in India

The kitchen chimney is an important component of a modern-day kitchen equipped with suction motors that are powerful enough to suck out greasy and oily particles, unlike exhaust fans that just vent out smoke.

1. Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

It is easy to maintain and simple to clean; Hood Crest Plus assures its customers of hassle-free maintenance as they need not spend ample time in the cleaning of the chimney.  It has a touch control panel with decent looks. It is a complete package of high-end technology blended with performance and great looks. 

The blower is of metal, and the motor is of 1200 m3/hr that gives a powerful suction which removes thick smoke along with oily/ greasy particles with ease.  The warranty on the product is of 1 year and on the motor is 5 years. The Auto clean feature contoured helps in getting rid of oil particles just with one touch.

This helps in averting the particles from sticking to the suction cups of the chimney. Only to add to it; the gesture control feature can interpret the actions of the human body and acts in response to them. Thus, no physical contact is required!

2. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney

It is high quality and classy HC TC 90 electric chimney that comes with stainless steel baffle filter.  The power capacity of 1200 m3/hr gives a powerful suction capacity dragging down smoke and oil and all residue particles.  It is easy on cleaning as the filter needs less maintenance and occasional cleaning. 

It also boasts of advance auto-cleaning technology which works with an oil collector providing it with hassle-free cleaning.  The control panel has a digital display with a chic look. A unique feature of led lights that light up the coming area assists in the joyful cooking experience. 

The warranty on the product is of 1 year and on the motor is 5 years. The chimney also is accompanied by a touch screen panel with a digital display that helps in easy and quick operation. It is easy to clean and maintain. Though it has Auto Clean Technology, you can even use these simple chimney cleaning techniques to clean this chimney.

3. Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware Nevio 90 is loaded with extraordinary features like a powerful metallic blower and a suction of 1200 m3/hr.   The blowers can be connected to the duct as well. The high suction capacity, longer useful life, cost-conscious power consumption and being noise-free are some of the outstanding points of difference amongst its peers. 

It has a one-touch control panel which facilitates easy operation.  It boasts of using thermal auto clean technology and guarantees a smooth cooking experience.  LED lamps have been provided to make it easier to view the cooking area.

As against a plastic oil collector, it comes equipped with a metal oil collector which has more storage capacity. The warranty on the product is of 1 year and on the motor is 5 years. Loaded with exceptional features and incredible performance, the premium steel grey finish of Hindware Nevio 90 adds sparkle to the alluring kitchen.

If you are looking for more options in this particular brand, you make check our dedicated ‘Hindware Chimney Reviews‘ article.

4. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

WD HAC Touch BF 60 is a superb full of elegance Chimney from Elica that enhances the beauty and look of the kitchen.  It is made of best in quality toughened material among its peers.

It has a touch control panel to control all operations. 1200 m3/hr suction capacity helps keep the kitchen clean and fresh.  The features are designed to be low on maintenance and efficient on energy.  Cleaning is as easy and automatic with just push of a button.  The heat auto clean technology uses heat as an element to clean sticky oily and greasy particles inside of the chimney and deposit the residue in the oil collector placed below it.

The filters are easy to clean and maintain. Also, two LED lamps are fitted to the chimney to give adequate visibility near the cooking area. Made of stainless steel, it is durable and sturdy having a long operational life.  The warranty on the product is of 1 year and on the motor is 5 years. The company is all set to now revolutionize the cook-hood industry.

5. Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/ hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

This is a filterless chimney, and it is considered as a next-generation in the segment of auto-clean chimneys.  No filter means no cleaning hassle and so zero maintenance. This chimney comes with noiseless operation and has a one-touch control panel.

The high suction motor of 1200 m3/hr removes all the unwanted oil particles and choking fumes out of the kitchen easily. The gesture control system recognizes human body movements to interact.

The no smoke no fumes and clean kitchen makes cooking a fun activity.  The warranty on the product is of 1 year and on the motor is 5 years. The brand provides free installation within 72 hours of buying the product.

6. SunFlame 90 cm 1100 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Sunflame is a trusted name in an Indian household, due to its sustained performance over the years. Sunflame chimneys are fitted with steel baffle filters which extract small residues of oil and other greasy stuff.  Cleaning is hassle-free with the innovative heat auto clean system which is at the push of a button. 

The body is made of stainless steel and beautifully crafted to a glass finish. Power-efficient LED bulbs are fitted to brighten the cooking area.  The control panel is feather touch and easy to operate with little efforts.  The operation is noiseless even with an 1100 m3/ hr powerful suction motor. 

The warranty on the product is 2 years. Their vast network of dealership and service centres across the country ensures service and support without fail for ultimate satisfaction.

