Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen

So what causes these harmful effects? Unburnt carbon particles, fumes and gases released during the cooking process. This is why it’s important to have kitchen exhaust fans for Indian cooking because our dishes are rich and flavorful which is also equivalent to lots of fumes, spices and unburnt particles released in the kitchen air every time it’s cooked. 

What are the Benefits of an Exhaust Fan?

Considering a kitchen ventilation fan is a smart and safe choice if you spend more than a couple of hours in your kitchen every week, and we assume it holds true if you live in a desi household. Using an exhaust fan for the kitchen provides you with various benefits, and some of them are :

  1. It filters out impure air and fumes. 
  2. Protects your walls or ceilings from being greasy. 
  3. Removes smoke, which is harmful to your respiratory health.
  4. Controls humidity in the kitchen air.
  5. Does the job without consuming a lot of electricity.
  6. Easy to clean and fewer maintenance costs or requirements.

But if filtering out harmful particulates and circulating fresh air is all it does then do you need to spend thousands and get a fancy and unique exhaust fan for your kitchen? No, even a small exhaust fan, or chimney for kitchen can do the work for you, and it can be pretty cheap. The kitchen exhaust fan size doesn’t make it very inefficient or useful either as long as it does the task of air ventilation well. Also, the kitchen is not the only place that should have an exhaust fan your bathroom and toilet also require a good exhaust fan to make sure the odour doesn’t stay. 

Best exhaust fan for kitchen and Bathroom

Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen 1 Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe By Luminous
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Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen 2 MAA-KU AC Exhaust Fan By MAA-KU
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3 Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen 3 Usha Crisp Duct Size Exhaust Fan By Usha
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4 Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen 4 Havells Ventilair Exhaust Fan By Havells
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5 Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen 5 Orient Electric Ventilator Exhaust Fan By Orient
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1. Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe

This exhaust fan by Luminous made from high-grade material is nothing less than excellent in both performance and build quality.

 It has dust shutters and propylene blades that take out any kind of odour from your kitchen. It is also an ideal choice if you want a bathroom exhaust fan as its high spin speed of 1300 RPM and sweeps size of 0.20M makes it effective in ventilating fresh air into your bathroom. 

It looks great and has aerodynamically blades that ensure faster rotation speed. The motor works on 35 watts and offers noiseless operation. The five blades work in good synchronisation and keep your kitchen cool. 

This fan is best for AC cabins and conference rooms. It has an 11ft x 11 ft diameter, and we believe that this is a perfect exhaust fan size for toilet and kitchen.


  • Noiseless operation
  • High spin speed of 1300 RPM and powerful motor
  • 35 wattages and sweep size of 0.20 M
  • Two years of warranty 
  • Rustproof body
  • Dust protection shutters
  • Strong air suction 


  • Plastic grill
  • Needs thinner to clean the body which is a bit of a hassle

2. MAA-KU AC Exhaust Fan

If you are looking for a small and reliable exhaust fan, then this fan from MAA-KU is a great choice for you. It offers an air volume of 200 CFM and doesn’t make a lot of noise while operating.

The fan has a very high speed of 2500 rpm and provides great cooling in the kitchen or bathroom. It can be used for ac cabins and workspaces as well. While its blades are made of plastic, the fan is made from aluminium die that has a cast with coating. Black body complements every kind of home decor. The power rating is of 35 watts that has five fan blades. 

You’ve to latch this fan with screws and isn’t that difficult to install.


  • Easy installation
  • 35 Power rating
  • High-grade plastic blades
  • Very high spin speed of 2500 rpm and 90/100 CFM
  • Low noise while operating


  • Not a lot of information available on this product
  • Apparently, there is no warranty for this exhaust fan. 

3. Usha Crisp Duct Size Exhaust Fan

If you read Usha and immediately expected a good product due to their good reputation, then this fan can withstand your expectations easily. It has strong air suction and satisfactory performance with a one year warranty on the product.

This fan can be the best exhaust fan for the bathroom due to its effective and noiseless operation. It is lightweight and with automatic back shutters that prevent the entry of any foreign body. It is easy to install as well, so you don’t need to pay or get professional help for installing this fan.

