IFB Washing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide

In this era of a fast-paced world, everyday mundane tasks like laundry washing seem nothing but horror and an obstacle in your ability to live your life to fullest. But thankfully, some companies have lifted off this burden from the shoulders of families through intelligent technology and their products. IFB is one of those prominent names in Indian Market, who has helped ease household chores through their innovative products.

IFB is a world-class name in the washing machine arena as their inspiration from German technology led them to introduce front load washing machines along with the top load. This helped them to not only top the market sales in comparison to their competitors, but also their washing machines alone occupy 40% of the Indian Market. IFB Home Appliances is a division of IFB Industries Ltd that caters to an overwhelming range of products and services. It has emerged as one of the most prominent companies in India, and their services have been a godsend for a lot of families.

This is an IFB washing machine review, and it will help you to decide whether this brand is the most suitable friend for your family and household chores. We’ve included their different products and models of washing machines in this review.

Best IFB Washing Machine Reviews

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IFB Washing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide 1 IFB Diva Aqua SX 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine By IFB
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Best Value
IFB Washing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide 2 IFB TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine By IFB
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3 IFB Washing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide 3 IFB Senator Aqua SX 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine By IFB
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4 IFB Washing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide 4 IFB TL-RDS/RDSS Aqua 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine By IFB
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5 IFB Washing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide 5 IFB Executive Plus VX ID 8.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine By IFB
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IFB Washing Machine Technologies and Features

Among Indian customers, IFB is a popular brand. This is because the brand acknowledges the interests of Indian customers and thus delivers the best commodity at a reasonable price. Perhaps this is what has made IFB, especially in the front loader segment, one of the best brands of washing machines in India today.

It has captured Indian customers’ hearts with innovative technologies, excellent efficiency and fair prices. It has established itself in the front loader segment as the best-selling brand, leaving many other Indian brands including Videocon, Godrej or BPL behind.

1. 360° Wash

While 360 degrees wash is a unique technology in washing machines, IFB has cleverly used it to achieve a better wash quality from their washing machines. In this water is circulated in 360 degrees to provide better cleaning for your clothes. These machines have been specifically designed to make sure the drum keeps the water in 360 degrees motion along with the water directly pouring over clothes through a nozzle. This ensures even soaking of clothes with water and detergent, thus achieving an impeccable wash quality. IFB has also incorporated crescent moon drum to maintain a gentle water cushion to reduce the damage to the clothes.

2. Smart Loader

IFB famous for their revolutionizing technologies in their products has introduced India’s first smart washing machines in every term. These washing machines have been built to suit your various requirements while being efficient in washing your clothes. Smart loaders are the washing machines that are equipped with the ability to distinguish between different types of stains and thus treating them with dexterity.

As the requirements change from person to person, these machines can surprise you with their performance. For instance, consider that you spilt coffee on your shirt and your child comes back from playing in a playground, both stains are different but equally stubborn to deal with. IFB’s smart loaders can distinguish stains and dirt from each other and change its course of washing according to it.

3. O2 Wash

This new technology, introduced by IFB, implements the use of air bubbles penetrating your clothes and fabrics, pushing out dirt and stains out of it. After the rinse cycle, 3D washing technology ensures that washer removes all the detergents from its clothes. Their 360 degrees feature also ensures that clothes are evenly soaked with water and detergents, thus not leaving any stones unturned in terms of wash quality.

This, when paired with triadic pulsator’s soft scrubs and 3D washing technology, gives an excellent wash quality of clothes. These features have been key factors for IFB in winning the hearts of its customers across the country. This technology works along with other features and allows you to receive an amazing quality of laundry wash at the touch of a button. 

4. Cradle Wash

While we’ve discussed and gone over various situations of how these washing machines deal with stubborn stains effectively, we’ve yet not discussed what will happen to your fine and delicate clothes? IFB has come up with the solution for that scenario as well.

Cradle wash is strategically designed and incorporated for washing of delicate clothes like satins, laces etc. This prevents detergents and washers from washing them harshly, thus ensuring the care your fine clothes deserve. Revolutionary technologies like these have surely helped IFB achieve a way better position than its competitors in the Indian market.

