IFB VS Bosch VS LG Washing Machines, Which One To Choose?

IFB VS Bosch VS LG Washing Machines, Which One To Choose?

Which is the best brand in India to purchase washing machines from?

When it comes to the doubt, some of the most common and top brand names such as IFB, Bosch, and LG come to the rescue. However, there are a few common confusions that people generally have while deciding on which brand to consider among the three for buying washing machines in India.

With this, we move on to the big question: 

LG vs IFB vs Bosch Washing Machine, Which Is The Best?

There are so many washing machine brands in the market that make it difficult to choose a washing machine that suits your needs. But, every time there is a discussion about which brand is the best, you will always hear the names IFB, Bosch and LG pop up. In this article, we will be comparing these 3 brands and their washing machines to help you choose a brand that suits your daily needs.

1. LG Washing Machines

LG Washing Machines

The company was founded in 1958 under the name GoldStar, which later in 1994 officially changed into LG Electronics, along with its own corporate logo. It has since been one of the leading manufacturers of LCD television, radios, washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators worldwide, especially in South Korea. LG Electronics had successfully manufactured the world’s first CDMA mobile handsets, the world’s first 60-inch plasma TV, and many more to pen down. However, LG Electronics announced its withdrawal from the phone manufacturing industry in April 2021 after suffering a significant loss in the market.

I. LG Products

LG Electronics has four business units: mobile communications, home appliances, air solutions, home entertainment, and vehicle components. They produce a ton of different products to offer their customers, for example, home theatre systems, computer monitors, refrigerators, televisions, solar modules, smart appliances, etc. 

The company introduced its first smart television series in 2007, which was later updated with more interactive smart features and games. Before shutting down all its phone services, LG smartphones and tablets were among the bestsellers in the world market, including smartwatches and smart tablets with newer and innovative features.

Although they offer a wider choice of home appliances, LG Electronics washing machines are voted as one of their best products across the world. It is specifically popular in India because of its wide range of available products and a scale of different price ranges. The washing machines offered by the brand are divided into- washer dryers, front-loading, and top-loading. 

II. Why Choose LG Washing Machines?

  • Wide range of available models 
  • Innovative technologies and new features
  • 24*7 customer support services
  • The installation and demo services offered by the brand are often reportedly delayed.

People in India usually prefer LG washing machines because they render many cool features like TrueSteam, Auto Pre-Wash, NFC Tag On, Inverter Direct Drive Technology, etc. Their washing machines are also available in different capacities and are very durable. 

2. Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch Washing Machine

Founded in 1886 in GermanyBosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company. Initially, they were known to produce windshield wipers and injection pumps for diesel. Gradually, they came up with car radios and began to expand their production. Interestingly, Bosch received the ‘German Future Award’ in 2005 and 2008 from the German President. The company also believes in increasing energy efficiency by employing renewable energies, investing in biomedical engineering, and producing solutions that are either manufactured with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or with its help.

I. Bosch Operations/Services

The Bosch Group operations are divided into- 

  • Mobility Solutions: which includes injection technology, steering systems, safety, and driver-assistance systems, power train electrification, repair-shop concepts, etc. 
  • Industrial Technology: which includes drive and control technology division, and its products include customized drive, control, and linear motion for factory automation, engineering, and mobile machinery. This sector also includes packaging technology which provides process and packaging to foodstuffs industries. 
  • Consumer Goods: which offers a broad range of energy-efficient, modern, and connected household appliances. This division is also a supplier of power tools, power tool accessories, and measuring technology.
  • Energy and Building Technology: which offer global product business for security and communications, as well as services for increasing energy efficiency, building security such as video surveillance, fire detection, intrusion detection, voice-alarm systems, etc. 

II. Why Choose Bosch Washing Machines? 

  • One of the most popular and oldest global brands
  • Innovative technologies and durability
  • Positive reviews from happy customers

Despite some of the cons, such as price and limited options, Bosch is one of the leading companies worldwide, and their washing machines are one of their bestsellers, with few different models and a ton of new features. People usually prefer Bosch washing machines since they come with an excellent warranty and with the option to book their services online. 

