How To Clean An Air Cooler

How to Clean an Air Cooler

Air cooler is one appliance that comes to mind instantly as summer hits. Scorching heat outside yet chilly air inside the house – the very thought’s so refreshing that those who already have one start prepping it up for use while others rush to the nearest store to grab one.

Although Air Conditioners and Air Coolers are meant to do the same thing, people tend to prefer Air Coolers over Air Conditioners. You will find reasons on why an Air Cooler is better than an Air Conditioner in another article of ours.

The method to clean the air cooler should be the same whether you have a desert, room or tower cooler. So let’s begin with how to clean air cooler.

Cleaning The Air Cooler

1. Cleaning the Motor

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When we talk about air cooler cleaning, it implies cleaning up all the various parts of the appliance, and we start with its core central part – its lifeline – the motor.

It’s fairly easy to maintain it too – pour some drops of lubricating oil on the motor and the fan of the cooler. This would ensure the smooth running of these parts during each operation and also prevent both against rusting.

Also, do remember to dust it off every now and then to help it stay clean. And, during any cleaning or maintenance of the motor, always remember to unplug the cord and switch off the main power supply to the cooler to avoid any mishap of electrical shock.

2. Cleaning the Fan Blades

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The blades of the air cooler’s fan often tend to get dirty over regular wear. They thus need regular cleaning, or the dust settled over the fan blades can gradually impact the fan speed and even cause it to get stuck while in operation. Make sure you clean the fan blades once in a month.

You don’t need professional assistance for it either; you can do it yourself at home with a damp towel. Just wipe off the blades until they’re clean. Remember that only a damp cloth should be used and not water directly over the blades because they contain the panel and the LED display, both of which can stop functioning due to water intervention.

3. Cleaning the Filter

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Your air cooler would ideally have a few filters on the back and the sides of the fan. These are designed such that they can be taken out and placed back either vertically or horizontally. This allows for higher convenience and easy cleaning too.

It’s important to clear out the filters once in a while. They’re performing the main task of filtering out all unwanted particles and air odours so you can enjoy the cool and fresh air. Clean them up at least monthly to facilitate effective functioning of the filters.

How to clean air cooler pads? Well, you can use some mild detergent soap and warm water. After cleansing out with the soapy solution, rinse them with water and let them dry out in the sun for a while. Replace them in their actual positions before using the cooler. Frequently cleaning the cooling pads will ensure that your air cooler keeps working efficiently.

4. How To Clean Air Cooler Tank

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The water tank of your cooler is another item on your air cooler cleaning to-do list. A step by step process on how to clean the air cooler tank:

  1. Remove the cooling pads and the panels of the cooler.
  2. Drain all the water out of the appliance from the drain outlet located somewhere at the bottom of the cooler. Also check if the water tank’s detachable in which case, remove it and drain off.
  3. Clean the inside part of the cooler with a soft cloth or sponge.
  4. Pour a few drops of vinegar into the water tank to sanitise it.
  5. Use a scrub, brush, or cloth to clean the tank thoroughly. After scrubbing, rinse the tank once with clean water and then it’s ready to be refilled with fresh water for next use.

Besides cleaning the Air Cooler, you can also find other tips on how to run your Air Cooler effectively.

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Air Cooler Maintenance Tips

Wondering how to maintain the air cooler for years? Follow these simple practices –

  • Keep your cooler dust-free whenever possible
  • Store it properly when not in use; you’re going to need it again the next season
  • Never let the cooler come in direct contact with water lying nearby; it can cause damage both to the appliance and the person using the cooler.
  • Pay particular attention to the motor


That’s it. Keep enjoying the cool air from your cooler and beat the heat outside. After reading this article, you should have learn’t how to clean symphony air cooler or an air cooler from any other brand.

If you face any cooling issues even after following these tips and cleaning your Air Cooler regularly, it might be time to replace your Air Cooler with a new one. But, this time, you’d be better off buying an cooler that’s highly rated by existing customers and reviewers. You can bet good money on our compilation of reviews on best-selling Air Coolers.

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