Best Pedestal Fan in India – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

As summers are getting hotter every year, the need for constant cooling has significantly increased. You can’t install an AC in every corner of your house, so the cheaper and reasonable solution for this is to get a stand fan with remote. You can always use it anywhere you like that gives you more freedom to spend your time the way you like without worrying about heat.

You can even get the best pedestal fan for bedroom, and it will pretty much enhance the cooling effect of your ceiling fan. If you’re a fan of watching night sky or sunset then also choosing the best stand fan in India will let you live your life to the fullest as you’ll no more be dragged by things like heat or being sweaty.

Product Comparison

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Best Pedestal Fan in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 1 Usha Maxx Pedestal Fan By Usha
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Best Pedestal Fan in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 2 Havells Sprint LED Pedestal Fan By Havells
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3 Best Pedestal Fan in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 3 iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan By iBELL
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4 Best Pedestal Fan in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 4 V-Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan By V-Guard
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5 Best Pedestal Fan in India - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 5 Crompton Plastic Hiflo Pedestal Fan By Crompton
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What are Pedestal Fans?

Pedestal fans are the portable and more convenient versions of a ceiling fan. If we need to define it in better terms, then pedestal fans are oscillating fans that are supported by an adjustable and detachable stand. You can own the best standing fan and enjoy the cooling effect as to whether you’re working on your desktop or you’re sitting in your balcony, a pedestal fan got your back in every way.

Advantages of Using a Pedestal Fan

First and foremost the best thing about a pedestal fan is its portability as you can carry it around wherever you want and whenever you want to change your location.

They have different fan modes that enable you to use the fan according to your convenience whether its a very humid day or just mildly hot one, your fan will allow you to feel cool without a worry in the world.

Oscillation feature gives superior and localised cooling as it makes the pedestal fan go back and forth, allowing it to circulate air in a good amount of area.

They are a cheaper and more effective solution for air circulation such that they even consume less electrical energy.

Best Pedestal Fan in India

1. Usha Maxx Pedestal Fan

This Maxx pedestal fan is exactly what we expected from Usha as it gives high performance at a reasonable price. The fan comes aerodynamically designed for high air delivery and provides powerful thrust.

One may conclude that the fan is highly efficient owing to its powerful copper motor that consumes only 55 watts and works for long hours without overheating.

The uniform and jerk-free oscillation make it even more pleasing when it comes to air delivery. It also has an easy tilting mechanism that gives you perfect airflow and 1280 rpm speed.

When it comes to air delivery, this fan shows equally good performance as it covers 67 cubic meters per minute. It is not only sturdy but also safe to use as its wide base gives it stability and resettable fuse prevent thermal overload. Overall we consider this fan as a great deal, but if you need a better alternative, then you should look for usha pedestal fan with a remote control.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful copper motor
  • Airspeed of 1280 rpm and delivery of 67 CMM
  • Resettable fuse
  • Two-year warranty


  • Plastic quality should upgrade.

2. Havells Sprint LED Pedestal Fan

Havells Sprint LED Pedestal Fan is the best one in havells pedestal fan models when it comes to low-end prices and great performance. It is a well-known fact that havells stand fan high-speed offer superior performance that makes them a superhit brand in the fan industry.

This fan also stands up to that level by giving a high speed of 1360 revolution per minute and air delivery of 72 m³/min. If this is not the only great thing about this product, then let us tell you that it comes with a strong motor that is best in its class. The fan is ergonomically designed with a wide base to provide smooth and perfect air thrust.

Thermal overload protection prevents a sudden surge of voltage and overheating so that you can enjoy the benefits of this fan for a long time. The wider base provides extra stability thus safer use.


  • Airspeed of 1360 rpm and delivery of 72 cmm
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Two-year warranty
  • Heavy and wide base for stability
  • Power rating of 55 watts
  • Highly efficient


  • Not a battery fan

3. iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan

iBELL pedestal fans help you deal with the scorching heat of the summer season with its sturdy and powerful motor. It looks good while making sure that it offers great ventilation, instant cooling and great performing ability. You can conveniently move this fan to like anywhere and install it in any of your rooms.

It has an impressive build quality and lightweight body. Five aerodynamically designed blades offer great sweep and air delivery. Powder-coated metal grills are easy to clean and maintain. The fan offers jerk-free and uniform oscillations at all speeds.

This fan has been designed while keeping in mind Indian weather conditions, and it can easily withstand voltage fluctuations. It also has a wide base for more stability and enhanced safety for the user.


