Best Table Fan in India 2021 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Summers in India are equivalent to sitting in a baking oven with all the hot air and scorching heat sucking out all of the energy out of you. During such trying times, there is nothing better than a cheap and efficient solution to combat the heat. And that solution is a table fan, a good, sturdy and powerful table fan.

But there are so many table fans available on the market and how to know which table fan is best? For that, we’ve come up with abundant information and choices to decide the best high speed table fan in India. You may buy table fan for sitting in your veranda or need a small table fan for kitchen and whatever you need we’ve got your back!

We’ve reviewed some of the best table fans in India, so that you can get your ideal choice of table fan. So, for starters, we should look at some of the advantages of owning an electric table fan to understand why we should even invest in one.

Top 10 Table Fans In India

Best Table Fan in India 2021 - Reviews And Buyer's Guide 1 Usha Maxx Table Fan By Usha
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Best Table Fan in India 2021 - Reviews And Buyer's Guide 2 Crompton HiFlo Table Fan By Crompton
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3 Best Table Fan in India 2021 - Reviews And Buyer's Guide 3 Bajaj Esteem Table Fan By Bajaj
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4 Best Table Fan in India 2021 - Reviews And Buyer's Guide 4 Orient Electric Wind Pro Table Fan By Orient
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5 Best Table Fan in India 2021 - Reviews And Buyer's Guide 5 Enamic UK Happy Home Black Table Fan By Enamic UK
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1. Usha Maxx Table Fan

Usha is a brand that has products that are trusted by many and designed for the most premium experience. This table fan has aerodynamically designed semi-transparent blades that offer great ventilation and covers more than just the vicinity area of the fan.

This table fan offers world-class performance and throws high-speed air in one direction—a powerful copper motor designed to suit the Indian climatic conditions and needs of desi households.

The fan gives a uniform and jerk-free oscillation with an easy tilting mechanism to set the airflow for maximum ventilation. All of this makes this Usha fan one of the best table fans in India.


  • Good air delivery of 67 cubic meters per minute
  • 55 wattages power
  • Reasonable warranty
  • High speed of 1280 rpm
  • Four-speed control
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Sturdy and safe to use


  • Some customers have complained about

2. Crompton HiFlo Table Fan

With high-grade PVC plastic body and base, this Crompton HiFlo Table Fan has the ability to amaze you with its performing ability. This fan looks great and complements any home decor. The wider base makes the operation process steady and safer.

The fan offers wide oscillation with motorised control. High sweep length of 400mm makes it efficient enough to circulate air in a large area. This fan has a 1300 rpm speed and air delivery of 60 cubic metres per minute.

You can bend the fan forward or backwards using a knob given on the back of the fan. It is not rechargeable and has an auto-swing feature.


  • Auto swing feature
  • Expressive sweep length of 400mm
  • Wide base and dense mesh guard for the safety of the user.
  • Good appeal suited for modern households.
  • Durable and two years warranty


  • Comparatively low speed
  • Does not have a thermal fuse mechanism

3. Bajaj Esteem Table Fan

Bajaj is one of the best table fan brands in India, you can see a lot of Bajaj fans being used in general and during events. This table fan has all the great features that Bajaj products are famous for. With great sweep length and 50 wattage power, this fan does an incredible job.

It has a high air delivery of 70 CMM so you can sit in your balcony with this fan and feel refreshed on summer nights. Powerful copper motors and thermal overload protectors serve as a great duo. Its copper motor increases durability and provides strong performance.

The fan operates silently and comes with a two-year warranty. These aerodynamically designed blades offer high efficiency and free airflow without any noise or resistance making it one of the best table fans in India.


  • Durable and sleek design
  • Overload thermal protector prevents the motor from damage.
  • Great sweep length of 400 mm
  • Efficient performance without creating too much noise


  • Low speed of 1320 RPM
  • Cannot recharge this fan

4. Orient Electric Wind Pro Table Fan

Orient Electric Wind Pro Table Fan has a unique streamlined body designed to provide efficient performance with low electricity consumption. The strong and robust motor offers long life for the product, and you even get two years warranty on the fan.

