Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India

Most of the Indian states experience harsh heat waves at least once a year and some states like Delhi have to even be on heat alert as the temperatures reach record highs almost every year. 

So ceiling fans are rather a very common fixture present in almost all Indian households and companies have started to realize that plain old fans need to be smart in this era of smart technology.

So now we have fancy ceiling fans with lights and with smart features that let you decide how you’d like to run your ceiling fan. 

We have included the best models of ceiling fan with led light available on the market today. A fan with light adds great aesthetics to your overall home decor, and some of them have premium features like sleep timer, boost mode etc. to give you a personalized experience. 

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights 2021

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India 1 Crompton Metal Uranus Ceiling Fan By Crompton
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Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India 2 Orient Electric Aeroslim Premium Ceiling Fan By Orient
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3 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India 3 Orient Electric Spectra Ceiling Fan By Orient
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4 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India 4 Crompton Jupiter Ceiling Fan By Crompton
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5 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India 5 Usha Fontana One Ceiling Fan By Usha
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1. Crompton Metal Uranus Ceiling Fan

Crompton is a very popular company and manufacture wall fans, table fans, tower fans etc. This Crompton Metal Uranus Ceiling Fan adds a royal touch to your room with its luxurious chandelier design. It offers high performance and lasts for a long time, making it a great fan with lights.

The led fan lights provide appreciable brightness to the room, and four blades have a rich electroplated finish. The fan doesn’t create much noise and has a sweep size of 1200 mm. It has a powerful copper motor with double ball bearings and aerodynamically balanced blades.

Air delivery is strong with a high spin speed of 320 rpm. The build quality is impressive, and this product has a two-year warranty.


  • Great sweep length
  • Luxurious look
  • Long product life and a two-year warranty
  • Air delivery of 200 CMM
  • Detailed magnificent carvings for a royal décor
  • Convenient pull cord for speed and light control.


  • You cannot use an external default regulator for controlling speed.

2. Orient Electric Aeroslim Premium Ceiling Fan

What if we were to tell you that there is a model out with great sweep length and a strong motor that also has great appeal? It sounds like the perfect package anyone could ask for and Orient Electric Aeroslim Premium Ceiling Fan is the physical manifestation of such a perfect package.

It has 1200 sweep length that can circulate air in large spaces and it works on 45 wattages. It has a decent spin speed of 310 RPM, and it delivers a strong thrust of air within 240 cubics per meter, but it is not as fast as wall fans, so if you want to feel cool, you might want to consider reading our reviews on the best wall fans. Aero slim fan is expertly designed with inverter technology that saves 40% energy owing to its super-efficient inverter motor.

With a two year warranty, this product has adjustable design best for mounting on modern as well as traditional ceilings. It is one of the best ceiling fan designs India at a decent price range.


  • Smoothly diffused light that has dimmability option
  • Adjustable speed
  • Strong wind delivery and great sweep length
  • Different modes available for a customizable experience like a time, turbo mode, reverse rotation etc.
  • Uniform airflow with very less noise


  • No colour choice of LED is provided. 
  • No battery back-up option

3. Orient Electric Spectra Ceiling Fan

This Orient Electric Spectra Ceiling Fan has five multi-coloured LED display lights that allow you to customize the lighting of your room according to your mood.

You can even adjust LED light intensity as per your needs and offers you to change colours both manually as well as automatically. There is also a timer feature provided in your remote control that enhances the ease of operation. Powerful copper motor and impressive build quality enhance the product life.

The sweep length is 120 mm, 230 cmm of air delivery and 320 spin speed offers incredible performance.


  • Superior performance
  • Customizable experience with 5 coloured LED 
  • Powerful motor
  • Adjustable light intensity 
  • Two-year warranty 
  • Premium electroplated finish


  • Company professionals do not do the installation.  

4. Crompton Jupiter Ceiling Fan

Crompton has time and again proved to be the champion of innovative ideas that have made it one of the leading brands in the fan industry. This fan has four lamps that enhance the appeal of the room and house decor. It adds a royal touch to your living space with its chandelier design. 

The fan comes with five blades that have rich electroplated finish and durable light shades. Its powerful copper motor and its double ball bearings offer silent operation. Dynamically balanced blades and superior build quality provide longer life.

It has a sweep size of 1200 mm, spin speed of 300 rpm and air delivery of 210 CMM. The power rating is 75 watts, and the fan has a two-year warranty.


  • Great performing ability
  • Powerful copper motor 
  • Luxurious chandelier design
  • Two-year warranty
  • Superior build quality
  • Air delivery of 210 CMM and great sweep length of 1200 mm.


  • Requires installation by professionals as lamps may fall due to inadequate support. 

5. Usha Fontana One Ceiling Fan

Usha has been the leading brand in the fan industry no matter what fan type we consider and a very good reason for that is their superior quality products. This stylish Usha Fontana One Ceiling Fan offers amazing performing ability at a reasonable price.

