Best Stabilizer for AC In India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Indian households are used to voltage fluctuations and power cuts. This brings up a need for a voltage stabilizer into your households. The best kinds of voltage stabilizers in India tend to prevent your electrical appliances from harmful effects of voltage fluctuations. It is important that you carefully choose for your right kind of voltage stabilizer according to the air conditioner that you have and your other requirements.

We have crafted you a detailed list of the top 10 voltage stabilizers in India. We have also divided the list for the best voltage stabilizers suitable for ACs with capacities ranging from 1 ton to 2 ton. Before looking into the details and specifications of the products, you must know all the features that you must look into, to choose for the best voltage stabilizer for yourself.

What to look for While buying the Best AC Voltage Stabilizer

Different electrical appliances work on different voltages and use different units of electricity. All the electrical devices generally come with their own specifications and features. Using the best voltage stabilizers helps you to deliver a constant range of voltage to your appliance.

The standard voltage that comes in our households in India is around 230 VAC, 50 Hz. So the maximum power of any appliance can be calculated by multiplying 230 * maximum rated current. Once you have an idea about the range of power consumed by a particular appliance, particularly an air conditioner, it will help you to choose a suitable voltage stabilizer for yourself among the best stabilizers in India.

Other than the voltage limits, there are some other important features that must be present in the best voltage stabilizer for ac. You would also want to know the voltage fluctuations of your location.

1. Mounting: Voltage stabilizer works with a high amount of power and electricity, and therefore it possesses a  eat risk of being wet or damaged while it’s kept on the ground. Therefore these stabilizers will need to be kept at a higher platform than the ground level. Keeping the voltage stabilizer at a higher ground also saves children in the house from an electric shock.

2. Indicators: An indicator in a voltage stabilizer is an important feature as it displays the voltage which has been regulated by the stabilizer. Some of the best voltage stabilizers in India also have an LED indicator

3. Time Delay Systems: The feature of a voltage stabilizer due to which it enables a time lapse to allow the compressor to generate the required voltage and balance the current flow, in times of short duration power cut off.

4. Digitized: The best voltage stabilizers are based on the latest digital technology. The function of a stabilizer is basically to tamper with voltage fluctuations to add a layer of protection on electrical appliances. The digital technology of the stabilizer helps it to adapt it to several appliances.

The digitalization of a voltage stabilizer enables it to adapt itself to many different devices. Due to this, all you need to do is shift this stabilizer from one appliance to another and it will adapt itself to the appliance.

How to choose the right Voltage Stabilizer for your Appliance?

You must invest the most of your time to choose among the best voltage stabilizers in India. It is critical that the key features and areas are focussed on while looking for the right kind of voltage stabilizers in India. The nature, power consumption range and the level of voltage fluctuations are the basic features that need to be there for

The first thing that is needed to be done by you is the calculation of the total energy or the energy limit of the appliance after connecting to the voltage stabilizer. When connected to the stabilizer, the energy consumed by the appliance varies.

A general electric appliance tends to consumes double the amount of power and electricity when not connected to a voltage stabilizer as compared to when it is connected to one. It is therefore essential to note this down.

The size of a voltage stabilizer is similar to that of a UPS or an inverter. All the voltage stabilizers come in either VA(Volt Ampere) or kVA (kilo Volt Ampere). One Kva is equal to 1000 Volt Amperes. You must calculate the exact amount of power of the voltage stabilizer that you will need.

For example, if sum of watts connected to your stabilizer is 1000 then you need to take a 1200 VA or 1.2 Kva stabilizers. The watt value must be increased by 20% to get an approximate value of VA size that is appropriate for you. You must keep in mind that 20% value is only for households, but not for industry purposes, as the power factor is bad.

How does a Voltage Stabilizer work?

Voltage stabilizers, or more specifically termed as Automatic and Safe voltage regulators are static appliances that help to stabilize the input voltage before connecting it to the main equipment. It is important to use a voltage stabilizer as these heavy voltage appliances have a tendency to break down when there are voltage fluctuations.

Whenever there are voltage fluctuations or a power breakdown, these stabilizers recognize the voltage fluctuations and regulated them internally to deliver a constant range of voltage for an efficient work output of these appliances. What really happens is whenever the voltage is low, the stabilizer tends to sense it, and boosts it up to the required level of voltage which is then supplied to the electrical appliance. The exact opposite happens when the voltage input is high.

The voltage stabilizers do this by using an electronic circuitry, which alters the alternate taps of an inbuilt auto transformer using electromagnetic rays. These electromagnetic waves help to generate the required voltage. If the voltage supplied is not in the range of the electrical appliance, the stabilizer works in a way to switch it to the required voltage within the range.

This is how a voltage stabilizer adds a layer of protection between the fluctuating voltage source and your electrical appliance. It continuously monitors the source of voltage and tamper with it to deliver it in a safe range. The continuously consistent range of stabilized voltage helps the electrical appliance to last longer than usual.

Why do voltage fluctuations happen?

Voltage fluctuations are changes that occur in voltage coming into your homes, that make lights and other appliances go dimmer or brighter. They are not generally dangerous as they don’t break down your appliance. But they tend to damage the motor of your appliances. Voltage fluctuations also change the output of the appliance.