  • Sweep length of 406 mm
  • Five blades give improved airflow
  • Sturdy body
  • Power rating of 55 watts
  • Powder coated grills don’t corrode


  • Timer only has a maximum limit of two hours
  • Bit noisy
  • One year warranty and an additional fee for one more year extension 

4. V-Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan

If you want a super sleek and effectively designed pedestal fan, then V-Guard Pedestal Fan is your go-to pick as it gives powerful performance with attractive features. For starters, you can use this fan with a remote control which spells extreme comfort in an indirect way and in case you don’t want to use a remote then also you can operate it manually.

The swanky and stylish design is compact as well as portable. V-guard pedestal fan also has motorized oscillation that offers uniform air circulation to every corner of the room. It has 55 watts power rating and serves as an economical way to cool your room in summers.


  • Affordable
  • Three-speed settings
  • Remote timer has 7.5 hours limit
  • Sweep length of 400 mm
  • 1350 rpm speed
  • Remote control for convenient operation


  • No wheels in the base
  • Noisy operation

5. Crompton Plastic Hiflo Pedestal Fan

Crompton provides nothing but the best in its league and price range, and this pedestal fan shows all of it. It’s stylish and sleek design complements all kinds of home decor. Plastic blades are engineered for powerful air thrust and modern look.

The best thing about this fan is that you can operate your pedestal fan according to your needs by pressing on to the easy-push buttons on the junction box panel. You can select from three-speed settings and tilt it up to 90 degrees to experience cooling that suits your needs. All you have to do is loosen the knob at the neck to adjust the fan at a desirable angle and then tighten the knob again.

It has silent operation and doesn’t require too many efforts for maintenance. Sturdy base offers superior performance and more stability. The body is elegant, stable and comes with a powerful copper motor. This pedestal fan is affordable and an economical cooling solution. A really good alternative for this and, if you’re willing to extend your budget limit, is Crompton pedestal fan with remote control operation.


  • 50W Power rating
  • High-quality Polypropylene (PP) plastic body
  • Low maintenance and sturdy
  • Air delivery: 70 cu.Meter/min
  • Three-speed settings
  • Sweep: 400mm and speed: 1300 rpm


  • No remote control or timer

6. ANSIO High-Speed Pedestal Fan

This Ansio high-speed fan is nothing but a perfect blend of great design, performance and quality. It provides thirty per cent more airflow than your regular fans with oscillation up to eighty degrees. Talk about a great deal within reasonable prices! The fan is manually operating and doesn’t create much noise during operation.

There are three-speed settings that allow you to run your fan at 1750,2000 and 2300 RPM. The head of the fan can be tilted up and down to adjust the air thrust according to your needs. Its body is made up of high-grade ABS plastic including the blades that give it an elegant and modern look.

If you want your fan to work well, then there is also a two-hour timer feature after which your fan will turn off automatically. The fan can work for hours and give uniform air circulation in its vicinity.


  • Timer feature of two hours
  • Adjustable height of 1.8 power cable
  • Powerful motor
  • Three-speed setting
  • Head tilting
  • Sturdy design
  • Two-year warranty


  • It is sold for higher than the actual price on certain websites.

7. Bajaj 400mm VPR01 Pedestal Fan

Bajaj is one of the leading brands in-home appliance industry, and they’re known for providing superior quality products. This high-speed pedestal fan offers great performance at a low power rating of 55 watts.

It can even be used on an inverter, and its lightweight body allows easy portability. This fan can be operated via remote, and you can even set the time. Its high-performance acrylic blades offer high air delivery without making too much noise during operation. The high speed of 1300 rpm and it comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Silent operation
  • High speed of 1300 rpm
  • Strong air thrust and delivery
  • Powerful motor
  • Two-year warranty
  • Power rating of 55 watts


  • No information related to whether the fan has thermal protection or auto lubrication

8. Orient Electric Pedestal Fan

When we think about buying a fan of any kind, two companies come to mind, and these are Orient and havells pedestal fans with remote in case you’re looking for expensive ones. This orient fan gives a mind-blowing performance at a low-end price range.

The fan has a high airspeed of 1325 RPM and gives uniform jerk-free air circulation. It has a robust motor that consumes 90 watts, and it can work for long hours without overheating. The air displacement offered by the fan is also great as it throws out air at a speed of 6030m3/hr. You can run this fan on three-speed settings so that you can enjoy the cooling effect the way you like.