5. Aqua Energie

The problem of hard water is common in different places around India. It is also harmful to the washer, in addition to the ill health effects that hard water creates on your clothes. Dissolving detergent in hard water, if used in the washer, becomes impossible. White residual substances are often deposited around the drum and the supply shaft, therefore covering them. IFB has come up with Aqua Energie technologies to overcome this problem that emerges from rough water.

The role of Aqua Energie Technologies is to tackle the issue of hard water and turn hard water into soft water. This technology is made up of an aqua filter that breaks down the bicarbonates into small crystals in hard water. As these crystals are thin, they have washed away with water, which decreases the risks of choking and destroying vital sections of the process from the supply line.

6. Auto Restart

IFB is known for its ability to find innovative solutions for problems not dealt with in different areas of products and services, and

as power outages are a very common problem in different parts of India. A machine needs to be able to resume its working from where it was after a power outage. This will not only minimize water and detergent wastage but also save your time. This was solved by Auto-start feature in washing machines. IFB washing machines come with memory utility that resumes its functions from where it was after a power outage.

Along with this IFB washing machines are extremely efficient in terms of water, energy and time usage. Thus these machines enhance your comfort while operating them while being environmental-friendly.

7. Laundry Add

Sometimes forgetting to add clothes in your washer cycle and waiting for the wash cycle to complete has been not only a headache but also a major inconvenience for the user. These problems in traditional washing machines have inconvenienced their users for a long time. But IFB’s washing machines come with the Add laundry feature where you can pause the wash cycle and add or remove clothes as you feel like. This feature in IFB’s washing machines enhanced the comfort of the user.

8. Child Lock

As the washing machines became more user-friendly, it has been very easily accessible for toddlers a well. Many times children out of their playfulness mess with the machine’s settings or end up damaging the machine or harming themselves. Thus, the child lock feature ensures the safety of your children as well as enables you to not be worried about your children during wash cycles.

While this may not be true for people without children in their house or any children visiting their house, it has been a major concern for people with children in their house. Hence this feature made washing machines enhanced the comfort of their users to another level.

Top 5 IFB Washing Machine Reviews

We’ve carefully analyzed IFB washing machines and picked out the top 5 washing machine models. These models have been laced with amazing features, along with being budget-friendly. IFB has provided sturdy and amazing washing machines for families running out of time and on a budget.

This article covers IFB fully automatic washing machine review and explores through the top 5 models selected on different parameters like rpm speed, capacity, wash care programs, etc. These features are necessary for enhanced comfort of the user and superior wash quality. We have made sure to fixate our focus on different models and provide you with IFB front load washing machine review. These models have been placed superior to others due to their rich features and affordable price range.

IFB being a world-class brand, has provided its customers with amazing washing machines and wavering off their headache of the mundane task of laundry washing. Their implementation of front-loaded machines skyrocketed their popularity in the Indian market.

Although there are many IFB washing machine top load review available on the internet, we’ve gone an extra mile to understand the working and the meaning of different kinds of features involved in the production of washing machines and provide you with informed overviews on every product mentioned below.

Thus, this IFB top load washing machine review will help you pick out the washing machine that’s best suitable for your home.

1. IFB Diva Aqua SX 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

To ensure smart cleaning and minimum damage to your clothing, this product comes along with a smooth crescent moon drum that grooves above the drum surface to ensure a gentle water cushion.

It also uses a 2D washing system that employs a shower system that provides thorough soaking and cleaning. In the 2D system, water is let in through two nozzles.

IFB has incorporated Ball Valve technology in which a float ball valve lets out water and keeps detergent in, preventing not only wastage but also superior quality of the wash.

All of these features not only enhance the convenience of the user, but also the quality of the laundry wash. IFB has managed to provide an all-around efficient washing machine within an affordable price range that’s best suitable for small nuclear families.

Hence, according to our IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg aqua fully automatic top loading washing machine review, this might not be the best option for families with infants or too much of laundry work.


  • Water-efficient and great wash quality
  • 2D washing system ensures minimum fabric damage
  • Ball valve technology decreases wastage


  • Comparatively costly to other options
  • Not suitable for large families  

2. IFB TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is not only affordable but also fully automated to ensure great service to the user. It is highly user-friendly and has a capacity of 6.5 kg, which is suitable for the family of three to four members.