7. Glen 60 cm, 1000 m3/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

A beautifully crafted curved glass Chimney for every modern household from Glen comes with a stainless steel finish.  The operations are at the push of a button. The unit has a lifetime warranty against damages. Its suction capacity is 1000 m3/hr suitable for midsize kitchens. 

The suction motor is of Italian made with a copper winding that can absorb excessive heat. The chimney is also fitted with two LED lamps to brighten the cooking area. It’s sleek in design and toughened glass is used in the making.  The baffle filter is made of stainless steel.  It is easy to clean and maintain. 

The fan is made of flame retardant plastic while flame retardant wires are used in the circuit, making it utmost safe. Glen 60 cm Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney comes with a Lifetime warranty. The company has always been thoughtful with its features and innovative products.

If you are looking for more options in this particular brand, you make check our dedicated ‘Glen Chimney Reviews‘ article.

How To Buy The Best Kitchen Chimney – Buying Guide

How Do Chimneys Work

There’s a common principle that hot air rises above and with this principle, the rising hot gases create pressure in the flue and draw the combustion air into the chimney which exhausts the gases outside the room.

Chimneys work on a negative pressure system.  Usually, all chimneys have a cowling to prevent rainwater from entering, and almost all chimneys have a built-in bend, which prevents direct water seepage.

In this way, rainwater is prevented from entering a chimney.  The modern-day modular kitchens are incomplete without a chimney.

Factors Need To Consider Before Buying Kitchen Chimney

1. Types Of Kitchen Chimneys

Types of Kitchen Chimneys

Broader bifurcation of chimneys would be classifying them into Masonry and Metal chimneys but narrowing it into the kitchen space means to classify it into ducted kitchen chimneys and ductless kitchen chimneys.  This classification is done based on how air is being processed and sucked into the hood. Making the right choice helps one to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen and proves to be more convenient for cooking healthy and hygienic meals.

  • Ducted kitchen chimneys: Ducted kitchen chimneys are the most common and primary type of kitchen chimney. As the name suggests, a ducted kitchen chimney has a duct which is used to process and expel any smoke that is generated on top of the kitchen hob. Large-sized duct chimneys are widely used not just in homes but also in commercial restaurants and communal kitchens too.
  • Ductless kitchen Chimneys: Ductless kitchen chimneys do not have a duct that is used to process the air. Instead, it makes use of strong air filtration and then pumps out the air back into the room. These types of range hoods are usually used in houses.

Making the right choice helps one to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen and proves to be more convenient for cooking healthy and hygienic meals.

2. Kitchen Chimney Design

Kitchen Chimney Design

The ideal chimney design for the kitchen largely depends on the layout and space available in the kitchen. The following are the most commonly used kitchen chimney designs in Indian homes:

  • Wall-mounted kitchen chimney: The kitchen chimney is fit against the wall above the cook-top or hob. Usually, this type of chimney is recommended by planners when space is a constraint or when there are restrictions against cutting the exterior wall for ducting.
  • Island chimney: If the kitchen counter is located in the centre of the room, then an island chimney is ideal. The chimney is fixed on the ceiling and hangs above the stove-top right in the middle of the room.
  • Built-in chimney: The integrated or built-in chimney is installed between the kitchen cabinets. The suction power of these chimneys is excellent as the smoke and fumes are sucked in and routed out of the kitchen via a duct.

3. Types Of Hoods In Chimney

Types of Hoods in Chimney

Different types of range hoods to consider for a kitchen chimney are:

  • Under-cabinet Hoods: These mount under the bottom of a wall cabinet.
  • Wall-Chimney Hoods: Wall-chimney hoods work where there are no cabinets over the range and mount with exposed vent stacks on the wall to vent to the outside.
  • Island Hoods: Usually apt for a centrally located chimney.
  • Downdraft Hood: A system integrated into the cooktop and is positioned behind the burner area.
  • Ductless Hoods: They are rather more stylish than delivering as they require to suck the dirty air through the filter before blowing back into the cooking area.

4. Types of Filter in Chimneys

It depends upon the manufacturing structure and materials. Chimney filters are classified into three types viz. Mesh Filter / Cassette filters, Baffle filter and charcoal filter.

5. Suction Power Of The Chimneys

A kitchen chimney with higher air suction capacity is ideal for Indian kitchens. For frequent cooking, the range should be between 400 m3/hr to 1200 m3/hr, depending on the size of the kitchen. The chimneys with a long hose generally have more suction power. To calculate kitchen volume, know the measurements length, width and height of your kitchen, multiple with each other. In the end, multiple the resulted volume with ten, you get required chimney suction power for your kitchen. For an instant, Kitchen size: 4m x 4m x 2.5m = 40m³ is your kitchen volume.

