Best Washing Machines in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In today’s era, one of the most important electrical home application is Washing Machine. A washing machine simplifies the  process of washing clothes and eliminates manual labour, doing the laundry is an important part of our daily lives. However, washing machines are also of the most toughest appliances to buy. While buying a washing machine, there are various types, jargon and feature to look for. In India, there are too many brands and models of washing machines. Hence, it becomes difficult for choosing the best washing machine in India as per the requirements. Before buying a washing machine, there are some factors which should be considered. Many washing machines vary by load, capacity and function.

Washing the clothes with hands can be tiresome and sometimes painful as well. It can even be highly exhausting to wash clothes of a big family with many members. If the clothes are soiled or stained, then extra efforts are needed for washing them. Naturally, the hands tend to dry out due to constant washing of clothes with detergents. It takes a lot of time too for washing the clothes traditionally. But there is no need to worry now due to the magical invention of washing machine.

While thinking about technologies which benefit the man-kind, majority of us think about advancements in communication, medicines or internet. But did you ever thought about the technology which has saved the time of our daily routine, i.e., washing machine? Washing clothes with hands seems like a tough job in the world of rat-race. It won’t be wrong to call it as a ‘time-saving miracle technology.’ Since the 20th century, the washing machine became widespread.

For those who are fortunate enough to buy a washing machine, it has made a huge impact on their lives. Harsh chemicals like bleach and hot water is allowed by the washing to wash fabrics. This ultimately helps reducing lice as well as spreading of germs. Thus, the spread of pandemic reduce, and millions of lives are saved. Just like a bottle of shampoo or a toothbrush, the washing machine is responsible for creating a new level of hygiene.

Along with the advent of the washing machine, there was also a drastic alteration of culture. Washing machine liberated women from one of the most time-consuming household chores. A lot of time is utilized for washing clothes and the chore was mostly done by women. Due to washing machine, the time required to wash clothes reduced and hence, women had enough time to read, think and act. Indirectly, this led to the foundation of rights of women as a result of their uprising, which they enjoy now. Thus, the invention of the machine became a kind of revolution for women.

For every Indian home, buying a washing machine is actually a long-term investment. In this article, the best washing machines in India are segregated by varieties such as semi-automatic, fully automatic, top load and front load washing machine. Hence, there is a need to consider what are the features which are particularly needed and the features which can be compromised on for choosing an optimal solution within the budget.

Product Comparison

1st Place
Best Washing Machines in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 1 IFB TL RSS Aqua By IFB
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Best Value
Best Washing Machines in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2 LG P6510NBAY By LG
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3 Best Washing Machines in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 3 Samsung WT725QPNDMPXTL/a> By Samsung
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4 Best Washing Machines in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 4 IFB Senator WXS By IFB
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5 Best Washing Machines in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 5 Whirlpool ACE SUPREME PLUS 7.2 By Whirlpool
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Top 10 Best Washing Machines in India 2021

1. IFB TL RSS Aqua

If you are looking for the best washing machines in India, your search ends with IFB TL RSS Aqua. This Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine comes with a capacity of 6.5 Kg that is best suited for bachelors & couples. Its Aqua Energie function helps detergent breakdown faster, resulting in softer garments. For the most thorough wash, the groundbreaking 3D wash technology fully soaks garments and optimally dissolves detergent. 

The Aqua Energie coupled with the Triadic Pulsator Cleaning Engine and Bi-axial Rotation gently remove tenacious dirt from every area of the fabric and make them shine. 

The crescent moon drum design protects clothes, while the strategically placed holes offer the mechanical action needed to achieve the ideal wash results. During washing, the lint filter catches lint and loose microfibres, resulting in clean and fresh clothing. Additionally, it comes with 6 wash programs for maximum convenience.


  • Delivers excellent results.
  • It is both environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective
  • It also saves a lot of time and energy.


  • A little noisy
  • Do not feature the hot water wash program

2. LG P6510NBAY

LG, being the best washing machine brand in India, produces a wide variety of high-quality washing machines, out of which LG P6510NBAY is one of the best washing machines in India. It comes with 3 separate wash programs that ensure a safe wash for your laundry. Its 3MM plastic cover comes with a specific rat repellent chemical that won’t let you see a rat ever. 

During a spin cycle, the spin shower removes any remaining soap from your garments. This washing machine is equipped with a Collar Scrubber that cleans your cuffs and collars with both your effort as well as time.

The Lint Collector collects all of the fibers that come loose while washing the laundry and thus prevents the clogging of pipes. Moreover, the washing experience is enhanced by the roller jet pulsator.


  • Maintains a spinning speed of roughly 1300 rpm.
  • Its rat repellent is a truly exceptional and fantastic option.
  • Includes exclusive features like a lint collector and Air dry technique.


  • An additional extension cord is required for connecting the cable.