It looks stylish, and its high gloss electroplated motor is very durable. The fan is removable under light, and wide blades give strong wind delivery as well as airspeed. It works on 70 wattages and offers airflow of 207 CFM.

The high spin speed of 310 rpm allows this fan to circulate air in large spaces. It has a three-speed pull cord that allows you to use the fan at your desired speed whenever you want. 


  • Good spin speed and air thrust
  • Durable body
  • Removable under light
  • Copper motor provides good performance and longer product life
  • High permeability grade electric steel lamination gives improved motor life
  • Available in different chandelier styles


  • Warranty of only one year

6. Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan

 Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan is a masterpiece when it comes to its antique design. You can operate this fan with the use of strings or use an external regulator.

It is equipped with five wide wooden blades that offer decent air delivery. The spin speed is 230 to 240 RPM which is decent for indoors, and overall the size of the product is 48 inches. Product material is metal, and its motor stays durable for a long time.

Its noiseless motor offers unhindered sleep and has excellent looks.


  • Silent operation
  • Efficient
  • Great appeal 
  • Can use an external regulator for easy operation


  • Need experts for installation
  • Not a lot of information available about the product
  • Replacement of bulbs is hard to find.   

7. Syska Arty Led Ceiling Fan

Syska Arty Led Ceiling Fan is the elegant and unique combination of LED and fan. It is innovative, and its best in class motor offers great performance silently. The fan is equipped with aerodynamically balanced broad blades that circulate air in large spaces.

It is dust resistant so that you experience supreme comfort and convenience in every way possible. The remote control and great features make it a great catch within its price range.

The fan dimmable LED bulbs that have 3 settings and its power rating is 74 watts. It has five-speed settings and blade sweep of 1200 mm. Airflow is equally incredible as it delivers strong air up to 7770 cubic metres. The product has a two-year warranty and comes with DownRod, Shackle Assembly, Canopies, Remote and Warranty Card in the box.


  • Power of 74 watts
  • Great blade sweep length, air delivery and airflow
  • Two-year warranty 
  • Dust resistance 
  • Easy operation due to remote control
  • Five-speed settings 
  • Three-stage dimmable LED bulk


  • Some customers complained of receiving different colours from what they’ve ordered. 

Ceiling Fans with Lights – Buying Guide

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India 6

Many things come into play while deciding the most suitable fan with light, and we’ve listed some of the factors that you should consider before purchasing one.

These may seem obvious but some of the smartest people around us making mistakes while buying a ceiling fan and regret buying a model that may have more or fewer features than what they required in the first place. 

Therefore, as the saying goes better safe than sorry, you should consider all of these factors before investing in a ceiling fan. 

1. Fan Blade Span

It is crucial to determine the area you want your fan to work in, and then you’ll be able to decide what ceiling fan with led light is best-suited for your needs.

 The fan blade speed is also called sweep length which tells you the area in which the fan circulates the area. Always check for the sweep length of the fan and for a good idea you should choose 62 inches blade span (or) 2 fans with 42 inches blade span for large areas. 

For smaller areas or rooms that are less than 80 sq. ft. you should select 24 – 42 inches blade span. 

2. Fan Motor Efficiency

The building material of your motor and its efficiency directly influences the product life of your fan. A powerful motor will be able to work for hours, provide good air thrust and prevent overheating.

The motor also represents how well the fan will circulate air, and DC motors offer superior functioning for a longer time. DC motors are 70% more efficient than standard models, but you may choose some motor according to your preference.

But make sure always to inquire or research about motor material, life and its efficiency.

3. Other Features Offered

Things like the type of LED used in the fan, remote control, pull cord, reverse rotation, and many more features may make your purchase more useful or convenient. 

The reverse rotation is the most useful mode as it allows you to use your ceiling fan and the warm in your room during the winter season. This feature makes the ceiling fan a better investment. 

4. Location

The designated location for placing your fan very much determines what kind of output you’re looking for while purchasing a ceiling fan. Like for instance if you want to place your fan in a small area any ceiling fan with basic features, three-speed settings and moderate air delivery will suffice.

But if you’re looking at a large area where you might have to run your fan for more than several hours, then you’ll have to look for options that offer better efficiency.

On a similar note, you should always choose a fan that can withstand climatic conditions accordingly like for outdoors you should get a fan with a wet rating and for the indoors dry rating is preferable. 

5. Size of Fan

Ceiling fans come in variable sizes and options so here’s a little help on how to select the best suitable size for your room:

  1. Up to 80 sq. ft- 24 to 42 blade span in inches
  2. 100 to 150 sq. ft- 44 to 50 blade span in inches
  3. 150 to 300 sq. ft- 52 to 60 blade span in inches
  4. More than 300 sq. ft- 2 fans of blade span equal to 42 inches

6. Blades

LED Fan Blades

The blade number, material, width and angle determines the performance ability of the fan. While some people prefer three-wide metallic blades to get good performance and noiseless operation, many think four is a charm and wooden add a posh look to their room.