3. IFB Washing Machines

IFB Washing Machines

Founded in 1974 in India, this company has largely expanded with approximately 250 retail stores all over the country. Apart from front loading and top loading models of washing machines, unlike other brands, IFB claims to be the first brand to offer a smart loading model of washing machines. This particular design helps to get the job done easier and quicker, without any hassles. Smart Saver Technology and Smart Wash Programs are some of the other features offered by the company. 

I. IFB Operations

IFB operates in three segments- engineering, home appliances, and others. Their engineering divisions are located in Kolkata and Bangalore. The company produces a ton of home appliance services such as washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc. IFB launched its fully automatic washing machines in 2000 and has kept on experimenting with innovative technological updates ever since. 

II. Why Choose IFB Washing Machines? 

  • Innovative, advanced, and trendy designs
  • Smart Loading Washing Machines offering helpful features
  • Impressive warranty
  • Child Lock Function

One of the main reasons people prefer IFB washing machines is that they offer a 4-years warranty on the product and a 10-years warranty on its parts. IFB also provides a toll-free customer support number to provide a convenient experience to the customers. IFB has now become one of the most popular household names in India. 

Bosch vs LG vs IFB Comparison Table

Average Price₹25000₹16000₹22000
FeaturesSpeed Perfect, Reload Function, Pre-Wash, Huge Drum LG Thin Q, Smart Diagnosis, Auto Restart FunctionAir Bubble Wash System, Aqua Energie Technology,
Voltage ProtectionNot Available AvailableAvailable
Waterproof Touch PanelAvailableAvailableAvailable
Inverter Washing MachineYesYesYes
Average Warranty 2 Years2 Years1 Years
After Sales Service3/53/52/5

IFB VS LG VS Bosch Washing Machine Features

1. Bosch

  • Speed Perfect: It offers the shortest wash cycles with excellent results in less time.
  • Reload Function: One can open the door to add or remove items prior to or during the cycle.
  • Pre-Wash: Easier to wash synthetic fabrics with double layers of washing with a pre-wash facility.
  • Big Drum Inside: It offers a bigger space inside the drum for better laundry movement and to hold more quantity of items.

2. LG

  • LG ThinQ: This technology lets you add new washing cycles, as well as monitor your laundry from anywhere at any time. 
  • Rat Away Technology: Covered with thick 3mm strong plastic with rat repellent chemicals, it makes sure no rats are allowed to harm your washing machines.
  • Smart Diagnosis: This technology helps to diagnose problems that one might be experiencing with the product, offering them sufficient information and useful solutions.
  • Auto Restart Function: In case of a power cut, it will automatically restart from it stopped with proper adjustments.

3. IFB

  • Air Bubble Wash System: Also known as O2 Wash, the numerous bubbles created by the washer help to deep clean by penetrating stubborn fabrics to remove unwanted stains. 
  • Aqua Energie Technology: This technology consisting of aqua filters helps break down bicarbonates in hard water into tiny crystals or soft water.
  • Laundry Add Function: This feature lets you add items during an ongoing wash cycle without having to cancel or wait for the next turn.

Other Points To Compare

  • Build Quality: All of them have the best built quality with durable and suitable features for daily use. 
  • Capacity: All of them offer similar capabilities in terms of their services; however, Bosch provides various options to choose from.
  • Price: Even though the three brands have similar price ranges, both Bosch and IFB offer comparatively more features in a given price range than LG.
  • Service Quality: Although Bosch sometimes takes more time to respond to its problems, both LG and IFB are pretty quick to jump into the solutions.


To sum up, all three of them are top brands with their own individual benefits and drawbacks. That being said, it depends upon the individual to choose their preferred brand for buying washing machines, although one must thoroughly go through all the details before going ahead with any of them. Given the fact that Bosch does occasionally come up with service issues, LG can be an excellent alternative to go ahead with. However, if someone wants to go ahead with an Indian brand, IFB would be the right choice. After all, what better way to do your laundry than to do it with style and innovation? Bosch VS LG VS IFB

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