How To Reduce Humidity In Air Cooler

Summers can be harsh as the humidity levels tend to increase immensely. To combat the humid indoor climate, most of the people use air conditioners that effectively reduce the humidity inside the room by releasing cold air. But, we can’t keep the air conditioners on all day long as they negatively affect our health and can be hard on our pockets as well. That’s why most of the people use evaporative air coolers more as they are a cheap way of getting relief from the hot and humid climate. But have you ever wondered whether these coolers are effective in reducing the indoor humidity or they tend to increase it? If you are curious to know more about it, then delve into the article without further delaying.

Evaporative Air Coolers

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An evaporative air cooler is also known as a water cooler, swamp cooler, desert cooler and wet air cooler. Air cooler is a device that uses the process of evaporation of water to release the cold air inside the house, unlike the air conditioning systems that use absorption refrigeration cycles or vapour-compression. 

Evaporative cooling is the transformation of fluid water into vapour utilizing the warm vitality noticeable all around, bringing about lower air temperature. The energy expected to dissipate the water is taken from the air as reasonable warmth, which influences the temperature of the air, and changed over into inert warmth, the vitality present in the water vapour part of the air, while the air stays at a steady enthalpy value. This transformation of reasonable warmth to dormant warmth is known as an isenthalpic procedure since it happens at constant enthalpy esteem. Evaporative cooling, thus causes a drop in the temperature of air relative to the reasonable warmth drop and expansion in humidity corresponding to the idle warmth gain.

How humidity can be Reduced

How To Reduce Humidity In Air Cooler 2

Here are some tips by which we can reduce the indoor humidity levels caused due to the harsh climatic conditions and the usage of evaporative coolers.

  • Fix any leaking water devices– The leakage in the water devices such as faucets and pipes adds moisture in the indoor climate. Therefore, get them fixed as soon as possible.
  • Avoid putting plants in your room– Plants tend to release moisture while growing that eventually increase the humidity in the indoor environment. So, try to keep your plants in the balcony.
  • Ensure apt air ventilation– Open the windows so that the outside dry air can enter inside the room. It will create a circulation between the moisture and the dry air and hence, reduces the humidity level. This is also one of the key metrics to ensure that you’re using your air cooler effectively.
  • Put some charcoal briquettes in the room– The charcoal briquettes are good at absorbing the moisture present in the room. Place them in a basket in your room, and you will observe a huge decrease in the level of humidity.
  • Don’t hang wet clothes inside your room– It’s advisable to let the clothes dry in the balcony as they produce moisture.
  • Add ice to the water– One of the effective ways of increasing the cooling tendency of air coolers is to put some ice in the water tank. Some air coolers are also integrated with an ice compartment nowadays to combat the moisture. Adding too many ice cubes is also not right as it will hamper the evaporation process. 
  • Maintain your air cooler– It’s essential to take good care of your air cooler and get it cleaned before you start using it in the summer season. It is advisable to clean the cooling pads, fan and water tank periodically to increase the efficiency.
  • Other things to consider– Put the air cooler at the right place in your room and shut the drapes in your room to avoid the outside heat entrance. If the humidity level rises too much in the room, then you can turn off the water pump button and keep the fan switched on. This will act as an electric fan, but will provide cool air for some time and tends to decrease the humidity level as well. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Humidity Control in Air Cooler?

The humidity control feature in the air coolers lets you achieve the best cooling air even in the harsh humid days in the summer season. The control feature regulates the amount of water distributed to the cooling pads and hence controls the moisture level in the room.

2. Does Air Cooler Increase the Humidity?

The air coolers tend to increase the humidity a bit due to the standard evaporation process it follows to release cool air. But, this humidity level can be eliminated by keeping the windows and door open so that there is proper ventilation maintained in the room.

3. Is Air Cooler Bad for Health?

There is common thinking among most of the people that air coolers are bad for their health; It is entirely a myth! Out of all the air conditioners available in the market today, air coolers are the only devices that are using the old and natural cooling technique. The technique has evolved from the old era when people living in desserts made use of water-soaked sheets at door openings to enjoy the cool air. The evaporation of water tends to cool the incoming air. Hence, air coolers are completely safe for our health.

Final Verdict

Now, after learning a lot of facts about air coolers, you know what you have to do to deal with the humidity in the summer season. We recommend the small and portable air coolers as they are quite compact and can be placed in any corner of your room. Instead of using the air conditioners, start using air coolers as they offer a cost-effective way of experiencing the cool air in harsh summers. We’ve compiled some of the best air coolers in India that aren’t associated with these common concerns and are approved to deliver consistent satisfactory cooling.

With that being said, we hope that the coming summer season will not trouble you as much compared to the previous ones. Keep following the techniques mentioned above and see the difference in the indoor environment of your house.

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