Also, while choosing what blade angle is best, try to select the models that have a blade angle between 12-14 degrees to ensure smooth and noiseless operation while maintaining optimum efficiency.

7. Lighting Options

You can decide what kind of lightning option works out best for you and choose a model that supports it, for example, some people prefer using LEDs in their homes then they should go for models like Syska Arty Led Ceiling Fan. 

But you don’t have to choose between LED or normal bulbs there are more options like halogens, fluorescent etc. If choosing bulbs or replacing them seems like a hassle for you, then you should purchase an integrated light fan. 

8. Exterior Finishing

Choosing any exterior finishing should be done based on your room decor. If your room has a minimalistic outlook, then you should go for a premium quality elegant look, and you can even buy a fan with a chandelier to add a royal look to the room.

Also while selecting an exterior finishing, you should go for aluminium or brass or dust-free fan models. 

9. Budget and Warranty

Your budget influences your purchase a lot, and it is significant that you look for a model that offers the best performance within its price range. We’ve listed the best models of fancy ceiling fans with lights within an affordable range, but if you want to buy a costly one then brands like Orient, Crompton, Usha and Atomberg have a lot to offer.

While the warranty doesn’t represent the product quality, it ensures that you’ve got the power to exchange the product if it has any defects. So you should select a fan that has a warranty of two years or more. 

10. Types of Ceiling Fan Lights

  1. Halogen: These bulbs are more efficient as they consume 15% less energy than the ordinary standard bulbs. They emit a warm light and best suited for easy to reach fans. The only disadvantage of using a halogen bulb is how it gets really hot after hours of usage.
  2. Fluorescent: Also known as CFL light bulbs, these bulbs are highly efficient and popular among households. They consume 75% less energy than conventional light bulbs.
  3. LED: Light-emitting diodes ( LEDs ) are a perfect solution for light sources in modern households. They provide optimum brightness while regulating cool air into your room.
  4.  Incandescent Light Bulb: The old fashioned and of course the original model of electric lightning bulbs that have been the less popular option nowadays because of its high power consumption and less output. 
  5. HID Light Bulb: High-Intensity Discharge (HID) light bulbs are the unpopular way of lightening the rooms, and they work best in really large spaces like a garage or basement. They are not the best solution for lighting in residential homes. 


Purchasing a ceiling fan might not be a great deal but finding one that suits your needs best can be a daunting task. Our review covered things that you should know before buying a ceiling fan and from features to warranty we’ve tried to cover all of the important bases. 

A ceiling fan with lights might not be an essential thing for your home, but it does two jobs for you in a very efficient way that makes it somehow a must-have home appliance if you like saving energy and money. 


1. Why should I buy a ceiling fan with a light kit?

If you want to take control over the air circulation and lightening of your room and want to do all of it with ease, then a ceiling fan with a light kit is meant for you. 

A ceiling fan with led light can accommodate itself to all of your needs and moods while offering some great features and superior air delivery. 

2. How to choose the best ceiling fans that consume low power?

From a sea of options, you should select a model that provides you with decent performance at low power and prefer buying a model with LEd light bulbs. 

3. What are the benefits of using remote control ceiling fans with lights?

Operating becomes very convenient with remote control as you don’t have to get up and go to the regulator to change speed or anything. You can do it from the comfort of your bed while lying down or doing something else. 

4. What is a good airflow for a ceiling fan with lights?

Well, a decent airflow for a ceiling for lights is between the range of 5,000 to 6,000 CFM will be suitable for providing good air thrust and ventilation in small to medium-sized rooms. 
Airflow around 6,000 CFM or more is just world-class performance and best-suited for large areas. 

5. Are the bulbs of ceiling fans available in the market?

Yes, there are bulbs available in the market for replacing your original bulbs. You can easily find these bulbs at a local shop or online stores. 

6. How to install light to an existing ceiling fan?

Switch off your fan and after it cools down to check whether it has a housing cap to assemble lights. If your fan does not have a housing assembly, then it’s not possible to attach a light kit, and in that case, it’s better to purchase a new ceiling fan with lights. 

If it has a housing assembly, then assemble the wires inside the lighting assembly. Purchase an appropriate light kit and attach the bulb sockets to the light kit. 

Screw the light kit to your fan and pull the chain to enjoy both good air quality and improved lightning from your fan. 

7. How to know light intensity for different rooms?

Every room serves its purpose and requires the amount of lightning that further supports that purpose. So if you’re planning to place your ceiling fan in hallways, study rooms or dining rooms, then you should select a fan that offers bright light.

For bedrooms, playrooms or TV rooms you should prefer buying fans that either has dim light or multiple lighting options to suit your moods and requirements. 

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