6. Noise And Vibration

Chimney noise is mostly caused when the wind blows over the top of a chimney flue or pot which does not have a chimney cowl fitted. A damaged chimney cowl can also cause a noisy chimney.  One effortless solution to avoid chimney noise is, switch on chimney 5 minutes before cooking. So that chimney can absorb bad odour, smoke from the kitchen so that you can switch off chimney while cooking. To reduce noise, ensure that ducting has the least number of bends from the chimney to outside wall hole.

7. Extra Features Offered

There are various extra features offered in modern-day chimneys.  They are like fitted with LED bulbs for lightning the cooking area.

The auto-cleaning feature that cleans the chimney on its own using heat technology.  Feather-touch operation panels for ease of operating the chimney. Even filter-less chimneys are available options that are above the notch.

8. Brand Reputation And Warranty

Brand reputation is built over the years after a satisfactory customer base is established by the brand’s product guarantee and quality and customer loyalty.  Warranty is usually 1 year on the product and 5 years on the suction motor and in some case just 2 years overall warranty. However, you may find some top chimney brands in India that still offer a limited lifetime warranty.

9. Operating Interface

An operating interface is a software used in the operating system.  It performs all the basic tasks like handling input and output and controlling the device.  Modern-day chimneys use user-friendly operating interface which is at the push of a button and feather touch easily to understand and operate.

10. Budget

The best and the most important is the budget. It varies upon person to person and what the customer is looking at. From a long term perspective, it is better to stretch the budget a little to get the best value for money in the long run and quality product life.

Compromising the budget will mean compromising on the quality and for those who the quality comes first take a calculated decision keeping in mind the long term gains which makes the product much cheaper than its cost relative to its long term use.


Modern-day kitchen is incomplete without a decent smoke vent that gives a clean look and feels to the most important part of the home and truly that is the Kitchen. A durable, cost-effective and decorative Kitchen Chimney will not only make the cooking pleasurable but will also add to the style quotient, low noise level and easy cleaning.

A budget-friendly and space-friendly chimney with guaranteed durability should be the first preference while buying one. If you feel that cleaning a kitchen chimney is a tough job or a high maintenance one, then it is advisable to buy a chimney that possesses an auto-cleaning feature. These days, most of the modular kitchen chimneys come with an auto-cleaning function, which saves on the hustle, the maintenance, the cost and help by cleaning the chimney filters automatically.

As Indian food is comprised of many spices and condiments and flavourful fragrances and oil; the Baffle Filter would be the best suitable choice for an Indian style cook-house. You can refer to our Kitchen chimney buying guide above to know more details about kitchen chimneys.


1. Which type and size of Chimney is the Best for a Kitchen?

One must opt for a chimney suitable to the space, the style and the design of the kitchen. Considering all of the above requirements, a range hood chimney is best for a modern-day kitchen.

2. Is Chimney necessary for a Kitchen?

Chimneys are vents that suck out the oily and greasy particles and heavy smoke out of the kitchen, making it tidy and secure for a pleasing cooking environment. Hence, chimneys become an essential household while designing a kitchen.

3. Which is better – Auto Clean Chimney or Manual Clean Chimneys?

Manual clean chimneys are pocket-friendly chimneys, affordable for all household types. But, if the pocket permits, Auto-clean chimneys prove to be the better one when compared.

4. My chimney is making a terrible noise. Why?

Chimneys need to be serviced from time to time. One of the possible reasons for the noise would be that the duct of the cowl may be loosely fitted.

5. How to install a kitchen chimney in my house?

Do not hesitate on spending some extra bucks to install the chimney. “A learned man is much better than the ignorant one.” A few steps may help:
1. Keeping the necessary equipment ready for installation.
2. Drilling proper holes.
3. Fixing the screws and nut bolts with care.
4. In the case of electrical chimneys, the wires must be connected to the switchboard first, and then the power must be supplied.

6. What are the benefits of kitchen chimneys in your home?

Kitchen chimneys are beneficial in many ways. It cleans the smoke, smell of spices and other gases that generate while cooking. These cause hindrance and are troublesome. Hence, a chimney benefits the user by clearing up the obstacles and enjoying a Happy Cooking day!

7. Is it really important to clean the chimney regularly?

“Cleanliness is the hallmark of perfect standards”. A clean kitchen helps to cook a healthy meal. Regular cleaning and maintenance also enhance the life of the product. The smokes and the evolved gases make the chimney sticky from the inside as well as the outside. Hence, cleaning it becomes a necessity.

8. How do I calculate chimney suction requirements for my kitchen?

To calculate the suction requirements, the length, width and height of the kitchen must be multiplied with each other. For an instant, Kitchen size: 4m x 4m x 2.5m = 40m³ is your kitchen volume. Fresh air equivalent to kitchen volume has to be replaced 10 times in an hour; hence, 10×40 = 400m/h. This formula, when applied, instantly gives the expected results.

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