Air Cooler Types: Desert Cooler Vs Room Cooler Vs Tower Cooler

Summer is at its peak and it’s that time of the year again when you just can’t do without a cooler in your house. If you don’t already have one, time to start looking because it’s only going to get hotter. To help you with your purchase decision, we’ve made things easier for you by listing out the various types of Air Cooler along with each of their detailed features. Once equipped with the knowledge covered in this guide, we recommend you checking our top picks for the best air coolers in India to find one that suits your household best.

What is a Desert Air Cooler?

Air Cooler Types: Desert Cooler Vs Room Cooler Vs Tower Cooler 1

A desert cooler is the one that is generally fitted outside a window so that it can take air from outside and provide cooling inside the room. The fan in the desert cooler works more or less like an exhaust. However, having an open window for ventilation is a prerequisite for effective working of these air coolers.

Mostly all coolers function almost in the same way with a common purpose to lower the room temperature and make the surroundings cool. All of them are designed in a way that evaporates the water to provide cooling in the room. However, desert coolers are often the most preferred choice among customers since they are proven to offer better cooling effects than its other counterparts. A Desert Air Cooler is better than a Air Conditioner in terms on electricity consumption and environmental effects.

That said, it cannot also be ignored that a desert cooler needs more space than any other cooler, not to forget large amounts of water and power to operate. This could be a major concern in areas that suffer water and power shortage especially during summers.

Features of a Desert Air Cooler

  • Large water tank, usually 75-85 liters capacity
  • 200 watt power consumption for cooling
  • 3-speed settings
  • Powerful fan
  • Strong and long-lasting motor
  • 4-way deflection system
  • Honeycomb cooling pads designed to absorb dust from outside
  • Can be connected to an inverter to keep running even during power cuts
  • Auto fill feature that facilitates automatic water filling into the tank by connecting a hose pipe to the direct water supply line
  • Water level indicator that keeps you updated on the current level of water in the tank and also gives a beep when it’s time to refill

What is a Room Air Cooler?

Air Cooler Types: Desert Cooler Vs Room Cooler Vs Tower Cooler 2

A room cooler is comparatively less powerful than a desert cooler, meaning that it may not be able to provide an instant cooling effect like the desert cooler. It may take some time before you can enjoy its cooling. However, it has its own advantages too. Space for instance is not an issue since a room cooler can be easily kept anywhere in the room. It is also portable – you can place it on a wheel trolley and move it around in the house anywhere as per your comfort. It also does not require any fitting to be done unlike the desert cooler. The fan or blower of the cooler is used to forcefully throw the air outside.

A room cooler is pretty ideal for small homes where space is an issue. Also, in places where summer heat is not intolerable, a room cooler is just enough to meet your needs. Lesser space, great for not-too-hot climates and easy on the pocket, a room cooler could be the right choice for you. For context, room air coolers can be bought for as less as 10000 INR and hence, are an ideal choice for middle class Indian households.

Features of Room Air Cooler

  • Water tank with a capacity of up to 23 liters
  • 140 watt power consumption for cooling
  • 150 sq ft cooling area covered
  • 3-speed settings
  • Personal cooler that can be used anywhere in the house depending on where you are
  • Easy-to-change honeycomb cooling pads
  • In-built humidity controller
  • Ice chamber where you can put ice to get that extra cooling effect during more heat
  • Automatic water level indicator
  • Castor wheels to comfortably move it around inside the house
  • Continues to run on inverter
  • Drain plug helps to keep the cooler clean and mosquito-free
  • In-built overflow feature to prevent water leakage
  • 4-way air deflection
  • Up to 10 m area covered for cooling
  • Perfect to use in bedroom and living and dining areas

What is a Tower Air Cooler?

Air Cooler Types: Desert Cooler Vs Room Cooler Vs Tower Cooler 3

Like the name suggests, tower coolers are designed to be tall, thin and compact so that they can be used to provide cooling even in those corners where normal air coolers fail to reach.

Easy to slide around and portable on wheels, you can literally take your tower cooler from one room to another as you shift places. Its sleek design makes it one of the best choices for small spaces.

It’s so slim you won’t even realize that the cooler is there in the room. Very handy, convenient to place and use, great cooling effect for small spaces, portable, easy to clean and comes at a great price too.

Features of Tower Air Cooler

  • Water tank capacity up to 30 liters
  • Power consumption for cooling – 155 watt
  • Cooling area covered – 200 sq ft
  • 3-speed settings
  • Facilitates easy cross ventilation in the room
  • Tank refill required only after 9 hours
  • 4 castor wheels provided
  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • Blower fan
  • 4-way air deflection for an ultimate cooling experience
  • Ice chamber provided for extra-cool effect
  • Auto louver movement
  • Oscillating function
  • Auto water level indicator
  • In-built dust filter
  • In-built mosquito net to prevent mosquito breeding
  • Drain hole provided to prevent water overflow
  • Great for indoors
  • Cord hanger provided
  • Fully closed horizontal louvers to prevent waste accumulation
  • Complete 360 degree rotation

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Air Cooler is good for Large Room?

A Desert Air Cooler is the best option for your Room if the overall Room size is more than 150 sq. ft. It has much powerful motors to pump out cool air and keep the room temperature low.

2. Which Air Cooler is good for Small Room?

A Room Air Cooler is sufficient for Small room with area less than or upto 100 sq. ft. Room Air Coolers are energy efficient and does the job pretty well for a small room.

3. Does an Air Cooler take too much Space?

While an Air Conditioner is mounted on the wall, an Air cooler takes up decent space of your precious Real estate. Buying a Tower Air Cooler is the best choice if you don’t have enough space or don’t like those bulky looking Air Coolers. Tower Air Cooler’s sleek design makes it very handy to fit in anywhere or to move it around with great ease

4. Which Air Cooler works similar to Air Conditioner?

A Desert Cooler can provide you cool and fresh Air without harming the environment. Covering a large area at one time for cooling, it can almost instantly bring down the room temperature by a few degrees and you can notice the difference within a few minutes of switching the cooler on.


Meanwhile, both room and tower coolers are perfect for homes with space constraints and that don’t require much cooling for longer periods. Just an hour or two of using the cooler and the temperature change is evident.

So choose the one that suits you best and enjoy the summer ahead without a worry.

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