Best Coffee Machines In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Even for a country whose top beverage will always be tea, coffee is not only becoming increasingly popular, but has come a long way to give our favorite beverage some serious competition. That being said, the art of brewing that perfect cup of coffee is still waiting to be tapped.

Filter or instant coffee have mostly been our go-to versions of coffee for a long time, but traveling and mixing of cultures have led us to explore more about this acquired taste of the coffee. We’re not just satisfied with that instant coffee anymore, we want that cappuccino or latte.

Brewing that perfect coffee is a complex process involving roasting, grinding and filtering the best Coffee Machines in India have come hs a blessing to help us get great coffee, hassle-free.

These machines can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. In this guide, we list some of the factors to consider before investing in that coffee maker for yourself. We hope this list will be the checklist required for you to get brilliant coffee right at the start of your morning!

Here’s a review of 10 of the best coffee makers that you can buy from Amazon India right now. We’ve reviewed the products on its power consumption, taste of the coffee made, the interface and built of the model and the capacity of these coffee makers.

10 Best Coffee Makers In India 2021

1st Place
Best Coffee Machines In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 1 DeLonghi ICM2 10-Cup Coffee Maker By DeLonghi
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Best Value
Best Coffee Machines In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2 Coffeeza Lattisso Coffee Making Machine By Coffeeza
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3 Best Coffee Machines In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 3 Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker By Preethi
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4 Best Coffee Machines In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 4 Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee Maker By Morphy Richards
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5 Best Coffee Machines In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 5 Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker By Preethi
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1. Delonghi ICM2 1000-Watt 10-Cup Drip Coffee Machine

There are a few factors that must be considered before making any purchase for your kitchen. Among others, we think brand reliability weighs the highest here. An established brand is far less likely to sell you crap for your money; and this is for multiple reasons. For one thing, it’s their quality standards that got them to the place that they boast at present. Delonghi is without a doubt, a part of these elite companies that are known for sustaining their manufacturing standards over decades. 

All of these virtues stay true for this 10-Cup Drip Coffee Machine. The 1000-watt gizmo, priced at around 4,500 INR could be your reliable barista while you’re just out of bed and crave a steaming cup of coffee before taking on your day’s first task. The build of the machine is very sturdy while operating it is child’s play. You simply put the ground coffee and water in the top storage compartment, place the carafe under the spout and watch the thing brew you 10 cups of caffeinated goodness. Can’t drink it all at once? Oh, you aren’t supposed to! The machine has a dedicated keep warm plate beneath the carafe that ensures that your coffee stays hot after for a while after its is brewed. 

The clever design of the coffee maker further allows to have a clear view of the water level in the machine from either sides. Additionally, you may also use it to dispense hot water and make infused tea for a change. Above all, the machine is covered with a 1-year warranty.


  • Brews very hot coffee and can keep it warm for up to 2 hours
  • Inbuilt Permanent Nylon filter
  • Calibrated water level indicators on either sides
  • Anti-drip design
  • Brews 10 cups of coffee at once


  • Priced on the expensive side
  • Only people with a taste for black coffee might “really” like the appliance

2. Coffeeza Lattisso Premium Coffee Making Machine

For all the coffee lovers that like to play with their drink here and there, the Coffeeza Lattiso Coffee Making machine is equipped with all that you’d want. First, the machine is a fully equipped drip coffee maker and second, it is way more than that. Priced potentially out of the domestic coffee machine spectrum, the machine would only be justified for heavy/repetitive usage. For instance, a small workplace with 5-6 people could use the machine well.
Opposed to other picks in this list, this one doesn’t require you to fill it with ground coffee. Rather, the construction of the coffee maker allows it to use coffee pods to brew a fresh cup. What’s also different here, is that the machine incorporates a higher tamp pressure (19 bar), to extract a stronger flavor out of every pod. 

The incorporated milk frother further augments the usability of this coffee maker. You may use it to make Cappucino, Espresso, Latte or other milk-based coffee variants. 

What really sets this one apart from other low-end coffee machines on this list is the experience. Further, the manufacturer covers the appliance with a 1-year warranty.


  • Makes cappucino, espresso, latte and other milk based coffee drinks
  • Compatible with nespresso coffee pods
  • 19 bar tamp pressure
  • 1-year warranty


  • Steeply priced

3. Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker

The Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 is a power efficient coffee maker as it consumes only 450W of power, and has a regular voltage of 230 volts. The design of the coffee maker incorporates a concealed 450W heating element for safe and efficient brewing. The coffee maker comes with a thermal carafe, capable of maintaining the temperature of the coffee for quite some time even after it is brewed.