Its revolutionary CTX (concentric winding) technology provides high air thrust and silent operation along with higher reliability. The fan has four-speed settings, and thermal overload protection prevents damage to the motor.

Five blades work together to provide excellent air thrust for a fresh feeling and work at moderate power consumption.


  • The sweep length of 400mm and air delivery of 95 CMM makes it an excellent catch.
  • Power of 85 wattages
  • Excellent air displacement of 5700 m3/hr
  • Thermal overload protection gives a longer product life.
  • Great performance and looks
  • Sturdy design


  • Only 90-degree oscillation

5. Enamic UK Happy Home Black Table Fan

Designed with high definition engineering principles and exceptional build quality, this table fan is meant to offer premium comfort and superior ventilation. It has three-speed controls using which you can use the fan on 2400, 1900 and 1400 RPM.

It can be mounted on a wall or table easily and comes with a one-year warranty. This fan uses high-speed, low voltage technology (HSLV) to provide superior performance.

Its copper motor works efficiently and doesn’t get heated even after full day usage. Heavy close mesh guard and a large base are provided to ensure safety and better stability during operation.


  • Good Sweep length of 305 mm
  • Perfect air delivery and high airspeed
  • HSLV technology makes it even more efficient
  • Three-speed control mode to have a customized experience


  • Low warranty period
  • Some customers claimed of bad customer service.

6. V Guard Personal Table Fan

Attractive looks along with a powerful motor that offers perfect air delivery of 40 cubits per minute. The rated speed is 2600 RPM, and you can use this table fan in a biaxial position, i.e., one in 360 degrees and other in 180 degrees.

This fan can be used as a personal fan mounted on the table or wall. It doesn’t have any speed control switches, and rated power is 45 watts. This fan is great for using both in-home or outside and being lightweight makes it super easy to carry anywhere you like.

Anything between 250 to 350 is pretty decent for sweep length and going above adds to both price of the product as well the product performance.

Table fans are manufactured with sweep length of 200, 300 and 400 mm. Sweep size of the fan is 225 mm, which is a major drawback for this product.


  • Easy to carry
  • Has a high rated speed of 2600 RPM
  • Can be mounted
  • Power wattage of 45 watts
  • Impressive body design


  • Lacks in sweep length

7. KLAY Led Light Table Desk Fan

Being stuck in quarantine showed us how uncomfortable and sweaty it gets sitting in one place for hours to complete office work. This KLAY Led Light Table Desk Fan makes those office hours less dreadful as you can plug your fan in your laptop and feel refreshed while working.

It works on both AC and DC, and if power fails, you can charge this desk fan using the solar panels. The product is laced with 21 LEDs with low medium and high brightness that you switch on using the electronic button present on the fan.

You can use the LED lamp for up to eight hours and charge the fan for at least four hours.


  • Rechargeable and can work up to four hours.
  • LED lights to pump up the aesthetics of the room
  • Portable
  • Comes with a USB cable that can be plugged in laptop or desktop
  • User-friendly
  • Environment-friendly


  • Doesn’t have a long product life

Best Table Fan – Buying Guide

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best High Speed Table Fan In India

best high speed table fan

1. Size Of Table Fan

It’s very crucial that you carefully analyse your needs and narrow your choices based on how big of an area you want to circulate with your fan. Your table fan size plays a big role in how much of an area it can cover. The size of a fan will also determine how much space it will occupy so based on whether you will have to place it on the stool or a wide desk.

2. Blade Sweep

Blade sweep is the area of the circle in which the table fan spins, and it helps you gauge the perfect place for your table fan in your home. Sweep length is available in 200, 300 and 400 mm in various models.  A decent sweep length lies in 250 to 350, and anything beyond that deliver’s incredible performance.

3. Build Quality

The best table fans are built for longevity and durability. Good build quality will also reflect the ease of operation as well as the safety of using it. Make sure your choice has important things like sturdy mesh guard and a wide base to ensure a smooth experience. 

