5 most Common Refrigerator Problems that you can fix yourself

5 most Common Refrigerator Problems that you can fix yourself 1

If there’s ever an official list compiled for the hardest working home appliances, I’m positive that refrigerators would top the chart. Without an argument, our lives would have been miserable if refrigerators weren’t ever invented. The mere thought of it sends shivers down my spine. Fortunately, that’s not the case. We have them standing firmly at our service and I insist we must be thankful for their existence.

Refrigerators have witnessed a great deal of evolution in their design through the recent years. All these improvements and modifications have indeed made them an appliance to be boastful of. If at all we wish to count, we’d have a hard time keeping record of the benefits we extract from refrigerators. Be it preserving leftover snacks or food, keeping our favourite beverages chilled, deep freezing edibles to drastically elongate their life or simply fetching a glass of chilled water.

With all of this aid and convenience coming from refrigerators, it is only fair for us to return the favour by conducting frequent servicing and cleaning bouts. Although most refrigerators function throughout their service lives without any maintenance rituals, some might need a few servicing sessions here and there to maintain optimal performance. This write-up is exactly about how can you get rid of such occasional glitches on your own.

Sit tight and read along to decipher the techniques involved in solving the most common of problems that refrigerator owners face. Below are the 5 most frequent predicaments and their corresponding remedies you can try to ensure flawless functioning of your refrigerator.

5 most Common Refrigerator Problems

Problem 1: High Electricity Consumption

5 most Common Refrigerator Problems that you can fix yourself 2

Electricity consumption of a refrigerator directly depends on the BEE star rating of the appliance. Bureau of energy efficiency rates electrical appliances on a scale of 5 stars, 5 being the most energy efficient and 1 being the least.


If your refrigerator is a considerably old model, chances are that it doesn’t perform the best in terms of energy efficiency. For the sake of a getting a fair idea, 5-star rated refrigerators from a decade ago are less energy efficient than 3-star rated current models. The rating system keeps getting updated along with newer and more energy efficient models.

If you own a refrigerator that has been giving you hiked electricity bills, it is better to replace it with the new generation refrigerators. For assistance in choosing the best energy efficient refrigerators, you can checkout our list of the top 10 best refrigerators in India. You’ll be amazed to notice, how much you can save in the long run by upgrading to enhanced versions of the old refrigerators.

Problem 2:  There’s Excessive Ice build-up in the Freezer Compartment

5 most Common Refrigerator Problems that you can fix yourself 3

This is without a doubt, the most searched refrigerator related issue on the entire internet. Moderate ice build-up in the freezer compartment is normal and requires no action. However, if it exceeds to a limit where the frost takes up considerable volume of the freezer, it is time to get your hands cold.


First and foremost, check if the frost is loose in texture and ensure that it can be scraped out. If yes, get a wooden spatula and start scraping it form all four sides. It is advisable to use a blunt tool to remove ice. Please note that using a metal tool can potentially damage the gas line and also lead to injuries if used vigorously.

Alternatively, you can evacuate the refrigerator and unplug it for few hours to automatically drain off the ice build-up. Ensure that the drain is blockage free. Furthermore, you might need a spare towel or two to soak up all the melted ice.

Excessive ice build-up is an issue generally related to Direct cool refrigerators. Frost free variants in contrast, are immune to this anomaly. This article discusses all differences between a direct cool and frost free refrigerator.

Problem 3: The Refrigerator Door doesn’t shut Tightly

5 most Common Refrigerator Problems that you can fix yourself 4

If your refrigerator is considerably old, you’re bound to encounter this issue very soon. A refrigerator door that doesn’t seal off properly can give rise to other problems. For instance, a faulty seal can lead to increased energy expenditure, increased load on the compressor and ineffective cooling. Being the cause of other unwanted predicaments, the issue needs an immediate fix.


The strip that seals the refrigerator door is technically known as a gasket. The gasket gradually wears out in terms of its efficiency to seal the door tightly. You might notice localised shrinking, tearing or wrinkling along the length of the gasket. If this is the case with your refrigerator, it is best that you replace the seal with a new one.

To start off, buy a replacement corresponding to the model no. of your refrigerator so that you get the exact size. Secondly, peel off the gasket from the fridge door carefully. You might need to remove some screws to do this. Read the instructions to soften the new gasket initially. Generally, soaking it in hot water does the job. After this, install the replacement ensuring that there are no loose spots left.

Problem 4: Refrigerator Leaking Water

5 most Common Refrigerator Problems that you can fix yourself 5

Refrigerators are equipped with appropriate drainage pathways to ensure no leakage. Any case of water leakage indicates a potential blockage in the drain. The blockage may be caused due to hardened dirt owing to the freezing cold temperatures.


Any blockages similar to the one discussed above can be rectified by unplugging the refrigerator overnight. Ensure that the fridge is slightly tilted towards the back so that drainage is facilitated. For increased effectiveness, you can force a jet of hot water down the drain with the help of a turkey baster. Optionally, a large needless syringe will get the job done.

Once you are done with the procedure, plug the refrigerator back in and look for any leakages. If the issue isn’t resolved yet, call for technical help.

Problem 5: Fridge Heating up Outside

The sides of the refrigerator heating up is absolutely normal and doesn’t need any conscious action. Hot pipes are installed right beneath the surface of the sides of the refrigerator. This sort of design actually enhances the refrigerator performance rather than being an anomaly.


Refrigerators function constantly without ever whining about how stressful it gets at times. So, slight malfunctions here and there are imminent. However, this doesn’t imply that you necessarily need to spend on servicing charges. You can often clear out minor issues on your own!

Above is comprehensive discussion about the 5 most common refrigerator related issues and their solutions. It is however not advisable to rely on technical help for the most trivial of problems. Let me tell you a secret before I leave. Younger members of a family anticipate the responsible one to fix any and every aberration in the house.

If you’re currently facing one from the above five, it is your chance to show your family how it’s done. For other kitchen appliance related help, feel free to browse other segments of my website. Hope this helps!

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