Air Coolers VS Air Conditioners – Which One To Buy ?

Air coolers vs Air conditioners – Which One To Buy ?

If you are planning on purchasing an air cooler or an air condition and are confused about what to select, you have come to the right place. Even though we cannot tell you which one suits your lifestyle, a comparison between an air cooler vs air conditioner can assist you in choosing one that would suit you the best. After going through the article air cooler vs air conditioner, we assure you that you will be able to decide what is appropriate for your budget, temperature demands, and climate type. So, let’s get started with all the basic differences between an Air cooler and AC.

Difference between Air Cooler And AC

Difference Between AC and Air Cooler

To decide between an air cooler or air conditioner, we need to first go through a set of differences between cooler and AC briefly. Below given are a few points that set an AC different from Air coolers.

1. Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner Cost

It is a fact that air coolers tend to cost a lot less than air conditioners. A standard air conditioner will cost you around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000, whereas you can get an air cooler within a price range of Rs. 3000 (small room) to Rs. 15,000 (larger room). Besides purchasing costs, the Air Cooler’s operational costs are far lower as well. Moreover, the electricity bills with an air cooler are much less than that of the air conditioners as they consume more electricity.

Note: While most air conditioners exceed the 30000 price tag, we have managed to list some of the best air conditioners under 30000 in India.

2. Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner Electricity Consumption

Each month, when you use an AC, you pay a considerable amount on the bill. That’s because air conditioning units consume a lot of power. Even though a few pretty energy-efficient models exist, they can’t surpass the air coolers in low electricity consumption. Air coolers only consume 20% of the power that an air conditioner consumes. Hence, air coolers, without a doubt, are way more energy-efficient and let you save a lot on your electricity bills in the long run.

3. Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner – Environmentally Friendly

An air cooler cools the air around you by passing hot air through them. An AC for the cooling procedure, they utilize eco-friendly refrigerants and even have inverter technology. However, different types of air conditioners use CFLs for the coolant, which are environmentally hazardous. The compressor pumps out the hot air to the outdoors and lets in the air into the room from the unit. This means that air conditioners are far less environmentally friendly than air coolers.

4. Cooler Vs AC Portability

Installing an AC involves a lot of work and effort. Moreover, it is difficult to relocate it once fixed in a place without expert assistance. Whereas air coolers are portable and shifting them between places is relatively easy. Furthermore, a few air coolers have castor wheels that are extremely useful in your home to move air coolers.

5. Cooler Vs AC Maintenance

Air coolers need continual maintenance, such as replenishing the tank water, which is one of the primary drawbacks of air coolers. In air coolers, you are required to fill water in them before using them, which is a tedious task. People have much enthusiasm to do this when the air cooler is new. However, as time passes by, they get lazy and feel tired to do this. Besides, in the metropolitan regions, water is in the crisis phase. Simultaneously, air conditioners do not require everyday maintenance. You are just required to get the servicing done once every two years.

6. Cooler Vs AC Functioning

ACs and Air coolers differ in the way they both work. The cooling procedure involves the intake of hot air, passing it through wet absorbent pads, and cools the air. Additionally, air coolers must be filled with water up to the full capacity before using it. In contrast to an air cooler that just cools the air to some extent, air conditioners make the air condition better through the provision of temperature and humidity adjustment options.

7. Cooler Vs AC Efficiency

The greatest drawback of air coolers is they are inefficient in high humid areasAir coolers are not useful in highly humid regions or coastal locations. The explanation being the way air coolers function. The air coolers essentially convert water to air. In high humid locations, the air already has humidity, leaving no room for more water. For this reason, air coolers are not effective in extremely humid environments. In such humid locations, Air conditioners work the best due to their compressor technology.


We hope that you must’ve gotten an overall idea about the differences between cooler and ac and what to choose by now. The belief that “the costlier, the better” isn’t always true. Decide only after considering your lifestyle, preferences, cooling requirements, and budget.

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