How To Make Cushion Covers With Zip

How To Make Cushion Covers With Zip 1

A lot of us get scared when anything pointing is involved. Needles, injection and the sewing machine are common pointed objects that people try to be careful around.

In this article, I am going to give you step by step instruction on how to make a cushion covers with zip. There is nothing to be afraid of, if you are, just go at your own pace and don’t get nervous. The advantage of going through all this trouble instead of just giving it to a tailor would be that you can customize your cushion covers the way you want to do it instead of explaining your requirements to the tailor before he eventually gets it wrong.

Making a Zippered Pillow Cover

How To Make Cushion Covers With Zip 2

This step by step instruction is for beginners, so it’s not going to be complicated, if you have any doubt, you can let me know in the comments section below.

To make the zippered pillow cover you will need the following items:

Fabric: You can choose any fabric that you like. you can choose it based on any design or material that you like. Make sure that the fabric you choose is a little thick so that it can hold its shape. Make sure you have two pieces of the same fabric so that you can cover the pillow insert properly.

Pillow Insert/Cushion: Buy any size of pillow insert that you like.

A Sewing Machine: Again, choose a sewing machine that you are comfortable with.

Zipper: Your zipper should be 3 to 4 inches shorter than your pillow.

Zipper Foot

You would also need an iron, thread, scissors and a pin.

Steps To Make A Zippered Pillow Cover

Cut Your Fabric

How To Make Cushion Covers With Zip 3

As mentioned before, you would require two pieces of the same fabric for the pillow cover, one for the front end and the other for the back. Cut your fabric slightly bigger than the pillow inserts, to do this you can use tools such as the rotary cover or cutting mat to make a straight and clean cut on your fabric. You could also use scissors if you feel you are accurate enough.

After you are done cutting your fabric, place them on top of each other and choose the side you would like facing the bottom.

Placing Your Zipper

How To Make Cushion Covers With Zip 4

Place the zipper next to the bottom of the fabric and use pins to identify the start and end of the zipper.

Sew The Bottom Edge

After you complete the second step, it is time to sew the bottom edge of the fabric together. You sew a regular straight stitch from the pin to the edge of the fabric, make sure to leave at least 1/2 inch seam.

You will then sew in a zig-zag pattern from the start of one pin to the end of the other pin. Do not backstitch for this portion. You’re going to take this stitch out once your zipper is in place, so you want it to be easy to remove.

Add The Zipper

We are now going to iron the seam that you just opened up. Once you have finished ironing, you are going to place the zipper facing down. Place a few pins to keep your zipper in place.

Sew The Zipper

How To Make Cushion Covers With Zip 5

The very first thing you require to do is to put your zipper foot on. Hold your zipper foot in your hand.

Ok. All set. Make sure you are back to a regular straight stitch and start at the end of the zipper farthest away from the zipper handle stitching much like you would any other straight line, however, keep as close to the zipper teeth as you can.

You won’t have the ability to keep going when you reach the zipper pull, so stop just a bit from it, keeping your needle down in the fabric (if possible.) Raise your foot and carefully unzip the zipper past the foot, lower your foot and continue to completion of the zipper. Backstitch to end your stitch.

Now for the opposite. Move your zipper back to the end, switch to the other side of your zipper foot so that the “missing side” is closest to the zipper once again, and follow the very same actions once again.

Undo Your Temp Stitch

Use a seam ripper to undo the stitch you had made along the zipper. Make sure to remove at least half of it.

Sew the rest

Pin the edges of the two pieces of fabric, with the pieces being on top of each other. You then stitch the edge of the fabric leaving at least half an inch allowance. You then sew diagonally before continuing to sew till you reach the other edge of the fabric. Cut off half an inch of the fabric from the edges once you finish sewing all the edges.

Serge The Edges

How To Make Cushion Covers With Zip 6

The most significant advantage of having zippered pillows is that it is easy to clean them when required. If you want to wash them, you will desire to take the extra couple of minutes to end up the edges so that they last.

To do this, you are going to serge the edges.

Since I don’t have a serger, I am going to use the zig-zag stitch and run my edges through my maker so that the needle goes through the fabric on one side and barely misses out on the material on the outside. Line up the edge of the material with the middle of your foot so that your needle arrive on and after that of the fabric with each zig-zag stitch.

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