IFB Washing Machine Error Codes and Solutions

A washing machine is an essential household appliance in today’s time. Not only does it help save time, and energy but it is also more efficient when compared to washing clothes by hand. In case the washing machine does ever fail or malfunction, it can become a task. Below are a few tables that lost common error codes that IFB Washing machine owners may face. The solutions listed alongside them may be useful in case an error-code situation arises.

IFB Washing Machine Error Code List

IFB Elite SX Series Washing Machine Error Codes

Error CodeCauseSolution
r+ in5Use the start/pause buttons or select the drain program
dlayDuring the Delay Start mode you will be able to see the code
P01, P02, P15P01 upto P15 in the display indicates which program has been chosen. If one rotates the selector switch during a running programme the original programme demotion that was selected will toggle along with remaining time.The programme selector position must be shifted to its original programme position which is running at that time.
doorIndicates that the door is not properly closed or lockedOpen and close the door, and then lock it properly.
dLErIndicates that the door is not getting unlockedSwitch the program selector off. Wait for a few minutes and then check if the door opens. If the same error code is displayed, switch off the machine and then contact IFB care. Do not attempt to unlock the door forcibly.
tAPThere could be a variety of reasons including the most common being that the water tap is not turned onTurn the tap on
The water supply may not be available or may be available at a low water pressureOnce the water supply resumes with the right water pressure, the washing machine will automatically start
The water inlet may be blocked by the sieve or water filterClean the sieve or the water filter
The water inlet hose may be bent, damaged or malfunctioningRemove the bend, or replace the water inlet hose in case of irreplaceable damage
tACOThere may be a cloth trapped between the door and the drumSwitch off the programme selector for a few seconds. Following that, run the drain programme
trCRearrange the clothes and then restart the same programme. If the error code still appears, switch the appliance off and contact IFB care.

IFB WASHER 9KG DRYER 7KG washing machine error codes

Error CodesCauseSolution
IEThere is no water supplyCheck whether the inlet hoses connected and the water tap are connected, the water tap or inlet hose is not frozen and the water supply is on. Also ensure there is no forgein material blocking the hose filter.
OEThe washer is not draining Check whether the drain is frozen, blocked by dirt, kinked or deformed Ensure that the end of the drain hose is immersed in water. Clean out any excessive dirt that may be present within the water filter.
UEThe washer is not spinning.Check whether the clothes present in the drum are collected on one side. Make sure that the washer is not installed on an uneven floor and that the vibration is not too serious. If the lamp “LE” lights up, it is an indication that the door is open causing the washer not to spin.
PFEThe washer stopped while spinning.The filter of the drain pump may be clogged causing the washer to stop.

IFB ZEPHYR SX Washing Machine Error Codes

Error CodeCauseSolution
Wash/Dry End Start/Pause
Lights The water supply is not adequateEnsure that the water input tap is open and the water flow is regular.

Try to close the water input tap, and seperate the tap from the water input jose. Go on to clean the sieve at the connection end of the hose. Then try to restart your machine.

If the error still persists, contact IFB care.
Lights Error caused by continuous water inputTurn the tap off and contact the service.
Lights The waste water in the machine is not being dischargedThe water discharge hose or the filters may be clogged.

Try to switch on and switch off the machine and then try to activate the programme cancellation command.

If the error persists, switch off the machine and contact the IFB service.
Lights LightsThe water is unable to reach the intended temperatureThe heater or heater sensor may be faulty. Contact the IFB service
LightsLights Alarm is active against water flowTurn off the tap and switch off the machine. Contact the IFB service
Lights Lights Lights Faulty electronic cardContact the IFB service

Error Messages E1 To E6

Error CodeCauseSolution
E1The door is not closed properlyOpen and close the door properly
E2 Water tap may be turned offTurn on the water tap
Water supply is unavailableAs soon as the water supply resumes, the machine will start automatically
Sieve/Filter is blockedRemove any blockage from the filter and clean it carefully
The water pressure is too lowEliminate whatever is causing the water pressure to be low. The machine will resume, once the water pressure reaches a normal level
Water inlet hose may be bent or damagedRemove the bend, or replace the water inlet hose incase of irreplaceable damage
E3 The power supply cable is not fitted properly into the socketTry to fit the supply cable plug properly or else replace the socket with a standard one
Connect to a 230 V, 25 A, 50 Hz. Single phase A.C. supply that has proper earthing
E4The washing machine is overloadedAfter 30 minutes the washing machine will restart automatically
E5 The programme time is extended. This may be caused by low inlet water temperature or low input voltage
E6The coin trap may be blockedClean the coin trap carefully
Exhaust hose may be clogged or bentClean the exhaust in case of clog. If there is a bend, remove the bend carefully

Other Error Codes

Error CodeCauseSolution
HEAtAt the start of the programme, the water temperature may be above 60°CStart a new program once the water cools down to about 60 C or below.

Switch the programme selector off and then wait for a few seconds. Restart the program. If the error still persists, switch the machine off and contact IFB care
OFErSwitch off the program selector and wait for a few seconds. If the error still persists, turn the tap and the machine off and contact IFB care
ACHiThe input voltage level is too highOnce the voltage decreases, the machine will automatically resume. If the error occurs frequently or persists for a long period of time then get your electrician to check the electrical system for any faults
ACLoThe input voltage level is too lowThe machine will automatically resume after the voltage increases to the sufficient operating level. If the error occurs frequently or persists for a long period of time then get your electrician to check the electrical system for any faults
UnbLThe laundry load may be unbalancedIf the laundry lid is too small, it can cause it to be unbalanced. Add 1-2 similar items so that the load gets balanced. Then rearrange the load to ensure that it spins properly
H260The mains voltage is too high, essentially above 260 VAutomatically resumes when voltage returns to normal
L175The voltage is too lowOnce the power resumes, the washing machine will resume
dPErWater is not drainedRestart the drain by pressing the Start/Pause button
The filter may be blockedTurn the appliance off and then drain the water using a drain plug. Clean the filter and then resume the cycle
The exhaust hose may be clogged or bentClean the exhaust in case of clog. If there is a bend, remove the bend carefully



Always check the basic mistakes that can be causing the error code. These include checking whether the plug is connected, the indoor fuses are alright, the water inlet tap is turned on, the water inlet filters and machine filters are not clogged, and that the machine door is closed. Overall, most of these error codes can be resolved by following the mentioned steps. However, if the error code persists, the best decision is to contact IFB care to ensure your machine gets back to working as it did. On the off chance, if a professional deems that your washing machine might incur more repair costs than actually getting a newer replacement for it, you might want to take some help from our thoroughly researched IFB washing machine buying guide.

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