Voltage fluctuations often happen because of the bad wirings of your house, overload (when you use more power than your given limit load), sudden switching on of all the heavy appliances in your house like an Air conditioner, motors. It could also happen because of bad earthing or short circuits.

Now that you now what are the factors to be considered while making a purchase and also the need of these devices, let us look into some of the best stabilizers in the current market. This list was prepared after intensive research both online and offline.

Top 10 Best Voltage Stabilizers in India 2020

1. Microtek EM4170+ Voltage Stabilizer 


Your search for the best voltage stabilizer for ac under 1.5 ton ends here. Microtek EM4170+ is the one voltage stabilizer that works on 170V-270V, and is a great stabilizer for inverter AC. It has low and high cut for protection.

This product is based on Save Power technology, and has a lot of features that are unique and quite useful. It saves electricity, gives a great performance and is a highly reliable product. It has an Intelli Auto Start with Intelli Microchip based design which makes this product one of the best voltage stabilizers in India for ACs under 1.5 ton.

Microtek offers a great variety of efficient voltage stabilizers and offers a warranty of 3 years along with it. This stabilizer for Ac has a smart delay feature which also gives breathing space and also creates a layer of protection on your air conditioner. It also has silicon based transistors and silver caked relays which makes it one of the most efficient voltage stabilizers in India.

2. Monitor 4-KVA Voltage Stabilizer 


Monitor 4-KVA Voltage stabilizer is the second best voltage stabilizer suitable for AC upto 1.5 tonnes capacity. It is generally not suitable for any other appliance other than an air conditioner. It has a great performance and helps the air conditioner to work in the most efficient manner.

The voltage stabilizer also has 100% copper windings which helps the product to save power, and serves as a great conductor. Copper windings also serve as a great power factor. It works on an average voltage input of about 170-270V. The product tends to shut down outside this range, and one must take care that the stabilizer is always working within this range of voltage.

Monitor also offers a warranty of 5 years with a replacement guarantee in case of any service issues. Monitor 4-KVA voltage stabilizer is an innovative voltage stabilizer and designed with the latest technology. It has all the unique features that you’re looking for in the best voltage stabilizers in India. Along with that, the product is highly affordable.

3. Microtek EM4150+ Voltage Stabilizer 


Microtek has been able to deliver excellent voltage stabilizers continuously one after another. Microtek EM4150+ is yet another masterpiece from Microtek that helps your air conditioners to work more efficiently and even last longer than their average life span.

It is suitable for a 1.5 tonne AC and uses Save power technology. The voltage input range of Microtek EM4150+ Voltage Stabilizer is around 150V-280V +/5V, 50 Hz. It has many unique features, and has a low and high cut for protection.

Along with these features, it comes with an Intelli Auto start and Intelli Microchip based design. The product has silicon based transistors and silver caked relays along with Intelli Thermal Management. Microtek also offers three years of warranty along with all the features that make it one of the best voltage stabilizers in India.

4. V-Guard VG 400 Voltage Stabilizer 


Haven’t you always wanted a voltage stabilizer that offers a great performance and also looks amazingly well. V-Guard VG400 Voltage stabilizer is the most suitable for ACs upto 1.5 tonnes and not for any other appliance except air conditioners.

The product operates well in the range of 170-270V, outside which it tends to break down. It is also built with thermal overload protection which protects the voltage stabilizer to its best. V Guard comes with an initial delay system and a high and low voltage cut off protection.

People consider this product as one of the smartest and most intelligent voltage stabilizer, as it protects your air conditioner and makes it last longer. It is made with superior IC technology to provide your air conditioner with advanced protection. The highly sensitive product comes with the latest technology and is loaded with an in-built Thermal Overload Protection that protects your appliance.

It is made of ABS material that offers the product with durability and highest level of reliability. Along with these features that help the product to be one of the best voltage stabilizers in India, it also comes with a warranty of three years that make you free from all your worries for a long time.

5. Microtek EM4160+ Voltage Stabilizer 


Microtek EM4160+ voltage stabilizer makes it on the fifth position of the list of the best voltage stabilizers available in India in 2018. It is one of the best voltage stabilizers for ACs upto 1.5 tonnes. It works most efficiently in the range of 160-285V.

The product comes with a Save Power technology that helps the air conditioners to work most efficiently and even last longer. It is made of metal and that offers durability and strength to stabilizers. Microtek also offers a three years warranty on the product that makes you free from all your worries for a long time.

It has a great performance along with all the salient features that must be present in the best voltage stabilizer in India. It also has low and high cut off protection system that adds to its amazing qualities.

6. Microtek EM5170+ Voltage Stabilizer 


Yet another masterpiece from Microtek is Microtek EM5170+ Voltage stabilizer, which is one of the best voltage stabilizers designed for AC upto 2 tonnes. It has an Intelli Microchip based Design and Intelli auto start that makes it one of the most efficient voltage stabilizers of India in 2018.

It works in the range of 170V-270V but is suitable for all kinds of power and voltage conditions. The product comes with silver caked relays, Intelli Microchip based design and an Intelli auto start.