4. Fan Speed

Do you want moderate cooling but your fan only offers one-speed setting so now you have to adjust according to your fan functions? If you want to avoid something like this to happen to you and would rather like your fan adjusting to your instead of the other way round, then purchase a table fan with variable speed settings.

Another thing to watch out for is the fan speed which is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). Higher speed will give your stronger breeze thus better cooling, and we suggest you buy a table fan in speed range 1500-2100 RPM.

5. Noise Level

Your table fan can ruin almost all of your great evening conversations or peaceful moments with its vibration and noise. Heavy fans create a lot of noise while operating, and you must check how much noise the fan creates before buying it.

Some new models offer silence technology in their fans so that you can use them even when sleeping and your fan cools you without rattling your whole apartment. 

6. Oscillation

 Oscillation is one of the great factors that can give you a great experience with a table fan. It allows your table fan to move, rotate and throw air in every direction instead of just one direction.

You must check whether your fan offers features like swing and oscillation before purchasing it.

7. Power Consumption

Power is work done per minute, and it is measured in wattage. The power consumption will tell you how much work your fan will do while using electricity so you must select a model that consumes less power and offers great performance.

Any decent quality table fan will have power consumption between 50-100 wattages.

8. Removable Grills Or Mesh

Your table fan must be cleaned at regular intervals to ensure its smooth operation, and thus you must get a model that has removable grills or mesh.

Cleaning becomes very easy if the table fan doesn’t have any screw fitting the mesh, so we recommend you to buy a table fan that has a removable mesh without the hassle of screwing or unscrewing it.

9. Material Quality

Material quality is a significant factor while considering to purchase a table fan. Plastic bodies last longer and those made from high-graded plastic stay cool even after hours of functioning.

You should ensure that the company should use premium quality raw materials to make sure the table fan lasts you long while providing you with consistently good work.

10. Air Delivery

Well, this one is obvious, but people quite often do not pay attention to this while buying a table fan. Air delivery is a crucial thing to check, and even though it majorly depends on your requirements, anything below 60 CMM is not worth purchasing.

A good fan that can circulate air in large areas may have air delivery up to 3000 CMM or more.

11. Installation And Maintenance

Installation of a table fan is the easiest thing to do as for some models you don’t even need any help, and you can do it yourself. But if you are considering mounting your table fan, then you might have to seek some professional help, but that’s not very difficult to do as well.

Maintenance costs are not very much if you bought a sturdy model, but in some cases, you have to spend tits and bits for repair continuously. So, its recommended that you check what one trip to the service centre will cost before buying a product.

12. Budget And Warranty

Budget plays a key role in determining the best-suited table fan for your home. You should evaluate your budget and needs and narrow down your choices to several models.

After that, you should check which model offers the longest warranty or at least a good warranty.

Types Of Table Fans

Types of Table Fans

1. Regular Electric Table Fans

These types of fans are known for their powerful air delivery that is measured in cubic metres per minutes, and this is the amount of air the fan circulates or pushes out in one minute. Higher CMM is directly proportional to good fan performance, so purchasing a table fan with high CMM will help you locate a steady and localized source of fresh air in your room.

You don’t have to always place the fan on a table or desk, you can easily place it on any place surface and then relax as your fan works to give you a refreshing time.

2. Rechargeable Table Fan Or Battery-operated Fan

This type of table fan has the excellent air delivery of a regular table fan, but you can charge it and use it in case of power cuts. It is portable, convenient to use and energy-efficient.  A great choice for people who like travelling and it’s very economical, so you don’t have to spend lots of money on inverters or similar appliances.

3. Bladeless Table Fans

These fans don’t have any blades and are best for homes with kids. You don’t have to worry about the safety of kids or usually come in a spherical shape. They have many attractive features and are very efficient.

Variable models coming in different sizes and shapes that offer great performance but they are a bit more expensive than regular table fans.

Advantage Of Table Fans

Advantage of Table Fans

When you think of a table fan, you want a table fan small sized one that provides excellent cooling for those days when your whole state is usually on heat alert. But if you have an AC at home then why invest in any table fan model that will require more money and of course more electricity? Mobility is the first and foremost factor that makes table fans better than any AC.

