Best Hindware Chimney Reviews in India 2021

In olden days when coal and wood were used as fuels, there used to be a lot of smoke making it necessary to vent it out of the room that was used as a kitchen or a fireplace etc. It may lead to a very irritating and uncomfortable experience if you do not have a good exhaust system in the kitchen. Even now, if you cook in open utensils, like a pressure cooker, the same problem will arise due the leftover fumes, gases & heat, and due to this kitchen walls might get dirty. To get rid of such problems, you might want to consider installing a functional chimney in your modular kitchen.

Now choosing a good kitchen chimney in a pile filled with the best and the worst mixed up together is quite a task. There are a lot of brands offering kitchen chimneys in the kitchen industry market, making the already difficult task much more difficult. In this case, going with the known, trusted and reliable brands is your best bet.

Hindware has made quite a name for itself in the kitchen equipment industry. Hindware is an eminent kitchenware brand in India for a long period. Hindware is a known and trusted brand which has gained its place in the Indian Market and Industry. In this Hindware Kitchen Chimney Review, we have handpicked through various rigorous tests, the absolute best Hindware Kitchen Chimneys available in the market for your elegant modular kitchen.

Product Comparison

1st Place
Best Hindware Chimney Reviews in India 2021 1 Hindware Nevio 60 Auto Clean Chimney By Hindware
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Best Value
Best Hindware Chimney Reviews in India 2021 2 Hindware Nevio 90 Auto Clean Chimney By Hindware
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3 Best Hindware Chimney Reviews in India 2021 3 Hindware Clarissa Black 60 Chimney By Hindware
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4 Best Hindware Chimney Reviews in India 2021 4 Hindware Sabina Black 60 Chimney By Hindware
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5 Best Hindware Chimney Reviews in India 2021 5 Hindware Cleo 60 Auto Clean Chimney By Hindware
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Top 5 Best Hindware Kitchen Chimney Reviews

1. Hindware Nevio 60cm Auto Clean Chimney

Nevio 60cm Auto Clean Chimney ranks 1st in our Hindware Auto Clean Chimney Review and considered as the best auto clean chimney in India. The Hindware Nevio 60 Auto Clean Chimney isn’t just one of the most useful and feature-rich chimney but rather an elegant addition to your kitchen that will add the right amount of sparkle to your modular kitchen.

Designed using Thermal Auto Clean Technology, the Hindware kitchen chimney guarantees a smooth cooking experience. The two LED lamps fitted on the chimney provide bright illumination, making countertops much more visible and being LED they consume much less. With a breathtaking suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr sucking out the hazardous gases swiftly, making your kitchen environment fresh and healthy.

Designed to meet the different cooking styles from all over India, this cup collects oils and other residues, making it easy to keep the chimney clean. The metal blowers are connected to a duct system and ensure maximum suction and durability.

Ease of use and a perfect environment is enabled by the one-touch controls present on the chimney.


  • Easy to operate because of one-touch controls.
  • High suction power keeps the kitchen smoke-free.
  • Noiseless and energy-efficient.


  • Installation is costly.

2. Hindware Nevio 90cm Auto Clean Chimney

Do you ever wish that you could spend those tiring hours you spend cleaning your chimney in some other useful activity that could benefit you? Well, Hindware’s Nevio 90 Auto Clean Chimney is one of the best auto clean chimney available in the market.

With an elegant sparkling metal finish, the Hindware kitchen chimney makes your kitchen shine brighter than the average Indian kitchens. The impressive suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr enables you to give your kitchen chimney maximum suction and durability.

One-touch control is provided along to smoothen your kitchen using experience, ensuring a perfect kitchen environment. Hindware Nevio 90 comes equipped with a sturdy and long-lasting, metal oil collector that is easy to clean and can store more residues than plastic oil collectors.

The thermal auto clean technology provided by the Hindware auto clean chimney helps the chimney clean itself main your kitchen chimney experience hassle-free.