3. Samsung WT725QPNDMPXTL

This Samsung WT725QPNDMPXTL model is considered one of the best washing machines due to its top-notch features and functions. It has a record of consuming very minimal amounts of water and energy, thereby saving a lot on water and electricity bills. It comes with a capacity of 7.2 kg that fits perfectly for a family with about 4 members. 

The washing machine’s body is built upon anti-rusting/anti-corrosive material. It has a buzzer that sounds when the wash cycle is finished, and it manages your time more effectively by informing you when your clothes are clean. It has hidden wheels, making it incredibly easy to move around the house without lifting it.

The casters are hidden under the stand’s legs, making them almost unnoticeable. Additionally, it comes with 3 different wash program settings, including Normal, Intensive, and Delicate. It even comes with a child lock system.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water wastage
  • 2-year warranty on the entire product and a 5-year warranty on the motor


  • Requires manual labor

4. IFB Senator WXS

IFB has emerged to be known as one of the best washing machine brands in India. This IFB Fully-Automatic Front Loader has a capacity of 8 kg that is ideal for large families. Its Aqua Energie function helps detergent breakdown faster, resulting in softer garments. The crescent moon drum design protects clothes, while the strategically placed holes offer the mechanical action needed to achieve the ideal wash results. 

For the most thorough wash, the groundbreaking 4D wash technology fully soaks garments and optimally dissolves detergent. The most impressive feature of this washing machine is it features 14 wash programs for maximum convenience and efficiency.

The program you select will be indicated via an LED-lit program selector knob. The ball valve system reduces waste and improves the wash quality while keeping the detergent in place.


  • It comes with 14 wash programs
  • During the wash cycle, the laundry-add-option allows you to pause the cycle and add more clothes.
  • Includes a Cradle wash program for gentle washing cycles
  • Equipped with high visibility, smart, touch panel with LED light


  • At the time of installation, a specific tab size is required.

5. Whirlpool ACE SUPREME PLUS 7.2

Are you amongst the majority of people who keep wondering which washing machine is best in India? Well, we must tell you Whirlpool ACE SUPREME PLUS 7.2 is definitely one of those washers that come under the list of top 10 washing machines in India. The machine includes a lint filter, which is mostly responsible for ensuring that clothing is rinsed neatly and cleanly at the end of each wash cycle. 

Furthermore, the ACE wash station’s participation may arrange and hold clothing weighing roughly 30 kgs. The dynamic impeller creates ideal motion in the garments, allowing all the dirt to be removed more effectively.

In each washtub, an in-built scrubber was installed to ensure efficient washing of clothes. It comes with 3 wash programs that include Delicate, Normal, and Heavy washing.

Additionally, its super soak technology helps remove the tough dirt easily by soaking and scrubbing the laundry consistently for 25 minutes. The washer is also equipped with 4 wheels that aids in moving it around by sliding it with ease.


  • It is loaded with advanced features like Ace wash station, In-Built Scrubber, super soak technology, and Max dry.
  • Rust-proof body
  • Auto-start in case of power failure
  • Easily portable
  • It comes with a buzzer


  • No hot wash option is available

6. Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.5

The Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.5 is a well-known washing machine in the Indian market and has emerged to become one of the best washing machines in India. This washing machine includes a simple three-button control panel that will cover all of your washing requirements. The Spiro Wash motion washes garments in a circular motion, giving them a thorough clean. It comes with 12 wash programs that are specifically designed to wash a variety of cloth kinds. 

When compared to a typical cycle, the Select rapid wash option can save you 30-40% of the time. Zero Pressure Fill technology facilitates the filling up of tub up to 50% faster even if there is low water pressure.

The Smart Lint Filter aids in the removal of any lint that may have gathered during the wash cycle. The Aqua Store feature allows you to store water inside the tub for the upcoming wash cycles when tap water is unavailable. The child lock feature disables the control panel, protecting the application settings.


  • 3 button control panel
  • Spiro Wash Action provides 20% better cleaning
  • Features 12 wash programs
  • It comes with Zero Pressure Fill technology
  • Automatic cleaning facility of the water tub
  • Has Lint collector
  • Features child lock program


  • Disappointing after-sale services

7. LG FHM1208ZDL

The LG FHM1208ZDL is one of the best washing machines in India and is now the most popular product on the market. The washing drum moves in multiple directions using 6 Motion Control Technology, providing fabrics the attention they need while getting extremely clean clothing. You can diagnose up to 86 issues using the SmartThinQ app of this washer. 

The turbo washes decrease the washing time by roughly 30 minutes, saving both electricity and water at the same time. The LG front door is connected to the motor by a direct connection to the drum. It is in charge of reducing noise, vibration, and wear and tear, among other things.

You can easily remove all stains with the help of the heater provided by this machine. Even if the power goes out while you’re washing your clothing, the cycle will resume precisely where it left off

The baby care feature greatly aids in keeping all of the baby garments germ-free and fresh for long periods. This stylish washing machine contains a waterproof touch panel. In addition, it has a child lock feature that keeps all of your children safe and secure.


