What Is Dry Mode In AC?

Nowadays almost everyone has air conditioners at home, but most of us don’t know about all of the features after all who has time to go through all the pages in manual. But understanding the features and working of air conditions could significantly affect your way of using your air conditioner and allow it to use wisely.

We associate comfort in summers with air conditioners but what if we tell you that you can use it in various temperatures and climates as well? There are various functions and features that allow you to use your air conditioner all-round the year and make your home cosier.

What Is Dry Mode?

What Is Dry Mode In AC

Whenever seasons change the humidity levels also vary, and this brings us to the question about whether you’ve wondered what is dry mode in ac? The dry mode in ac has been one of the latest pillars for air conditioners advertisements, and you should check out this useful feature.

The ac dry mode keeps the humidity on lower levels and keeps the room temperature dry. Not to be confused with cool mode as they have distinctively different functions and the water drop feature often represents it. The dry mode of ac lowers the temperature and humidity levels, making the room temperature more comfortable.

This mode is one of the best features that work great in the rainy season when the temperature is not hot enough to use ac at very low temperatures. Energy efficiency gets better, and electricity costs also reduce overall carbon imprint, so dry mode is also good for the environment.

How Does Dry Mode Work?

The dry mode of your ac is not just blowing cool air but also extracting the moisture from your room. The ac then releases this moisture through a built-in drain hose or pipe to the outside. Dry mode makes sure that your ac expels a great amount of moisture from inside the room, bringing the humidity of the room to acceptable levels.

It works best in the rainy season or humid days. Practically speaking this function resembles the working of dehumidifiers, but the latter works better in dehumidifying the rooms. The ac also does a fine job in dehumidifying the room, but it is not effective in really large rooms.

If you ask us about when to use dry mode in ac, then we will suggest using this feature on rainy days or during June when the weather is really hot and humid.

Benefits of Using Dry Mode

Benefits of Using Dry Mode

After understanding what dry mode in ac means you should know the benefits of having this feature in your ac. The dry mode ac has multiple benefits, and some of them are:

1. Maintains Indoor Humidity Level

It is exactly what we’ve discussed above; humid days make it very difficult to relax or have a restful sleep in your home. Your ac can help you to prevent excess physical taxation and irritable temper by working on dry mode features. The dry mode reduces humidity level making the room temperature more suitable and brings you a bit of inner peace whether you want to work, relax, have fun or sleep.

2. Odour Free Air

Besides expelling moisture, your ac also takes out any unpleasant smell from your room by using its powerful suction. So, if you’re hosting a party or having friends over, you can pretty much use the dry mode of your ac to get rid of the annoying musty smell.

3. Low Energy Costs

While working on dry mode, your ac consumes less electricity and thus saves you money on the hefty electricity bills. This is best for low-heat and highly humid days when you need temperature control in your home but certainly not add on to the bill.

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The dry mode is great for the monsoon as well as the chilly season as moisture levels are high these days, but the dry mode feature is not readily available in all models. Most of the ac models don’t have this feature, and getting one with the dry mode is comparatively expensive. So, if you don’t have budget constraints, then you should make sure that your ac has a dry mode as it is a very useful feature.


1. Do all ACs have dry mode?

No, most of the ACs don’t have dry mode, but some latest models of air conditioners have dry modes in their products. This mode allows the air conditioner to blow out cool and dry air without making the room very cool. The coolness is carried out in a restrained manner as the main purpose of this is reducing the moisture levels of the room.

2. What is the right time to use dry mode?

You should use dry mode when you want to keep the room cool but also ensure that your ac is not consuming too much electricity and humidity is high. The dry mode doesn’t make the room chilly but cool enough to feel comfortable.

3. Are Dehumidifiers and Dry mode the same?

While both perform the action of dehumidifying but dehumidifiers, do the job better than ac dry mode. Both are meant to reduce indoor humidity levels but make no mistake about how dehumidifiers are specialized appliances that work great for removing moisture from the room. The dehumidifiers work effectively in large rooms as well, but it is not the case with air conditioners.

The dry mode has one upside over dehumidifiers as they consume less electricity.

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