The rust-free body ensures long product life while making your purchase seamless. 


  • High speed and low power rating
  • Corrosion protection and a rustproof body
  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight 


  • Not suitable for large kitchens.

4. Havells Ventilair Exhaust Fan

The Havells Ventilair Exhaust Fan has one of the most common designs that can be spotted in many households and has a perfect exhaust fan size for kitchen. This fan has to be latched to your wall through screws, and you may need professional help for the installation. 

Havells is known for coming up with innovative technologies, and this exhaust fan is also a powerful model effective for air ventilation. This 150mm exhaust fan has 20 cm diameter that makes it the best exhaust fan for bathroom owing to its strong air suction. It comes with a two-year warranty and is very energy efficient.

The fan motor has double ball bearing assembly and copper winding to ensure long life with the least wear and tear. It has four blades and is slightly heavy but other than that it cleans our room air quickly.


  • Sweep of 300 mm and air delivery of 1850 cu. m/h
  • 80 watts power rating
  • Bird guard attached to exhaust
  • Powder coated metallic finish
  • Sturdy design
  • Two-year warranty


  • Slightly expensive 
  • Lackluster design

5. Orient Electric Ventilator Exhaust Fan 

You can expect nothing less than excellent from Orient, and it stands up to that reputation when it comes to this exhaust fan. It eliminates smokiness from the air while adding an elegant touch to the overall look of the kitchen. It’s 250 mm sweep size, 1300 rpm spin speed and wide resin blades offer great performance ability while being easy on maintenance costs.

The fan has shutters to prevent dust and foreign bodies from entering your kitchen.

It has a powerful motor that operates on 45 watts and provides air delivery of 500 CMM. Besides the kitchen, you can use this as an ideal choice for bathroom exhaust fan India.


  • Great sweep length of 500 CMM
  • Quick and effective air circulation
  • Shutters prevent dust from entering your house/room
  • Plastic body makes for easy maintenance
  • Elegant look
  • 40 watts power


  • Only one colour variant.

6. Crompton Brisk Exhaust Fan

This Crompton Brisk Exhaust Fan provides you with an odourless environment in your home as it vents out all of the unpleasant odour and smoke that are present in the air. It is a must-have for bathrooms and kitchens for proper ventilation. 

It offers the right assistance and contribution to clearing the indoor environment. The fan has an inbuilt safety grill, and it is completely rustproof. It has a spin speed of 2370 rpm and air delivery of 460 cu m/min. This fan has a two-year warranty and is a high-speed ventilating fan. 

It has a sleek and elegant look. The fan offers powerful airflow and works at 50 watts. 


  • Elegant look
  • Rust-free body
  • Sturdy design
  • High-speed ventilation and air delivery of 460 cu m/min
  • Two-year warranty 
  • 50-year power rating
  • Fan sweep of 250 mm and speed of 2370 RPM
  • Automatic shutter for dust protection


  • Backside fins are of low quality 

7. Orpat Ventilation Fan

The Orpat Ventilation Fan is an outstanding product to lay your hands on and has a rust-free plastic body. It has carefully engineered a unique blade design for higher airflow and has a durable motor with inner fuse protection. It is both easy to install and clean. 

The fan has an inbuilt safety grill and works smoothly to provide you with an odour-free environment. It is ideal for mounting on glass pane or windows. This exhaust has 150 mm sweep and motor speed of 1800 rpm. With a low power rating of 20 watts and a stylish design that suits modern households.

It has powerful airflow and suction so that you enjoy a cool and odourless environment anytime.


  • High-grade plastic
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Low power rating of 20 watts
  • Strong air suction
  • Unique six-blade design
  • Rust-free design


  • Low sweep length
  • Not suitable for large areas
  • Bit noisy

8. Luminous Vento Axial Exhaust Fan

This luminous fan is a stylish fan that suits the kitchen, conference rooms, AC cabins and modern households. It comes with some key features such as quality assurance, attractive looks and efficient functioning. It easily and quickly removes all the smoke from your Bathroom and kitchen.