The carafe is big enough to hold 5 – 7 cups of freshly brewed coffee at once. Further, it features an ergonomically designed handle to ease handling of the coffee pot.

The machine comes with a water level indicator and anti-drip system to make it convenient for you to pour water and not deal with the hassle of leaks. It has a thermal fuse that is sensitive to heat and a switch that has a power indicator. The plastic used is heat resistant and has a microfine filter for decoction. Above all, the machine has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Fine decoction is ready for 2 cups in approximately 5 minutes
  • Provides good filter coffee at an affordable price.
  • Saves coffee powder. It gives you more for less.


  • The design could be made better and the plastic quality is cheap.
  • Not easy to use.

4. Morphy Richards Fresco 800-Watt 4-Cups Espresso Coffee Maker

Opposed to drip coffee makers, you get a few extra features in espresso machines. An espresso machine essentially forces water through the powdered coffee while extraction. This leads to a better customization in terms of the strength of the coffee. On the other hand, drip coffee makers rely on the effect of gravity to extract a batch of coffee.

As evident, the Morphy Richards Fresco is an Espresso coffee maker. With a capacity of 4 cups alongside a froth maker, the machine expands the possibilities for you if you’re a true coffee aficionado. At 800 W of power output, the coffee machine is a fairly energy efficient option. The machine comes with a calibrated glass carafe marked corresponding to the number of cups. The removable drip tray and overheat protection further reinforce the convenient and safe operation of the coffee maker.

Other noteworthy features incorporated in the design of the coffee maker include a turbo cappuccino nozzle , a coffee strength selector, heat resistant carafe and a stainless steel cup filter.


  • Great quality of brew and excellent for espressos
  • The cappuccino nozzle works very well and produces a nice foam
  • Very good for home usage- for a small or mid-sized family consisting of 4 to 6 members


  • Good for espressos, but if you take larger amounts of coffee this is not recommended
  • Metal streamer needs to be cleaned regularly or a hard white residue is formed on it

5. Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker

Categorizing as a drip coffee maker, the Preethi Dripcafe has a power consumption of just 450W, making it very energy efficient; operating on a regular voltage of 230 volts. The product promises authentic South Indian filter coffee. You can benefit from the unit if you’re someone that’s in constant need of a cup of coffee to get through the day.

The coffee machine features a 1liter thermal carafe that lets you brew some extra coffee at once for later in the day. The design of the coffee maker is fairly simple and its operation merely involves a single button. A portion of the water bin is transparent with markings to track the amount of water left in the machine.

As with other desirable drip coffee makers, it has a concealed 450W internal heating element for effective and faster brewing. The machine uses a high-grade plastic which is heat resistant. It has a heat-sensitive thermal fuse, provides accurate temperature control and uses a microfine filter for fine decoction.


  • The quality of the decoction is pretty amazing
  • Provides you with two strainers to choose the kind of decoction you want
  • Has the automatic turn off feature which saves power consumption
  • The cord length is quite long so it can be used from different places even inside the house


  • The model build is a little outdated and has a cheap plastic body, hence may be a little overpriced

6. Morphy Richards New Europa

The Morphy Richards New Europa has a power consumption of 800W and an operating voltage of 230 volts. It comes with a two year warranty period. It is a multipurpose espresso, latte and cappuccino machine that can serve up to 4 cups at one time.

It is equipped with a steam control knob and a coffee strength selector so you can adjust them according to your requirements. The strength selector works by manipulating the rate of brewing. For stronger coffees, the machine slows the rate of extraction. While for weaker ones, the extraction rate is amped up. In addition, the machine comes with a neat option of adding froth to your cappuccino or latte.

It provides overheat protection by going into malfunction mode in case the apparatus is overheated. It has a stainless steel drip filter so you can get the filtered coffee. It has a removable drip tray that facilitates cleaning.


