5 Reasons Why an Air Cooler is better than an Air Conditioner

Air cooler vs Air conditioner, both are electrical appliances that are supposed to offer relief from the scorching hot weather. However, there are numerous differences that set them apart. Both of the gadgets have their own pros and cons that make either of them a favorable choice for consumers. In this article, we’ll be discussing, why is an Air cooler a better pick than an Air conditioner for people on a tight budget. We’ve also compiled a list of the best Air Coolers for your reference. Make sure to check it out as well.

The following factors will be held forward to compare both the gadgets

  • Cost
  • Installation
  • Power consumption
  • Environmental consideration
  • Insulation requirements

Let us now compare both the appliances with respect to the above listed factors.

Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner

1. Cost

5 Reasons Why an Air Cooler is better than an Air Conditioner 1

Air conditioners

Air conditioners are associated with a high initial cost as well as a high maintenance cost. All working inefficiencies are required to be rectified by a professional. So, every visit by the service provider adds up to the total investment in the AC. It can be a tough task to manage such high expenses for an average middle-class household.

Air coolers

Air coolers on the other hand are quite inexpensive. The initial cost of an air cooler is around 80% less than that of an air conditioner. They can bought for as less as 5000 INR. While higher-end models may be seen priced closer to the 10000 INR mark. They also do not involve high maintenance charges making them a suitable cooling device for a vast majority of people.

Air coolers are pretty durable provided there is frequent cleaning and conventional use of the appliance. Also, cleaning and maintaining an air cooler doesn’t necessarily require a professional. It can easily be done by the user with the help of the manual.

2. Installation

5 Reasons Why an Air Cooler is better than an Air Conditioner 2

Air conditioners

Installing an air conditioner at the desired site can be a hideous job. It is very likely that you might need a hand from a professional. Subsequently, you are bound to face added expenses.

Air coolers

Air coolers need no actual installation. Once, you get them at the desired spot of the room, all you have to do is to locate an active socket nearby. Plug it in and let it handle the rest!

3. Electricity Consumption

5 Reasons Why an Air Cooler is better than an Air Conditioner 3

Air conditioners

Air conditioners consume a large amount of electricity to function optimally. If someone plans to get an AC anytime soon, they must also be aware of the hike in the electricity bill every month. The actual energy consumption of an air conditioner however depends on numerous factors. Some of them include the number of daily hours of usage, smart thermostats, installation methods and energy efficiency of the model. Whatever be the permutations, ACs do consume a considerable amount of energy while in operation.

Air Coolers

Air coolers on the other hand are far more energy efficient. They consume mere 20% of energy as compared to air conditioners. Energy conservation being one of the most desirable features in any electrical appliance these days, air coolers top the chart. Despite working on such low energy consumption, the performance of air coolers has been at par.

4. Environmental Considerations

5 Reasons Why an Air Cooler is better than an Air Conditioner 4

Air conditioners

Air conditioning has been found to negatively impact our environment. The gases released during operation like chlorofluorocarbons and hydro-chlorofluorocarbons are a part of green house gases. These gases tend to trap heat and actively deplete the ozone layer. So, the comfort Air Conditions(ACs) provide is at the cost of compromising the environment.

Air coolers

There are absolutely no environmental hazards generated due to the use of air coolers. Evaporative air coolers work on the principle of evaporation. That means, the cold air produced is cooled down using the energy from outside hot air. There is no involvement of any chemical interaction whatsoever.

5. Insulation Requirements

5 Reasons Why an Air Cooler is better than an Air Conditioner 5

Air conditioners

There is a compulsive need of a closed room for air conditioners to work effectively. They fail to perform at places with open doors and windows.

Air coolers

Air coolers need no such prerequisites. They perform exceptionally well in open spaces as well. The only requirement is a constant supply of hot outdoor air and an outlet to push out excess humidity.

The following table summarizes the performance of Air Coolers vs Air Conditioners

FactorsAir ConditionerAir Cooler
Initial CostHigh Low
Installation Professional neededNone
Power ConsumptionHigh Approx. 1/5th of an ACs
Environmental hazardsPromotes global warming None
Insulation requirements Closed space needed Not necessary


Although air conditioners offer better cooling, there are numerous negatives associated with them. On the other hand, Air coolers are much more versatile with zero environmental hazards. Air coolers are highly cost-effective and also do not need any professional maintenance. They consume significantly less energy and deliver satisfactory cooling. Furthermore, there are no room insulation prerequisites.

Unlike Air conditioners (ACs), there aren’t any environmental issues associated with using air coolers. So, if there is room for a slight compromise with the precise cooling, it’s time for you to bring home an Air cooler right away.

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