  • Sleek pull cord switch for control
  • Extra large metal base for stability
  • Air displacement of 6030 m3/Hr
  • High speed of 1325 rpm
  • Overheat protection
  • Affordable


  • No information on warranty 

9. Gorilla Atomberg Pedestal Fan

This Gorilla Atomberg Pedestal Fan by Atomberg is considered as India’s most efficient BLDC pedestal fan. The unique three-blade technology gives powerful air thrust and uniform air throughout the room. It works on the low power rating of 30 watts and provides gorilla-like powerful performance.

Its robust body is made of high-grade ABS plastic that doesn’t wear and tear for a long time. The fan also has an LED display and timer that can work up to 6 hours which makes it a champion in its league. This fan provides 28% more airflow than regular pedestal fans, and so far no one can question its performance. It comes with a two-year warranty, and overall we’re significantly impressed by this product.


  • Smart BLDC motor and powerful performance
  • Sturdy body design
  • 28% more output than regular alternatives
  • Led light and timer for 6 hours
  • 1300 rpm airspeed
  • Two-year warranty
  • Low power rating


  • No remote control
  • Bit expensive

10. Eurolex Avitor Pedestal Fan

Eurolex is another great yet not very popular brand that offers great products at a reasonable price. It has a unique pivot arrangement for tilting and oscillation that offers superior performance than its market alternatives.

The fan looks attractive and available in both normal and high-speed variants. This fan offers better airflow and has a durable body that lasts you for decades.

High sweep length of 400 mm allows you to use it in any part of your house and enjoy refreshing air. The height when fully expanded is 4 ft ( from bottom to centre of the fan ), and cable length is 5ft.


  • Superior performance
  • Durable body
  • Robust motor
  • Sweep length of 400 mm
  • Available in two variants
  • Unique pivot arrangement


  • Only one year warranty
  • Not much information available about the product

Best Pedestal Fan In India – Buyer’s Guide

Factors to consider before buying best standing fan

best standing fan

With an ocean full of choices, getting overwhelmed and confused is only normal, so we’ve come up with this little buying guide that will help you decide on which pedestal fan is best suitable for your home.

1. Number of Blades

Most of the fans come with 2 to 3 blades installed. The three-blade fan should be sufficient for the air push that a medium-size room needs. We would suggest avoiding two blade fans as the number of fans directly influences the airflow and performance of the pedestal fan.

Less blade will cause less airflow, while the noise of both fans will be constant, so it will be wise if you select a model with more blades and better performance.

2. Blade Sweep

Blade sweep is referred to the zone that a fan covers while rotating. This is measured from the edge of one blade to the edge of another blade. A bigger Blade sweep will mean more air push but most a blade sweep of 400mm to 450mm should be sufficient.

3. Speed Setting

It is an important feature as you want to be in control of the speed that your fan provides. There are times when you need all air push from it while other times you need it to go as gentle as it can. A speed setting is mandatory to regulate these settings with everything that falls in between both extremes.

4. Noise

Noise is a factor that you should consider according to the environment you are going to use the fan in. If you are buying the fan for personal use, then the noise is a big factor. You might give up on some motor power but want to keep the noise lower.

While if you are buying it for an outdoor event, then it will not be adding any noise to an already noisy event, and you might want a more powerful fan.

5. Material Used

You want your fan to be durable and last you a long time. One of the major contributors to this is the type of material used to manufacture the pedestal fan.

If you are going to move around your fan a lot, then you want to make sure it does not take any damage, and the material used fits it.

6. Motor Power

A powerful motor can push out more air and do a better job of ventilation. While it sounds a good option, you should also keep in mind that a powerful motor might make more noise and need more speed settings for a better and precise experience.

7. Type of Motion

There are three types of motions provided in a pedestal fan, fixed, oscillating and rotating. The fixed motion should be considered for personal use when you want focused air at one point. Oscillating and rotating are the ones you need for a bigger room with many people.

8. Remote Control

These can be a deal-breaker for some users. Many pedestal fans come with a remote control which means you do not have to get up and walk up to the fan to change the setting. The convenience it offers is probably one of the best features on fans for personal use.

9. Rotating, Oscillating, Grill, or Fixed

These are the type of motions that you should consider while buying your pedestal fan depending on the place you are going to use it at. Rotating and oscillating fans cover the entire room and are the ones for bigger events. A fixed fan is best for personal use.