  • Can make espresso, latte and cappuccino. You can even make latte art using the froth nozzle.
  • Suitable for small families
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • The coffee machine starts leaking after 2 to 3 months of usage
  • The cord length is short
  • Has no water level indicator

7. Tecnora Classico Tcm 107 M Thermoblock

If you’re looking for something that can be truly categorized as top-of-the-line; this espresso maker might be a tough contender. The Tecnora Classic is a multipurpose pump espresso and cappuccino coffee maker. Its power consumption is 1050W which increases boiler efficiency and provides continuous steam to the milk to produce creamier froth for the cappuccino. Is that all you get for the obvious price hike as compared to others on this list? Well, No!

An additional paranello makes frothing easier. The coffee machine is designed in such a way that it can switch between temperature modes for brewing and steaming. For brewing, the machine works in the range of 87 – 91°C while for steaming, it reaches to 95°C.

It has a bottomless portafilter and basket along with a matching tamper. It comes with two portafilter baskets, for a single and double espresso shot. The machine has an automatic turn off feature where it turns off after 25 minutes preventing overheating.


  • Good build quality at an affordable price which has an intelligent design
  • The accessories provided give you the perfect cup of coffee
  • Very easy to operate and use.
  • Quality of espresso and cappuccino is pretty good.


  • The plastic tamper at the end is a little flimsy and the scoop has a smaller diameter than the portafilter basket, hence, while using it a gap remains around the tamper.
  • You can’t produce latte art with the steam that is produced but it provides really creamy cappuccino
  • Very short cord length and requires 2 hours to cool down.

8. Black + Decker BXCM1201IN 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

Black + Decker is a renowned American manufacturer popular for making power tools besides home and garden accessories. Flawless functionality and reasonable durability are the brand’s signature aspects. The Black + Decker BXCM1201IN differs in no way here.

The machine is a 12-cup drip coffee maker sufficient to make that morning coffee for your entire family. The carafe can hold 1.5 liters of brewed coffee roughly translating to 12 cups. Its functional digital display makes the coffee maker convenient and easy to use. It also has an automatic turn off the feature in case you forget to turn off the apparatus.

It has features like a ‘keep warm’ function which keeps your coffee warm for about two hours after preparation. The glass carafe being large enough to hold 12 cups of coffee at a time, you’d arguably value the keep warm feature the most. It also has added resistance to the base so that the coffee maker doesn’t slip away.


  • If you set it up the night before and set a timer, you can automatically get freshly brewed coffee right at the start of the morning. What a way to jumpstart your day!
  • Affordable and the quality of coffee is really good
  • Has an automatic shut off feature, hence, energy efficient and convenient
  • The keep warm feature helps in keeping your coffee warm post preparation


  • The coffee doesn’t stay warm for longer than 40 minutes
  • Requires at least 250 grams of powder to brew the coffee once, not useful for one person.

9. Prestige PCMD 1.0 650-Watt Drip Coffee Maker

The Prestige PCMD 1.0 is a yet another resourceful drip coffee maker with a decent 4-cup capacity. The model is ideal for people having an innate affection for espresso or black coffee as most of us know it. The product is erroneously described as a model with a froth maker which is not the case. Drip coffee makers are known to not have any of those in their design.

The PCMD 1.0 has a power consumption of 650W, which is quite energy efficient and an operating voltage of 230 volts. Consider yourself to be a fan of south Indian filter coffee? This one does it well. Owing to the translucent water gauge on the side, you can easily monitor the water level in the machine and refill at at apt intervals. The filter provides thick decoction for filter coffee.

The top of the coffee maker has a steam valve designed to eliminate excess pressure from the machine thereby ensuring sage operation. It has an anti drip valve to avoid mess after preparation, a removable brew basket and has a steam vent to remove excess steam.


  • Takes less than 5 minutes to brew 2 cups of coffee. The filtering quality is very good.
  • User friendly interface


  • The plastic quality used to make the body is cheap
  • Doesn’t have froth functions to make cappuccino and latte as provided in the description

10. Tefal Apprecia 6-Cup Coffee Maker

The Tefal Apprecia is a compact coffee maker ideal for households low on counter space. Despite a compact footprint, the coffee maker has a decent capacity of 6 cups. The coffee maker features a translucent water gauge on the side that makes monitoring the water level easy. The water tank is removable in addition to the glass carafe accounting for convenient cleaning.

The machine consumes a power of 600 W; meaning the model is a fairly energy efficient one. The jug capacity is 0.6L which is sufficient to make 6 cups of coffee. It has a detachable water tank which is easy to remove and clean.

It has a water level window to indicate when the machine needs to be replenished and an anti-drip valve to prevent dripping during usage. It also has a swing out coffee holder which increases convenience.