This product has a high rpm speed of 720 rpm, which cuts off the time taken by machines to dry your clothes. It has been equipped with aqua energie technology in which hard water is converted into soft water to ensure supreme wash quality and also maintaining a long life of the machine as due to usage of hard water; white impurities accumulate on drum and supply pipes thus destroying them in long-run.

Aqua Energie technology prevents this damage without draining too much energy. This product is also laced with smart sensors that take the comfort of its user to another level.

Although there is no water inlet selection, it comes with many special features like the big LED screen that not only easy to use but also compliments a wide variety of home decor.


  • Child lock function ensures the safety
  • Extremely energy and water-efficient
  • Different modes to suit the cloth fabric and purpose
  • User-friendly


  • Longer time for drying compared to other products

 3. IFB Senator Aqua SX 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is a fully automated washing machine that provides the best wash quality along with being water efficient.

It has a capacity of 8 kg thus being suitable for a family of 5 or more members. It has a wide door with a diameter of 320 mm and an opening angle of 180 degrees, thus allowing more space and comfort.

It has a very high rpm speed of 1400 rpm and as we discussed that higher spin speed gives you the benefit of less drying time. It has features like wash care programs that cater to a wide variety of clothing like cotton, silk, mixed fabric, etc.

These programs ensure great washing according to your need and fabric style. It is also laced with air bubble wash system that takes away stubborn stains from your clothes.

This feature is best suitable for families with young ones and heaps of clothes with difficult stains or dirt. In this technology, many agitated air bubbles are allowed to penetrate deep into your clothes, thus loosening bond of dirt or stains and getting rid of them easily.


  • LCD panel enhances the convenience of the user
  • Child lock function takes care of child safety
  • Voltage Fluctuations protection is provided
  • Laced with auto-balance system
  • Less drying time


  • Makes noise

4. IFB TL-RDS/RDSS Aqua 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is a fully-automatic washing machine with a top load. IFB has again come up with an affordable machine which is not only easy to use, but also provides great wash quality.

It has a capacity of 6.5 kg, and it’s suitable for a family of 3 to 4 members. It has a big LED display screen that enhances the comfort of the user and appeal of the product.

IFB known for its affordable and user-friendly washing machines has stood up to its name in this product as well. Another eye-catching feature of this product is Triadic Pulsator.

The dirt and stains are effectively removed from the clothes by use of triadic pulsator’s soft scrubs, powerful jet streams and centre punch action, as scrubs and jet streams gently remove the dirt or stain which is ultimately removed from the clothing through centre punch action.

Similar to other products mentioned in this list, IFB 6.5 top-loading machine also comes with aqua energie technology that takes off your concerns for hard water damage while keeping water wastage at minimum.


  • Very convenient to use
  • Auto balance system
  • Aqua energie technology prevents water wastage
  • Highly affordable


  • Noisy
  • Not as convenient as other fully-automated machines

5.  IFB Executive Plus VX ID 8.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 8.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is also fully-automatic with a front-loading washing machine. It has a set of 14 wash programs that are well complemented by 1400 rpm speed.

It is equipped with aqua energie technology that converts hard water to soft water and filter treatment provided in this machine dissolve detergent to enhance the wash quality.

It also comes with ball valve technology that prevents water wastage and augments the wash quality while keeping damage to the fabric at a minimum level.

This product is provided with unbalance correction, which detects unbalanced clothes automatically and redistributes it to ensure a consistent wash laundry.

The child lock system is a highly convenient feature for families with infants or children below 7 years. It allows you to disable the control panel of the machine so that your child will no longer be able to control or change the machine settings, thus preventing unwanted hassles for you. It also comes with an ADD LAUNDRY feature where you can pause an ongoing washing cycle and add or remove clothing according to your needs.


  • Very convenient to use
  • Energy and water-efficient
  • Ensure child safety
  • Good capacity
  • Less drying time


  • Comparatively costly

IFB Washing Machine – Buying Guide

With an overwhelming amount of options available in the market, it’s only human to get confused about what’s the most suitable option for you. While a lot of features provide you with better comfort, many options come with higher cost and no benefit to you.

Some features like child safety, water-usage, capacity, spin speed, etc. should be considered essential while purchasing a washing machine, at the same time the immense variance and appealing advertisements often lure customers into buying products that are not that useful for them.