It is easy to clean and maintain. Though it has Auto Clean Technology, you can even use these simple chimney cleaning techniques to clean this chimney.


  • High suction power of 1200 m3/hr.
  • Maximises airflow to the kitchen by removing smoke.
  • Excellent design.


  • Installation is quite costly.

3. Hindware Clarissa Black 60cm Chimney

Is the latest modular kitchen with cutting edge tech and elegant design your only desire right now? Hindware’s Clarissa Black 60 Chimney is a sleek piece of feature-rich technology. Its matte black finish gives your kitchen that blissful look that it forever deserved.

The cassette filter is easy to clean and highly efficient. It forces oil & other residues to settle inside, letting only the air move freely in between the filters. The suction capacity of 700 m3/hr helps you to maintain a smoke-free and clean kitchen at all times.

Its compact size allows it to fit in almost any kitchen with no hassles. It’s a futuristic design and advanced technology like the incandescent lights which helps to reduce the strain on your eyes for those magical late-night snack cooking. 

The push-button control provides ease of operation, and this chimney is also known to be a silent performer, i.e. it makes the least noise while working effortlessly.


  • Sleek design.
  • Decent suction capacity.
  • Ease of operation provided by push-button control.


  • It’s equipped with an Aluminum Cassette Filter which is likely to turn black over time.

4. Hindware Sabina Black 60cm Chimney

If a decent, sleek and an affordable Hindware kitchen chimney is what your checklist includes then just check all of those boxes off and buy Hindware’s Sabina Black 60 Chimney. The Hindware chimney is quite compact, allowing it to be fitted in almost any modern kitchen.

The chimney is equipped with 2 LED lamps which are bright enough to help you cook at night with no interruptions at all while consuming the least power possible. The 200 watts motor ensures the absolute best performance while ensuring the least power consumption, and the least noise is ensured as well.

One of the essential components of Sabina is its effective baffle filter. Stainless Steel Baffle Filter settles oil & collects other residues. Push Button control provides ease of operation for the average consumer. The powerful suction capacity of 110 m3/hr is provided by Sabrina 60 Designer Chimney. Suction power could have been better for this chimney to utilize all the advantages of having chimney at home. Huge suction capacity helps in making your kitchen efficient, fresh and gives it that desired clean look.


  • Push-button control ensures ease of operation.
  • Max suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr.
  • LED illumination ensures the least power consumption.


  • The motor is quite noisy.
  • Customer service is not quite decent.

5. Hindware Cleo 60cm Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware Cleo 60 Auto Clean Chimney is a curved glass wall mounted chimney which is of the compact size of 60 cm, making it ideal for a modular kitchen.

The perfect blend of futuristic design and cutting edge technology provided by the Cleo 60 will not fail to give any modular kitchen that elegant look that you are striving for. Fitted with stainless steel baffle filters and a powerful motor, the chimney ensures a smooth cooking experience. Ease of operation is yet again provided by the touch controls on the front panel.

Along with an impressive suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr which ensures max durability, the Hindware chimney also provides auto clean technology which eliminates your hassle of cleaning the Hindware chimney. Hindware Cleo comes with a long-lasting, sturdy oil collector that is easy to clean and can store a lot of remaining oil & residues.


  • Push-button technology.
  • Long-lasting oil collector.
  • Auto clean technology.


  • A bit noisy.


This is our detailed reviews in which we have helped you by listing some of the best products, that are friendly to your pocket as well as your home. It will help you to virtually wander around the Hindware Chimney products and guide you as if you were experiencing it all! So, when you think of buying a chimney next time, keep Hindware as your first choice. Hindware assures to value your money and offer the best possible product with advances as well! These are beautifully crafted designer pieces with an elegant finish to enhance the look of every kitchen. Then why to wait? Go ahead and buy yours now.

While there’s no doubt that Hindware chimneys are a steal for the money; there are some other brands that you might want to consider for the sake of comparison. In our opinion, Glen Chimneys are the close rival of Hindware and might prove to be a better option for some households.

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