What Is Sleep Mode In AC?

Growing up in Indian middle-class family teaches you how to spend and save your money wisely, but there’s a money lesson even our parents have been missing for so long and its high time that they correct their ac usage. Air conditioners have been an integral part of our homes and daily lives, but a lot of us don’t know how to use them efficiently and when to switch to ac sleep mode to sleep more comfortably.

For those who are not familiar with what is sleep mode in ac, we will dive into details about it and discuss how it can be a blessing for you to save loads on electricity bills while enjoying the cool air.

Understanding all about sleep mode, you will realize that it’s better to take utmost advantage of air conditioner sleep mode as soon as you install and run your ac. Let’s take a look at what this ac sleep mode is:

How Does Sleep Mode Work?

Since our body is already a pro in temperature regulation, we can deal with less cooling while we’re fast asleep and this allows the ac to reduce the energy consumption and do cooling in increments without making us uncomfortable. This is how sleep mode in ac works as it allows the ac to regulate the room atmosphere and cool temperature by 0.5 or 1 degrees per hour or so.

Bigger and better brands have even built-in intelligence features that can analyse the surroundings and give superior performance in sleep mode. The intelligence movement sensors detect your movements and body language to determine whether you’re comfortable or not. After these, the sensors send signals to units to either decrease or increase the temperature.

Benefits of Using Sleep Mode

Benefits of Using Sleep Mode

There are several benefits of switching to sleep mode if it’s done on appropriate timings.

1. Regulates temperature to ensure maximum comfort

As the name suggests sleep mode in ac is made exclusively to help your sleep better and feel cosier so turning on sleep mode in ac makes sure that it doesn’t blast you with chilly air but doesn’t keep the temperature too high to make you sweaty. The sleep mode is meant to regulate temperature at the exact temperature that will make you sleep at ease with supreme comfort

2. Less energy consumption

Since your ac is regulating the temperature, it is not consuming the same amount of electricity throughout the night. Its power consumption is comparatively lower than the regular mode as the cooling is down in time intervals and increments. So, ac sleep mode is also relatively proportional to cheaper electricity bills and more money savings.

3. Best for sensitive people

If you are sensitive to the slightest change of temperature in your room, then investing in ac with intelligent movement sensors will make sure that you have a good night’s sleep every day. It is even great for people who get sick with slightly chilly temperatures.

How to Maximize AC Performance?

Maximize AC Performance

There’s a popular saying about how a man’s wisdom should not be judged by the degrees he has earned but instead how he spends its money. It’s no new thing that spending money or resources unnecessarily is a fool’s act, and to avoid this from happening with your air conditioners there are some key points you should follow:

1. Keep to 24℃ or 18℃

You should run your ac at 24 degrees in summers, and 18 degrees in winter as any shift from these settings will add significantly to the electricity consumption and bills.

2. Shut off unused rooms

Your ac should be used for the rooms that are occupied. If you let your doors open and let cool air escape, then it will take a greater amount of energy and time to cool larger areas. So to make the best usage of your cool air, make sure that you shut off unused rooms and allow air to flow in areas that are currently occupied.

If you have high ceilings and a ducted air conditioning system in your home, then make sure you close the air supply to unused rooms or areas and close the gates.

3. Keep the cool/warm in

You should install effective insulation to make sure you have even more powerful and flexible temperature regulation in your home. Ceiling and wall insulation can be included in this category, and they provide a boost to your ac system.

There can be other methods too, like using curtains to keep harsh midday sunlight away and using mats to prevent cold tiles from making the room too cold in winters.

4. Regular air conditioner maintenance

Like any other appliance, your ac requires certain maintenance costs and trips. When you are running your ac for a long time, dust tends to get caught in its filers, and it’s important that you get regular maintenance for your ac to ensure its long life.

5. Set the unit to Economy Mode

Economy mode is a feature that reduces the power consumption for the running time, saving you tons on bills.

6. Sleep Mode

By this time, we believe you’ve memorized why it’s great to switch to sleep mode in ac to ensure better efficiency and experience while sleeping.

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Things to Know About Sleep Mode.

Things to Know About Sleep Mode

How to Program Sleep Mode?

Every brand has its specific instructions for programming the sleep mode, but we will take the example of LG ac here to explain how you can program sleep mode according to your needs. Every time you press on the sleep mode one hour is added to the timer so if you are sleeping for six hours then press the sleep button for six times and your ac will turn off sleep mode in six hours.

Sleep Mode Indicator

To ensure that your ac got your set time right check for a star indicator beside the number of hours to check whether the correct input has been given to the air conditioner.

How to Cancel Sleep Mode?

If you want to turn off the sleep mode, then point your ac remote towards the display and press it until the star indicator turns off.

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It doesn’t take a lot of effort or genius to learn how to operate your air conditioner more efficiently. We hoped to convey all of the important information about sleep mode in ac and make your job easier. Sleep mode makes your ac more efficient and flexible to suit your needs, and we recommend switching on the sleep mode tonight to check it yourself!

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