Panasonic Washing Machine Reviews 2021

Washing in current times is as easy as shoving down your clothes into a washing machine and hanging them to dry in the sun, but there was a time when laundry took hours, especially for big families. Laundry was one of the most dreaded household chores. As things progressed, people started looking for more comfort. This comfort was offered and guaranteed by different brands.

Panasonic is one of the leading brands that offer exquisite comfort through its products and services. It started as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. in 1918. Panasonic has organized its organization into three fields: products, solutions, and components & devices. It has impressed millions of people with their superior quality of products and solutions.

Panasonic being one of the top brands, provides premium features of a washing machine within an affordable price range. Pansonic competes with some of the best brands such as Samsung and IFB as manufacturers of top load washing machines and front load washing machines. The company is known for its great product quality and durability and is therefore seen as one of the most reliable brands. We’re covering an exclusive section on Panasonic fully automatic washing machine review in this article.

You can find many articles on Panasonic washing machine review, but our review provides you with a more informed overview. We also discussed key aspects of why you should prefer Panasonic over other companies.

Best Panasonic Washing Machine Reviews 

1st Place
Panasonic Washing Machine Reviews 2021 1 Panasonic NA W65B3RRB By Panasonic
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Best Value
Panasonic Washing Machine Reviews 2021 2 Panasonic NA 128XB1L01 By Panasonic
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3 Panasonic Washing Machine Reviews 2021 3 Panasonic NA F60LF1HRB By Panasonic
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4 Panasonic Washing Machine Reviews 2021 4 Panasonic NA W140B1ARB By Panasonic
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5 Panasonic Washing Machine Reviews 2021 5 Panasonic NA F62A7CRB By Panasonic
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Features Of A Panasonic Washing Machine

Features Of A Panasonic Washing Machine

1. Aqua Beat Technology

The new washing machines feature Aquabeat Technology for much higher quality washing and Fuzzy Logic technology that allows the washing machine to automatically pick the washing cycle based on the load on the fabric. Panasonic’s latest models will offer a broad range of state-of-the-art choices that provide consistent and affordable performance. Panasonic has integrated energy-saving technology into modern models to address the growing demands for environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. It is a special device in which the pulsator’s rapid rotation induces a heavy water rush that shakes the clothes and eliminates all the stresses, followed by a soft kneading movement that extracts the dirt thoroughly.

2. Active Foam Wash

Detergents achieve their cleaning action through the help of surfactants. These are present on the surface of small detergent particles. These surfactants get dispersed on the foam surface when detergents are converted into the foam. These foam bubbles get attached to the dirt. This helps to achieve an excellent wash quality through deep penetration. 

Panasonic has always implemented the most innovative technology into its products. Following up to its reputation, Panasonic added Active Foam technology in all of its modern washing machines. This technology makes use of the principle that foam helps enhance surfactant power.

It achieves amazing wash quality through three steps: the dissolution of detergent, foam generation and foam penetration. These steps help in getting rid of undissolved detergents and provide you with immaculate wash quality. 

3. Auto Tub Clean

This feature not only helps in cleaning the tub but also sterilizing it. These washing machines are equipped with an in-built heater that warm water for washing of tub. The water is warmed up to 90-degree Celcius. It cleans all kinds of detergents, dirt or foam residues. It also prevents the build-up of mould or any bacteria. 

This feature makes Panasonic washing machines extremely unique. This also reflects the strategic design of these washing machines for being more comfortable and safe to use for users. 

4. Easy Wide Opening & Drum Inlet 

For enhanced comfort, Panasonic has introduced a wider opening and drum inlet. It ensures that the view of the bottom of the drum isn’t eclipsed by the rear control panel. This is a revolutionary change in structural designs of washing machines. This change ensures that the user won’t feel any kind of strain on their back, arms or neck while operating washing machine.

This also makes loading of heavy blankets or curtains extremely easy. Many machines also come with glass doors so that the user can observe the washing cycle.

5. Auto Restart 

Power cuts are a very common problem in different parts of India. These power cuts often damage your washing machine due to voltage spikes. To tackle this, Panasonic washing machines come with voltage control and auto restart feature.

Auto-restart feature makes use of the memory utility. This makes sure that your machine starts from where it was before the power cut. Both of these features make the machine more durable and saves you a lot of money on the repair.

Top 5 Panasonic Washing Machine Reviews 

1. Panasonic 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-W65B3RRB, Red)

Next on the list is a Panasonic semi-automatic washing machine review. This machine is best defined as economical, water and energy-efficient. The Panasonic NA-W65B33RRB comes with two wash programs, an inlet hose and the owner’s manual that is an excellent guide explaining the operations of the machine.

It has a high spin speed of 1350 rpm that reduces the time taken to dry the clothes in the machine. The water hose enables you to regulate the amount of hot or cold water entering your washing machine. This is a godsend for people who are inclined to use washing powders.

This feature allows you to set water temperature according to your washing powder. It also has a wash timer with the auto-soak feature. It produces a great combination of washing and soaking that gives you an immaculate wash.

It is also equipped with a cassette-filter that traps lint effectively. This lint removal is efficient even at low water level. With a powerful motor and high durability, this machine will provide you with the best laundry experience for a long time.