10. Height

While looking for a pedestal fan, you should look for one with adjustable height. These come in handy for personal use. While you can maintain the airflow without adjusting height for a big event in a big space, you need all the customization you can get for personal use.

11. Fan Modes

Fan modes are essential to get a more customized airflow. More fan modes always mean better. These are there so you can run your fan at desired settings of low, medium or high.

12. Ease of Cleaning

It would be best if you cleaned your fan regularly for its longer life. But if you are going to do the cleaning regularly, then you should make sure that it is easy to clean.

For this, you should check if the grill is removable before purchasing the pedestal fan. If it is not removable, then you have to put in extra effort to clean through the grill.

13. Battery Backup

While all the fans are powered by direct electricity, there are few that have batteries included too. This battery comes in use when there is a power cut and provides some time for you to find an alternate power supply.

14. Brand

The brand adds some weight to your purchase. A renowned brand is more likely to be more reliable and assure you quality.

Also, brand value works as an assurance that you will purchase a good product and ensure that their customer base stays loyal, popular brands even keep up with good product quality and customer service.

15. Weight

If you are buying a fan for personal use, then weight should not be a big factor as the fan will not be moved too often, but if you are going to use it in different places, then you want it to be not too heavy to carry.

15. Budget and Warranty

Because pedestal fans are affordable, you can shell out easily for a fan with most of the functions such as battery backup and remote control.

Warranty on pedestal fans is usually between 1 to 2 years so anything with less than 1-year warranty should not be even considered. Even most fans have a 2-year warranty, so the ones with 1-year warranty have it as a minus point.

Also Read

How to assemble a pedestal fan?

The best part about getting a pedestal fan is how convenient it is to install and use. You don’t need an electrician or professional help to assemble the pedestal fan as you only need a screwdriver for this job.

Separate all the parts of the fan and start screwing different parts according to the manual. You should place the motor towards the rear grill side and install it in the designated gap.

Next, you should secure the safety grill employing screws or clips. Now you have to tackle the wiring business as you have to take wires from the motor and attach it to the socket of the pole.

Tighten all the screws and enjoy your portable cooling solution for summers.


Your purchase of a pedestal fan can be either a blessing or a nightmare, and you can make sure that it doesn’t turn into the latter case by carefully narrowing down your choices to the most suitable ones according to your needs. The key points for buying an ideal pedestal fan is focusing on the build quality, features, budget, warranty and performance.

Out of all the reviewed products, two pedestal fan models have impressed us a lot, and these are Gorilla Atomberg Pedestal Fan and V-Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan. If you like to rely on the brand value, then we also recommend checking out Bajaj 400mm VPR01 Pedestal Fan.


1. Does a ceiling fan consume more power than a pedestal fan?

No, pedestal fans are smaller and consume less energy than ceiling fans. They offer a localised solution of heats and can save up to 50% energy in comparison to ceiling fans.

2. Is a Pedestal Fan power saving?

As discussed above, small and compact size allows it to consume less electricity than regular fans so you can easily consume up to 50% of the energy that you spent on cooling during the peak summer season.

3. Is it worth it to get a Pedestal Fan with a remote?

Yes, in our opinion operating the fan becomes super easy if you can use it via remote control. So whether you’re lying on the bed or working on your desktop, changing the fan settings can be done without moving or walking to your pedestal fan.

4. Where can you buy pedestal fans?

A lot of people prefer online shopping, and if you’re in that group, then we suggest reliable websites like Amazon to buy a pedestal fan. But if you believe in going to the shop and checking out your choice physically, then you can always go to local stores or markets.

5. Which is a better tower fan or pedestal fan?

Both the types serve the purpose of air circulation, but pedestal fans offer superior performance than any typical tower fan. They have stronger air thrust and cover a larger space while giving out uniform air delivery.

One advantage tower fan has over pedestal fans is that they provide cooler air than pedestal fans.

6. How to get cool air from pedestal fans?

You have to get a little tricky while doing this but placing a wet cloth on the grill will help you get cool air, but you’ve to make sure that the cloth doesn’t get stuck in the blades. If the above solution seems too risky for you, then you can place the fan in front of an open window or balcony.

7. Are heavier Pedestal Fans better than lighter ones?

Well, there is no direct answer to this but if you have to move your fan around a lot when choosing a lighter one is the best option.  Conventionally people will suggest that heavier pedestal fans are more sturdy with more robust motors that will give improved performance, but there is no hardcore evidence behind this.

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