Causes Of “Water Dripping From AC”

As much as you may be in love with the idea of an air-conditioned home, it also comes with a few cons. Well, if you already own an air conditioning system at home, this should not be alien to you. One of the most common yet petrifying issues with air conditioning systems is that they often leak water. No, don’t get terrified yet; there’s more to learn about it. Now, this mainly occurs due to unclean ac filters or poor ac installation. Although a small amount of water leakage is absolutely fine and normal; however, excessive leakage may signal serious issues. 

Reasons For An Ac Leaking Water

Reasons For An Ac Leaking Water

1. Issues With Drain Line

The ac drain pipes carry the water out of the system, and whenever there are larger blocks on the way, the water starts dripping off the air conditioner’s body. An air conditioning system functions by removing water vapor from the air to cool the room, which as a result, condenses the water. Therefore, a blockage in the drainpipe could potentially increase the risk of water leakage. 

Another reason why the AC could leak water is if the drain pipe was not installed correctly during the installation of the air conditioner. Incorrect installation of the drain pipe could cause the ac water to leak inside the house. 

Ensure to immediately switch off the air conditioner and clean up all the water from the floor until any professional arrives at your rescue.

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2. Pan And Pump Issues

It often happens so that sometimes the pan of an air handler that usually holds the water breaks down, causing a water leakage due to corrosion or age. This is because, with time, an older pan gets exposed to rust, developing holes and cracks within and sometimes can break the condensate pump, causing the pan to overflow. In such as situation, it is advised to contact a professional rather than exploring own expertise.

3. Frozen Coils

Frozen Coils

Another common problem that people usually deal with is frost formation on the evaporator coils. Although you may blow it away as nothing of a major concern, it may ruin your air conditioning if not taken immediate action against it. It has the capabilities to actually leave you with a fried compressor; however, this is the only time when water leakage from your air conditioning may end up being a good sign (it allows you to be aware of a possible compressor leakage). Frozen coils are commonly caused either due to reduced airflow, or clogged air filter, or a refrigerant leak. 

4. Damaged Coils

If you are someone who does not take their ac maintenance seriously, it may end up getting you into problematic situations, and you may end up damaging your air conditioning system. The most common problem that comes up includes dirty and unclean evaporator coils, damaged insulation, etc. In both of these cases, the condensate may fail to run down the coils into the drain pipes and instead get diverted by the holes in the insulation. Therefore, it is suggested that if you find small drips and puddles instead of a large amount of water, you must look for significant drips coming out from the coils. Hence, you must ensure that your air conditioning is well cared for and not left behind neglected. 

Ignoring the maintenance of the coil could even force you to buy a new air conditioner. This is why it is essential to get your ac serviced and checked regularly.

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5. Other Issues For AC Leaking Water

Other Issues For AC Leaking Water

I. Dirty Filter: A dirty or clogged air conditioner filter can also cause the evaporator coils to freeze and, in return, result in water overflow from the drainage pan. You should also change your ac filter regularly. By not doing this, you are making a mistake and affecting the efficiency of your ac.

II. Damaged Tray: The condensed water is collected by the condensate collector of the air conditioner. If this tray gets broken, damaged, or rusted, water is likely to seep through into the room. 

III. Insufficient Refrigerant Level: One of the essential things you need to take care of is to stock up refrigerant inside the air conditioner. Whenever the ac refrigerant levels are low, the air conditioning pressure is bound to fall, leading to freezing of the coils and water seeping through it.

IV. Faulty Installation: Needless to mention, a faulty installation of your air conditioning system can lead to several problems, including water leakage from your system into your room. Therefore, it is important to stress on proper installation of your system by a professional.

V. Cool Outdoor Temperatures: Here’s the thing. If you made up your mind to switch on your air conditioning when it’s already more or less below 60 degrees outside, your evaporator coils are likely to freeze up. This, therefore, will result in water leakage from the air conditioning system. 

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To conclude, keeping all these points in mind, we can easily make out that air conditioning systems require proper and regular maintenance. However, people often find it challenging to learn about the reasons behind the problems and, therefore, struggle to take a step forward to make things right. With a bit of guidance and occasional professional help, one can quickly educate themselves about the common yet significant problems that usually occur while dealing with an air conditioning system. 

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