  • Very Affordable
  • Equipped with a powerful motor
  • Highly durable
  • Great appeal for home decors
  • Durable lint filter.


  • Adjacent dryer in the washing machine.

2. Panasonic 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (NA-128XB1L01, Silver, Inbuilt Heater)

This fully automated machine gives you the most comfortable experience while doing your work. It has all the unique and premium features for which Panasonic is known for and has a high capacity of 8 kg.

With an efficient tumble wash technology, the machine provides you with spotlessly clean laundry. Unlike other washing methods, in Tumble wash low spin speed portion moves the wash basket in a horizontal direction, this makes the clothes tumble, thus the name.

This washing system uses water very efficiently and is mainly incorporated in front-loading machines. This washing machine also has 16 wash programs, making it very flexible as per your requirements. These programs make it ideal for even delicate clothes like silk, linen etc. This machine has a spin speed of 1200 rpm. Thus, it requires very less drying time. It also comes with the “Pause and Add” feature.

This enhances the comfort of the user to another level. It takes away the headache of using extra wash cycles for the laundry you forgot to add. Hence, we believe Panasonic has done a great job incorporating all these great features that a washing machine needs.


  • Supreme comfort.
  • “Pause and Add” feature.
  • Wide variety of wash programs.
  • Tumble wash technology.


  • A little expensive

3. Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F60LF1HRB, Grey)

Panasonic’s 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is designed for enhanced comfort and supreme wash quality. The washing machine is built from a stainless steel drum and extra-durable body.

With unique wash programs, this product offers the best care needed for your clothes. A very powerful motor with a high RPM enables it to run extremely smooth while also reducing the drying time. This washing machine is capable of washing heavy load materials like curtains, linens etc. The lint filters provided in machines remove lint effectively.

This filter works extremely well even in low water levels. This machine is also equipped with Active Foam technology. Active foam technology provides you with amazing wash quality using foam and surfactants. This works by foam generation and foam penetration. These foam bubbles and surfactants penetrate deep into the layers of your clothes.

This loosens the grip of dirt or stains on your clothes and helps in removing them. It also has a magic filter that traps any dirt or residues from clothes. Aquabeat technology incorporated with all the other features provides you with excellent wash quality. This product takes care of your clothes while keeping a very smooth operating system.


  • Affordable
  • Magic filter
  • Highly durable
  • Aqua beat technology


  • Little noisy

4. Panasonic 14kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-W140B1ARB, Blue) with Lint Filter

Panasonic’s 14kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is an amazing catch in a very affordable range. It has very low water and energy consumption. While it may need manual efforts for a good wash, we assure you that the results are very satisfactory.

It has both the washing as well as drying functions. With a good capacity of 14 kg, it is laced with a very powerful motor. It is best suited for large families with children as well. This motor makes it effective in washing curtains, linens etc.

It has a great spin speed of 1350 rpm that needs very less drying time. It has two exclusive wash programs. These programs are designed to take care of your clothes while washing them efficiently. It also has a wash timer with auto-soak function. This provides a great combination of washing and soaking.

This washing machine is equipped with a durable lint filter. It removes lint even at very low water levels. Thus, Panasonic smartly incorporated great features in this product while keeping it affordable.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Best suited for large families
  • Great appeal
  • Highly durable
  • Lint filter


  • Little noisy

5. Panasonic 6.2kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F62A7CRB, Inox Black, Advanced Active Foam System)

Panasonic 6.2kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine comes with multiple incredible features. It provides the comfort that top-loaders have been known for, the machine is also highly user-friendly with a capacity of 6.2 kg. It is suitable for bachelors and couples alike.

The drying time is low due to the high speed of 720 rpm. It comes with 10 wash programs that give your clothes the care, they need. It is also aided with inlet hose, drain pipe, snap ring screw and anti-rat cover.

The anti-rat cover is a plastic guard covered with rat repellant chemicals reducing any chances of damage by rat and thus increasing the durability of your machine. The owner’s manual included in the packaging gives you very clear instructions ensuring you learn to operate the machine in the shortest time possible. Its back panel has been strategically designed for it to become easier for you to reach the bottom of the tub.

This reduces strain on your back and arms thus giving you the best user experience. Our Panasonic washing machine 6.2 kg fully automatic review thus concludes as its best-suited for couples and bachelors. It has all the kind of comfort you might need while doing laundry. It is very budget-friendly as well and therefore ranks as one of the top 5 washing machines from Panasonic.


  • Very affordable.
  • Excellent comfort for the user.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Very durable.


  • Does not look very appealing.
  • Not suitable for big families.


If we talk about reliability, the Panasonic washing machine can clean the clothes completely and take care of them. There are successful laundry programs and silent operations in the washing machine that allow you to have more freedom in your life. The Panasonic washing machine also saves essential resources and water, which allows you to make a difference. This company has achieved its leading position in the Indian market due to its innovative technology. If you are searching for affordable and durable washing machines, Panasonic might be your perfect solution. If you are looking for washing features with more features that may be costlier, you may want to look at our reviews on the best washing machines in India.

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