Therefore, we’ve accumulated a list of factors you should consider while buying a washing machine. This list will help you narrow down your options according to important factors like price, warranty, etc.

Factors to consider before buying IFB Washing Machine

1. Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic

Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic Washing Machine

As we all know that semi-automated machines are very affordable in comparison to fully automated machines, they also fall short in terms of convenience for the user. Semi-automated machines also require less water than fully-automated ones, they’re comparatively easier to operate or repair, and you can wash and dry clothes at the same time. These machines usually have a longer life-span than fully-automated machines, but they require more manual operation and storage space. They usually don’t include features like child safety.

Fully-automated washing machines usually come with a bunch of features that increase the efficiency of the wash quality. They’ve better functionality, loading options and does not require any manual work for regulating wash cycles. They take more time than semi-automatic machines as it washes and dries clothes separately. They usually come along with an in-built heater that warms the water for washing and thus more effective for washing delicate clothes.


2. Capacity

 It is usually one of the essential features you should consider while buying a washing machine. As the family members and their age will give you a useful estimation of your laundry work, it’s very important to ensure that you buy a washing machine that can work with the amount of laundry you’ve to deal with

While a 6.5 kg washing machine is best suited for a family of three to four members, any more members than that will lead into pending baskets of laundry. Thus, we suggest you to carefully analyse your needs and purchase a washing machine which can support it easily.

3. Load Type

Top Load Vs Front Load Washing Machine

IFB’s innovations and implementation of german technology and introduction of front load washing machines which led to the rise of this company in the Indian market. While the front loading machines are more efficient in cleaning clothes as they can utilize one-third the amount of water, energy, and detergent for the same amount of laundry in comparison to top-loaders. Front-loaders are also more reliable and more convenient to use.

They also require fewer repairs and maintenance costs but are less sturdy than top-loaders. They’re also less noisy as a wide variety of front-loaders have vibration control and can run operations without rattling your whole house compared to top loading washing machine. They also require way less of manual work in comparison to top loaders but more time per cycle depending on the mode of washing.

Both top-loaders and front-loaders come with their advantages and disadvantages which should be well analysed before purchasing the product.

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4. Washing Programs and Technologies

Washing technologies and features available in the washing machine is also an essential thing to focus on as the feature may or may not benefit you; thus important analysis is very important. Technologies like ball valve technology, aqua energie technology etc. often helps you not only with bills but also ensures more efficient wash quality.

Ball valve technology is equipped in most of modern IFB’s washing machines as it helps in minimizing the water wastage by dissolving the detergent in water and hence enhancing the wash quality. Aqua Energie technology is also equipped in IFB’s washing machines, and this technology converts bicarbonates of hard water into tiny crystals, thus increasing the longevity of your machine. It also relieves you of all the problems that come while washing with hard water.

5. Warranty

Warranty works as a protective tool for customers against defective products that fail to perform well within the warranty period. A warranty helps build a strong connection between the company and customers and thus allowing you to be more confident while purchasing any expensive product.

It’s very important to make sure that you purchase a washing machine with a good enough warranty period that allows you to be assured of the performance of your product and in case of defective ones gives you time to exchange it.

6. Price

Before purchasing any washing machine, it’s crucial to go over all the features and compare the prices of different models to find one that fits into your budget, as affordability of the product is an essential thing to focus on. You should tabulate all your requirements for examples capacity of 6.5 kg, child safety etc. and thus compare different products that offer it within your budget. This will keep you from investing in a machine that is equipped with unnecessary features and costs you more than you could afford.

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IFB is one of the few premium brands that are local but world-class. It is the industry leader in the field of front loaders, occupying more than 40 per cent of the market. This amount is immense, considering that even LG, the distant second, is around 32%. Such figures speak volumes about the success in this segment of this four-decade-old brand.

While it was founded in 1974 as a manufacturer of engineering tools and blanking devices, it now has a significant presence in the consumer electronics industry. At the time of economic liberalisation in 1991, the company forayed into the washing machine business and established itself as an industry leader in the front loader business.

The design efficiency of the IFB washing machine is excellent. Industry analysts claim this is due to their cooperation with Bosch and Siemens at the time when they wanted to join the electrical appliances market.

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