The aerodynamically designed blades provide faster rotation speed without making noise. It has five wide blades that offer high air delivery of 240 CMH. The copper wired motor removes any unwanted odour at the speed of 2000 RPM and uses only 55 watts of power.

This fan has a fantastic build quality as it is made from high-quality material. The compact design enhances the beauty of your kitchen to two or three folds owing to its classy white colour.


  • Rustproof body
  • 150 mm wide blade design to give superior output.
  • Optimum performance at low wattage
  • High speed of 2000 RPM
  • Great appeal


  • Not Suitable For Kitchen Use

9. Bajaj Maxima Exhaust Fan

Bajaj is a reputed and trusted brand that provides a simple yet good quality of home appliances and other services. If you search which exhaust fan is best, then you’ll see that this exhaust fan will have a high rating in many reviews. It is small, lightweight and portable so it can fit in the smallest of an area without difficulty. 

It is ideal for mounting on a glass window or ac cabins. This Bajaj maxima exhaust fan has five high quality engineered blades made from high-grade plastic which is resistant to colour change and has anti-static properties. 

The fan has a sturdy and presentable design. Its backside has automatic guards that flip open when you switch on the fan and closes right after it’s done operating. 


  • Sturdy and rust-free design
  • One year warranty
  • Power rating of 24 watts and air delivery of 270 Cu M/h
  • Automatic guards


  • Don’t have a colour variant in 300 mm

10. Sameer Abs Ventilation Fan

This highly economical exhaust fan comes in two sizes that are 150 mm and 200 mm. If you’re a small kitchen, then 150 mm will work fine for you, but if you’ve got a busy or large kitchen, then anything less than 200 mm will be ineffective.

It is one of the lightest fans available on the market that can render a power-packed performance within a budget-friendly price. This fan comes with a two-year warranty provided from the date of purchase. It has minimum operational sound and vents out any kind of smoke, dust, moisture and other contaminants easily.


  • Available in two sizes
  • Minimum noise while operating
  • Two-year warranty 
  • Strong air suction


  • Not a lot of information available on the product  

Exhaust Fan – Buying Guide

Exhaust Fan - Buying Guide

You may think that there’s barely any difference in the functioning of other exhaust fans, but you should check out some factors and features before purchasing an exhaust fan.

You should always analyse a few requirements to narrow down to some choices, and we’ve tried our best to list all those factors in this buying guide:

1. Size

The size of the exhaust fan somewhat determines the quality of performance it will deliver. A small kitchen needs anywhere between 9-12 inches fan depending on how busy it can get, but the larger kitchen needs more sturdy and larger fans to vent out a large amount of air effectively. 

The size of exhaust fans in restaurants or shopping complexes is far larger to ensure proper air circulation. 

2. Number of Blades

You’ll come across various models consisting of a different number of blades, and you may find some as low as two blades while some as high as five blades.

You can choose the one with higher blades as they work effectively and remove odours fastly while providing silent operation. 

3. Blade Composition

The blade composition is the material from which blades are made of, and it directly affects the performance of the exhaust fan. It also determines the longevity of the product and generally, you’ll either find plastic or metal blades.

The plastic blades are more durable and don’t rust easily. Also, they are easier as well as cheaper to replace, but if you are eager to get metal ones, you’ve to make sure that you clean them from time to time. 

4. Air Delivery

It is the volume of air that can be expelled out of the kitchen, and it is measured in cubic metres per minute. The air delivery of your exhaust fan will tell you how effective it is for ventilation of your room.

There is usually back-drafting used in exhaust fans for air circulation that may result in fire hazards or the introduction of toxic gases. Unless you have proper care and maintenance till then, you should not opt for large and heavy-duty exhaust fans. 

5. Noise

Noisy table fans can be annoying and disturb you a lot; thus, you should always check the noise your choice of table fan creates while operating. 

If you are buying a regular fan, then the noise levels should be close to 60 dB, and then the high performing fan should be around 74.3 dB.

6. Energy Consumption

The power rating shows us what amount of work your fan does for a certain amount of electricity, and higher power rating indicates better performance. So, it’s wise to check the power rating to have a prior idea about the performance of your table fan.