The product comes along with silicon based transistors. It also has Intelli thermal management and has a high and low cut for protection. Microtek offers a warranty of three long years on this product to exempt you from all your worries. Microtek EM5170+ has too many smart features like smart time delay feature, which helps it to be one of the best voltage stabilizers in India.

7. V-Guard VNS 400 Voltage Stabilizer


One of the most efficient and effective voltage stabilizers in India is V-Guard VNS 400 Voltage stabilizer. It has excellent features that help you add an advanced layer of protection to your air conditioner. It is also one of the best voltage stabilizers for AC up to 1.5 tonnes.

The product comes with an intelligent time delay system that provides efficient time to the compressor to make sure that enough time is managed and the voltage supplied to the appliances is constant in cases of power failures or sudden high voltage consumption.

The maximum input power of this model from V-Guard is around 300 Volts. It also has a high and low cut off protection system due to which it makes it one of the safest voltage stabilizers in India. It comes with the latest IC technology that assures reliability and the latest features. V-Guard VNS 400 Voltage stabilizer has an in-built thermal overload protection system that helps to protect the stabilizer itself. All these features come with a package of three years of warranty adding to its desirability.

8. V-Guard VWR 400 Voltage Stabilizer 


V- Guard VWR-400 Voltage stabilizer is one of the best stabilizers in India for AC upto 1.5 tonnes. The product has an intelligent time delay system and many other salient features that make it one of the most efficient voltage stabilizers in India.

The product works in a range of 130-300 Volts. It comes with a low and high voltage cut off protection system that protects connected equipment from potentially dangerous voltages. The product is built with the latest IC technology that assures reliable protection.

V-Guard VWR-400 has a built-in thermal overload protection system that is one of the most important features of the best kinds of voltage stabilizers in India. Along with all these features, this product comes with a warranty of three years.

9. Microtek EM4090 Voltage Stabilizer 


Your search for the best voltage stabilizers for AC up to 1.5 tonnes ends with Microtek EM4090 Voltage Stabilizer. It works in a voltage input range of 90-300V, delivering its best and tends to break down otherwise.

The product is suitable for AC up to 1.5 tonnes. It comes with a Save Power Technology that helps it make it to the list of the best voltage stabilizers in India.

It comes with a high and low cut off protection system. It automatically steps up and down.

10. V-Guard AC VWI 400 Voltage Stabilizer 


Last on the list but certainly not the least, V-Guard AC VWI 400 Voltage stabilizer is one of the best stabilizers in India. It is the most suitable for AC up to 1.5 tonnes and works efficiently well in the input voltage range of 130-280V. Although, the maximum output for this product is around 240V.

The capacity of the product has a capacity around 12 amperes, which is one of its best qualities and helps it to protect a layer of protection between your air conditioner and the voltage source. It is pretty compatible to a generator, making it even more desirable.

The product is made using fine ABS cabinet with wall mounting. V-guard offers all these features along with a warranty of three years. Its additional features include a digital seven segment display, thermal overload protection and an energy efficient design.

What are the benefits of a  Voltage Stabilizer for Ac?

Save Space: A voltage stabilizer is small in size, saving up on a lot of space for your homes. Saving space also leads to

Easy transportation: A voltage stabilizer is easy to be transported from one place to another in case you’re shifting from one place to another or going away from your homes. It is light in weight and small in size, and can be accommodated almost anywhere.

Reduction in electricity bill: A voltage stabilizer also tends to save up on your electricity and hence your electricity bill which is an add-on to the protection that it offers.

Reduced installation cost: The best voltage stabilizers have reduced installation costs and also come with free maintenance charges.

Regulation of current: These devices stabilize voltage by regulating current. They help in providing a constant value of voltage to the appliances. By doing so, it also provides your air conditioners and other appliances with a longer life and better efficiency.

Are there different stabilizers for different appliances?

Voltage stabilizers are required for appliances that tend to consume a lot of energy, and are quite sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Therefore it becomes essential to stabilize the voltage that is supplied to them using a voltage stabilizer. These stabilizers are generally optimized depending upon the appliance that it used for.

The classification of a voltage stabilizer will depend on the energy limit and the features of a particular appliance. The different voltage stabilizers in India for appliances with different energy limits are mentioned here.

  • Stabilizer for air conditioner
  • Digital stabilizer (LCD TV/LED TV/ Music Systems)
  • Stabilizers for Refrigerators
  • Stabilizers for washing machine, treadmill, oven
  • Machine Stabilizers


It is a tedious process to look into the specifications of each product when you go out to buy a voltage stabilizer for your AC. Hence, it is always a better option to choose the online mode of shopping of such voltage stabilizers, as you can compare between a large number of related products, read up their reviews and look into the details of their features, asking as many questions as you want. We hope our research on the best voltage stabilizers (both for AC up to 1.5 tonnes and 2 tonnes) helps you to decide the right kind of model for yourself.

If you are on a budget and want to fit both AC and stabilizer in it then you can get an AC under 30K. We have mentioned some air conditioners under 30K here. Or the other option is to get split AC with stabilizer free operation which will cut down your price of getting a new stabilizer.