  • Brews 5-6 cups of coffee in quite a short time
  • Value for money as it comes between 1500 to 2000


  • Has a plastic strainer
  • The quality of the model and built could have been better

11. Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug

The Nescafe E-smart coffee maker is a smart, application enabled hot and cold coffee maker. It can be paired via Bluetooth to NESCAFE E Connected Mug App for a personalized user experience. The portable coffee maker is best suited to travelers that love instant coffee on the go.

It comes with an on-the-go mug so you can travel with your coffee (still hot or cold!). The coffee mug has a double-walled stainless steel thermal insulated lid that ensures that the temperature of your coffee is maintained. It has heating and frothing features which still make coffee in 60 to 90 seconds. It literally makes coffee at the click of a button.

It has a power consumption of 600W, uses a voltage of 220-240 volts, and has a temperature range from 20 to 60 degrees Celsius.


  • The application is easy to pair and synchronisation of the application with the apparatus is good too
  • The coffee made tastes pretty good
  • Goes without saying, the coffee maker is portable. You can travel with it or gift it as a present too
  • Different styles of coffee, both hot and cold, can be made


  • The product is expensive, but if you are a coffee lover, you should go for it.
  • Requires regular maintenance as apparatus needs to be cleaned regularly
  • Bluetooth and application connectivity may be a hassle, especially in the beginning.

Best Coffee Machines – Buying Guide

Factors To Consider While Buying a Coffee Machine In India

Factors To Consider While Buying a Coffee Machine In India

1. Type Of Coffee Maker

The type of coffee that you intend to make every day plays a crucial role in the type of coffee machine you will want to buy. Do you prefer a simple yet strong coffee? Or would you prefer something more elaborate like an espresso or a cappuccino? Do you prefer black coffee? The answers to these questions will provide you with the solution to the kind of machine you should buy.

The market consists of a variety of coffee-making machine from drip models to Thermal carafe to specialty machines that brew more fancy lattes. It even has models for regular brewing coffee machines or percolators. Look into these factors before deciding any further.

2. Capacity

Are you a heavy drinker or a light drinker of coffee? Do you need at least four cups of coffee during your day or are just two fine? Depending on how much coffee you can go through in a day, you can look up the capacities of coffee makers. The capacity of a coffee maker is the amount of storage or fills it can provide you with. You can take a look at its capacity of water and how many cups it can make in one go.

If a single cup is enough for you, pod machines CBTL would be a great choice; else you will have to see the number of cups it can provide. Quite a few of the machines can make up to 12 coffee cups in a go, so by knowing the capacity of the coffee machine, you can choose whether you’re okay with making a cup of coffee every time you want it or whether you want to have ample in store.

3. Chip Smart

Let’s be really honest, we all prefer it if we don’t have to do manual labor while brewing that cup of coffee right when you’re rushing for work, even more so when you return home from it. Thanks to technology, now we don’t have to. Here are some of the features these machines come with that make life simply easier.

  • Programmable clocks that tell you the start and end time so you don’t have to wait around while your coffee is being made
  • Water level indicators so you don’t have to measure the water yourself
  • Automatic cleaning capabilities for those of us that don’t ever clean.
  • Automatic shutoff machines if you are the kind that always forgets to power off your machine. This feature will save you energy. Literally.

There are regular machines for those who like the manual process of brewing their own coffee, these are just for us, the lazy ones.

4. User-Friendly

Interface usability and interactive capabilities just make using a coffee machine more convenient. We don’t have the time to actually look through the user manual, so a good user interface is obviously preferred. Proper icons on buttons or one-word instructions make the task significantly easier. The following buttons provided are very useful:

  • The button that fills the water to its indicated level
  • Maintaining the strength of coffee depending on your taste preferences
  • Brew pause to have an adequate quantity of coffee
  • Adjusting the heater plate depending on your apparatus
  • Easy clean up: To clean apparatus once the coffee is brewed

5. Speed and Renewal

I’ve mentioned this before: if you are in a hurry and want to grab that cup of much-needed coffee, the speed at which the coffee machine delivers coffee will be a factor you want to take into consideration. Some coffee makers take a little longer for brewing, while some deliver in seconds. Depending on whether you take your coffee as a pleasure or as a requirement, you will want to consider the delivery time of that coffee.

It would also be worthwhile to take into consideration the water and ground fill if you’re always in a hurry to grab a cup of coffee. Check how fast the coffee machine replenishes itself.