High-speed table fans come with higher power ratings and yet better performance for little extra energy consumption in comparison to regular table fans.

7. CFM Capacity

CFM capacity stands for cubic per metres, and it is the airflow provided by the table fan per minute. It very well reflects the strength of air thrust offered by the table fan and higher CFM shows better fan performance. You can choose the fan most suitable for you based on the desirable area you’ll like the table fan to work in and then the CFM that will go best with it.

But the takeaway here is higher CFM is equivalent to higher air delivery. 

8. External Guard

The fan accumulates lots of dirt and dust on the blades during the process of operating and thus cleaning on regular intervals is an absolute must. To have easier cleaning and maintenance, you should look for an exhaust fan that has a detachable external guard without screws to make the cleaning process hassle-free. 

9. Budget and Warranty

Budget is one of the key factors that give you an idea of what models and features you’ll be getting in an exhaust fan within the price range that helps narrow down your choices to merely few models.

A warranty acts as a catalyst in that purchasing process as it helps you determine whether you’ll get an exchange in case of defective products. It would be best if you always went for an exhaust fan with good features, sturdy design and a reasonable warranty period. 

How to clean a kitchen exhaust fan?

First of all, you should make sure that the fan is unplugged before starting the cleaning process and prepare soapy water. Remove all the mesh guard and soak it in a solution of hot water and ammonia. Scrub the blades so that you can get rid of dust and then immerse it in the same solution.

You can even ease the grease to clean the blades and remove the grease. Use scrapers to remove any buildup, and you can even use vinegar to cut through the dirt.

Allow the parts to dry before assembling it completely. 


We’ve included all the information you may or may not need for investing in a good exhaust fan, and we hope that we’ve made your job of selecting between various models easier.

It would help if you always tried to make sure that you invest in a good exhaust fan after researching and analysing. You can even lookout for sales that may help you land great deals and save lots of money.  


1. How does the exhaust fan work?

Exhaust fans help in air ventilation in closed rooms like bathrooms and toilets. They suck out stale air and allow fresh air to flow in from elsewhere. The stale or warm air is then sucked and thrown to the back using a ducted system. 

2. Does an exhaust fan cool the room?

Exhaust fans don’t cool the room as they throw their hot or humid air out and allow the fresh air to take that place. They directly don’t help in cooling, but they usually help in air ventilation.

But it depends on your locality as in a moderately hot climate it may allow the fresh air to circulate within closed rooms, but it isn’t doing the cooling work. 

3. Why is Capacitor used in fans and cooler but not in an exhaust fan?

Coolers and fans have single-phase induction motors that require little force to start working. A fan motor has a brushless motor, so it does have to need any kick or force to start working. Hence, they don’t need any capacitor. 

4. What is the difference between the exhaust fan and the ventilation fan?

There is no difference between exhaust fans and ventilation fans as these are just two terms for the same thing. The exhaust fan is often referred to as ventilation fans because they help in ventilating the room or space so to answer your question- no, both terms are used for the same type of fans. 

5. Will the exhaust fan reduce humidity and heat?

Exhaust fans can help in removing heat and humidity from the kitchen air. It helps suction out the humid air to ensure a fresh and workable atmosphere.

There are two prime locations for installing an exhaust fan, and these are bathrooms and toilets. Both these rooms have high humidity and need a proper atmosphere. 

6. Are exhaust fans required in laundry rooms?

It is not advisable to install exhaust fans in laundry rooms or anywhere close to the washing room. The exhaust fan can suction clothes or lint that may lead to buildup on the mesh guard or any possible hazards. 

7. Is it better to buy a powerful exhaust fan?

If you have requirements of a regular household, then we suggest having a moderate exhaust fan as a powerful exhaust fan will consume more electricity. A decent exhaust fan with a good warranty is best for your home.

Samarth is a Mechanical engineer from IIT Bombay with deep understanding of machines and the overall market. Samarth has been building machine from over 8 years so all his reviews on November Culture are first hand expert review. He co founded November Culture along with few other industry experts to provide reviews of daily products.