You can always carry your table fan anywhere you want and enjoy the cool air without having to sit within four walls with closed doors. From sitting in the veranda to enjoying evening time on your terrace or balcony, your electric table fan can be a reliable companion for every part of your home.

Generally, you don’t have to worry about electricity bills if you’ve got a table fan at hand as the table fan wattage is way less than air conditioners. Table fans have less wattage than ceiling fans as well, and they’re literally like your air buddy that keeps you cool without needing much.

Several points that make table fan good are:

  1. Portability
  2. Convenience at low cost
  3. Ventilate Your Room
  4. Doesn’t contribute to global warming
  5. Availability in many colors, sizes and models
  6. Don’t add to your electricity bills.
  7. Reliable solution in case of electric fans for people living in places with frequent power shortages.

Safety Precautions While Using A Table Fan

A table fan might look portable, convenient and harmless, but it’s always better to follow some precautionary measures for your safety. First and foremost, don’t forget to unplug the fan before carrying it to another place/position.

Do not keep water near it or touch it with hands to avoid getting an electric shock at any costs. Please do not remove the mesh guard or safety covers while the fan is operating and always clean it after it is switched off.

Keep an eye that children don’t play or mess with table fans when it is operating.

Table Fan Vs Ceiling Fan

Table Fan Vs. Ceiling Fan

Being at the top of the room, ceiling fans have to circulate air in a downward fashion so that they can ventilate the whole room. Table fans, on the other hand, push air in their front area and work best as a localized solution.

Ceiling fans require more electricity/ energy to run and are costlier than table fans. These ceiling fans also provide better cooling than a table fan and need proper installation by professionals. They are stationary and work well only when you’re sitting in that room.

Table fans are compact and portable. They help you feel cool but are not the best at circulating air in a big space like a room or hall. You can use table fans during power cuts or need to cool off when you’re sitting in front of the desk.

There is no such installation process after purchasing the table fan as it only needs to be plugged in the socket to be able to work.


Table fans can be both a nightmare or blessing, depending on how effective or useful your purchase is. It is a very comfortable option to cool yourself off, but you’ve to consider a few factors before buying one like service costs, durability, storage space etc.

Selecting a good model from a sea of options is a daunting task, but we’ve done most of that task for you. Our review will help you determine which one is an ideal table fan below 1000 for your home.


1. How to do Cleaning and Maintenance of Table Fans?

With continuous usage, the blades of the fan can accumulate dust, so you should unplug the fan and wait for an hour or two before starting the cleaning process.

Detach the grill and scrub the blades with warm and soapy water. Then wash it off with fresh water while wiping the external parts of the table fan with a damp cloth only.

2. Do table fans need oiling?

Yes, after a while your table fan can start rattling and making a lot of noise, but you can fix this by oiling the fan. It will reduce friction between ball bearings and prevent the fan from making any noise or getting damaged.

3. Can running a table fan for a long-time lead to overheating?

Yes, if your fan has been running for a whole day, then it can get overheated. Many of the standard models aren’t made to run for months unstoppably and thus to prevent any fires you should give your fan a little rest after hours of working.

4. Do table fans run on battery?

Some table fans run on a battery that comes with 4 AA batteries. These are battery operated table fans. The batteries are long-lasting so that you can run your table fan for long hours at high speed.

5. Are table fans with three blades better than table fans with four blades?

It is preferable to get a table fan with three blades so that it offers you optimum work performance with least friction. Even the motor load is less in this case, and it avoids creating unnecessary noise.

6. Can table fans be used in all types of climates?

Table fans can work to ensure proper ventilation in any climate, but they are best suited to deal with cooling and ventilation requirements in the summer season. Many people prefer using them only in a hot and humid climate, but you can use them in other climates too.

7. Do table fans use a lot of electricity?

No, all of the models listed in our review offer excellent performance without using a lot of electricity. Other models too usually consume less electricity than their cooling alternatives like air conditioners or ceiling fans.

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