6. Filters

There are three types of filters currently available in the market: Paper filters, metal filters and water filters. If you prefer strong coffee that is calming, the paper filter is a good choice for you. It comes with the added advantage that it helps reduce cholesterol. If you prefer strong black coffee you should go for gold plated filters or metal filters.

The only slight disadvantage of these filters is they need to be maintained and cleaned regularly for the best quality coffee. There are a range of metal filters available for your coffee, browse through them before buying your coffee machine

7. Construction

The way a machine is built tells you a lot about its lifetime and durability. Check the make and build of the machine to ensure that it is lasting, because sometimes even when the machine makes good coffee, it falls apart requiring maintenance or even a replacement. The body can be fragile or may rust easily. Our optimum choice is a stainless steel body which we definitely recommend.

8. Value For Money

Needless to say, the money matters. Before investing in a coffee machine you would want to see the return on your investment to ensure that you get the best quality at the cheapest price.

While going for a well-known brand works for most of us, it doesn’t always meet the expectations, whereas, an affordable not very well-known brand may surprise you with its effectiveness. Also, including operational cost will give you an overall perspective of just how much you will be spending.

Here’s a list of all costs you should consider before buying that coffee machine:

  • Initial cost
  • Maintenance cost
  • Electrical charges
  • Accessories (even see how often they need to be replaced)

If you are looking for a coffee maker, the above factors should help you buy the product based on your needs and requirements.

The Different Types Of Coffee Machines

We’ve helped you buy the perfect coffee machine for your home but why stop there? Here’s a list of types of coffee makers to help you understand the kind of coffee maker you want to choose.

1. Manual Espresso Machines

Manual Espresso Machines

For a strong espresso shot, use very fine grained coffee and pack the coffee grinder tightly. Once you start brewing the coffee, it takes 1 to 2 minutes for the espresso to be ready.

This gives a simple, strong cup of espresso. The volume is less than a full cup if you’re making a single espresso shot.

2. Automated Espresso Maker

Automated Espresso Maker
  • Partially Automated Espresso Maker

This machine requires you to put in the coffee grinds and attach it to the apparatus. After that, its just clicking that button.

  • Fully Automated Espresso Maker

This maker has a push button functionality which makes your coffee in one step as long as the coffee grinds are stored in the machine. Automated espresso makers don’t give you the purest form of coffee, but they are highly convenient to use.

3. Moka Pot Coffee Maker

Moka Pot Coffee Maker

The Moka Pot uses steam pressure to make that cup of coffee. After filling the bottom part with coffee grinds, it is stored in a separate cradle tightly between two chambers. As water in the bottom chamber boils, heated-air expands and built-up pressure forces water through the funnel and into the coffee in the middle. Absorbing the boiled water, the coffee gradually expands building up more pressure in the middle of those two chambers.

The Moka Pot uses steam pressure to make that cup of coffee. After filling the bottom part with coffee grinds, it is stored in a separate cradle tightly between two chambers. As water in the bottom chamber boils, heated-air expands and built-up pressure forces water through the funnel and into the coffee in the middle.

Absorbing the boiled water, the coffee gradually expands building up more pressure in the middle of those two chambers. Once the coffee is fully saturated, the water continues to boil up through the metal filter into the top funnel.

A characteristic sputtering sound can be heard as the last of the water boils through the top chamber – a signal that your cup of coffee is ready.

4. Aeropress

Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Aero Press passes hot water through very fine coffee grinds with a lot of pressure. It is easy to use but left quite a lot of mess. Because the hot water is forcibly pressed through the coffee grinds quickly, the unwanted chemicals from the beans don’t get inside the coffee. Hence, it gives pure, strong coffee and that is one of the biggest advantage of the Aeropress coffee machine.

5. Filtration Coffee Makers (Drip Brewers)

Filtration Coffee Makers

These are the most common and inexpensive type of coffee makers that are sold. They are easy to use and do pretty much everything all by themselves. They come in 3 to 4 cups capacity, 6 cup capacity and some larger ones have 12 cup capacity.

The process is that the hot water filters through the grinds and produces coffee. Simple and straightforward. The automated drip brewer uses the pumps to get the heated water above the grinds. The hot plate that comes with the apparatus keep the coffee hot after preparation. These are the most common and inexpensive type of coffee makers that are sold. They are easy to use and do pretty much everything all by themselves.

They come in 3 to 4 cups capacity, 6 cup capacity and some larger ones have 12 cup capacity. The process is that the hot water filters through the grinds and produces coffee. Simple and straightforward. The automated drip brewer uses the pumps to get the heated water above the grinds. The hot plate that comes with the apparatus keep the coffee hot after preparation.

These are the most common and inexpensive type of coffee makers that are sold. They are easy to use and do pretty much everything all by themselves. They come in 3 to 4 cups capacity, 6 cup capacity and some larger ones have 12 cup capacity.

The process is that the hot water filters through the grinds and produces coffee. Simple and straightforward. The automated drip brewer uses the pumps to get the heated water above the grinds. The hot plate that comes with the apparatus keep the coffee hot after preparation.

Nowadays, these machines come with additional features – digital displays, application connectivity, frothing capabilities.

6. Single Serve Coffee Makers

Single Serve Coffee Makers

These are specially in demand among single people or couples that don’t need to brew an entire pot of coffee. The coffee gets old and they obviously, takes longer to brew. Hence, these are the best fit for 1 or 2 people who like to have coffee everyday.

The K-cup is the most popular form of taking single serve coffee. It basically is a plastic container that has a capsule at the bottom and is covered with a tin foil. The coffee maker pierces through this tin foil filling it with hot water. The Tassimo disc is another way of taking single serve coffee. They are tiny discs that have a barcode in it.

These barcodes tell the machines the temperature requires to make this coffee and the quantity of water needed. It gives a piping hot cup of coffee in less than a minute. The Nespresso produces foam over your coffee but the richness and flavor of the coffee is not as rich as the Tassimo disc.

7. Manual Drip Brew

Manual Drip Brew

For people who prefer strong, pure coffee, there is manual brew option with a lot of coffee machines. It gives you full control over the temperature and water capacity.

It is obviously a lot of work as you have to keep pouring water till you get the right amount, but if you’re a coffee enthusiast that loves the art of brewing coffee, this option will keep you very happy.

8. Vietnamese Coffee Maker

Vietnamese Coffee Maker

The Vietnamese coffee maker is a simple steel filter in which you pour hot water. The hot water filters through the grinds into a glass in which you have poured condensed milk. Once the coffee has finished brewing mix it with the condensed milk and add ice.

9. Percolator

Percolator Coffee Maker

Percolators are quite similar to drip brewers. The water stays at the bottom of the pot above which a layer holds the grinds. The water is heated and the steam is pumped out on the grinds which is percolated to produce coffee.

The only difference with respect to the drip brewers is the quantity a percolator can produce. At once it can brew over 100 cups of coffee. And unless you’re having a party or have a serious addiction, you don’t need one. The water in the percolator is hotter than any other coffee machine which is also another reason people opt for these.

10. Cold Drip

Cold Drip Coffee Maker

As the name suggests, a cold drip’s main aim is to provide you with a better cup of iced coffee. Cold brewers require time as the water drips slowly through the grinds to produce coffee. It can take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours to make depending on the number of iced coffee cups you are trying to make.

11. French Press

French Press Coffee Maker

This is one of the easiest ways to brew coffee. You need to mix the coffee grinds and the water and let it stay for 4 minutes. Push the screen down to separate the grinds from the coffee and tada! Your coffee is ready!

The texture of the coffee produced by the French Press is grainy, though, but if you prefer it this way, you can definitely go for it

12. Siphon

Siphon Coffee Maker

This is a fancy looking coffee maker that looks like it came out of a chemistry lab. The bottom is shaped like a funnel. The apparatus has two chambers. Water is poured into the first, the funnel-like chamber.

The coffee grinds are put in the other. The water is boiled the pressure produced by the steam pushes the hot water in the upper chamber where the coffee grinds are. The coffee produced is again dropped back into the bottom chamber via a filter.

Best Coffee Machines in India: What’s Your Choice?

I hope this guide gives you a clear idea of the factors and types of coffee makers you should consider based on your preferences. Whether you are a novice or an enthusiast, there’s always options to choose from. So go ahead, buy that coffee machine to literally brighten up your mood every morning!

Samarth is a Mechanical engineer from IIT Bombay with deep understanding of machines and the overall market. Samarth has been building machine from over 8 years so all his reviews on November Culture are first hand expert review. He co founded November Culture along with few other industry experts to provide reviews of daily products.