  • Operating noise is low.
  • Touch Control
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Excellent wash quality with inbuilt heater


  • Heavy Product
  • Needs a fixed water connection

8. Whirlpool 360 BLOOMWASH PRO (540) H 7.5

Whirlpool is one of the best washing machine brands in India that offers a variety of washing machine models. Whirlpool 360 BLOOMWASH PRO (540) H 7.5 is one such variant that is suitable for you if you need a high-capacity fully automatic washing machine. This 8-kilogram top-load washing machine has a 5-star efficiency certification, indicating that it is energy efficient. As a result, it uses less energy and saves on your electricity bills

It has 12 distinct wash programs, making it ideal for every situation and any clothing. Additionally, it has a Hexa bloom impeller with six vans and is meant to generate a 360-degree blooming wash action.

This motion guarantees that the rubbing action is effective. The water can be heated to three various temperatures: warm, hot, and allergen-free. This also includes hot catalytic soak technology to get rid of all the hardest stains, and this technique can get rid of stains that are up to 48 hours old. 

The 6th sense can easily detect the water condition and adjust the wash program accordingly for low water pressure and hard water. As a result, this machine works efficiently with both hard water as well as low water pressure. Its soft-close lid gives you a premium experience, and the glass lid protects you from harm.


  • 5-star rated product
  • 360-degree washing action
  • Works great with both hard water and low water pressure
  • Water heating option is available
  • Energy efficient


  • It does not come with inverter technology

9. AmazonBasics 8 kg Semi-automatic Washing Machine

AmazonBasics, a sub-brand of Amazon, is best known in the market for its low pricing. This semi-automatic washer is powered by a strong and durable motor that can spin at around 1300 RPM for rapid drying. It features different wash programs ranging from light to heavy modes for a variety of situations and fabrics.

Furthermore, the spinning pulsing action gives excellent rubbing between the garments, thereby efficiently cleaning your clothes—likewise, the built-in scrubber aids in the removal of the hardest stains from the clothing.

The waterproof and shockproof panel ensures a hassle-free washing experience. 

The washing machine is equipped with castor wheels that make it easily portable. As a result, you may quickly transport this washing machine from one location to another without much effort. The capacity of it is 8Kg thereby making it suitable for large families.


  • Powerful washing with the help of Rotating type pulsating action
  • Comes with In-build Scrubber
  • The body is made up of rust-free material
  • Cost-effective


  • Not many options are there in the wash programs.

10. LG T80SJSF1Z

LG, being one of the best washing machine brands, is widely known for offering the best washing machines in India. This washing machine comes with the benefit of having a new built-in jet spray and the most robust water spray. All of this effectively removes all dirt and surplus detergent, resulting in the best wash possible without the need for manual washing. 

It features inverter technology for improved washing, resulting in less noise and vibration throughout the wash cycle and a high level of safety. Additionally, the smart inverter motor has advanced to the point that it can adjust all energy usage to the optimal level on its own. It comes with an extended motor life by preventing corrosion and rust formation in a short amount of time. 

The forceful water spray rinses out the garments in a perfect manner, effectively removing extra detergent. This product has a long life span that is free of germs, dust, and bacteria. If there’s a power cut in the middle of the wash, the cycle will be automatically terminated. As a result, those who have used this product up to this point have been extremely pleased with it and have felt more at ease than with any other. Simply said, it is a highly rated and preferred product in comparison.


  • Improved efficiency
  • It includes very simple and easy-to-use control options
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty on the entire product and a 10-year warranty on the motor.
  • Allows for silent operation while the machine operates


  • When it comes to the rinsing option, there is no time adjustment option available.
  • Its dryer function requires a more attractive design.

What To Look For When Buying A Washing Machine in India?

The following factors must be considered while buying a washing machine:

1. Function Type

One has the option of automatic and semi-automatic machines if one is planning to buy a top load machine. There are two types of washing machines based on functionality:

Semi-automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machine

A semi-automatic machine is wider in size. It has a separate dryer and washer. This machine involves some manual work. One has to manually transfer the clothes to the dryer after the completion of a wash cycle.

The price of a semi-automatic washing machine ranges from Rs. 5k to 10k. They are quite inexpensive. You should go for a semi-automatic washing machine if you don’t mind shifting the clothes from washer to dryer or short on budget.

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Fully-automatic washing machine

Fully-automatic washing machine

A fully automatic washing machine doesn’t involve any manual work. There is no need to transfer the clothes in case of a fully automatic washing machine. But in some model like Haier, one has to manually add fabric softeners before the completion of the wash cycle.

You should go for the fully-automatic washing machine if you don’t like to manually shift the clothes from washer to dryer and usually don’t have much time.

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2. Load Type

It is better to examine which type of washing machine will be suitable as per the needs. There are two types of washing machines based on the loading type:

Top loading washing machine

Top loading washing machine

A top-loading washing machine will be a better choice in case of a tight budget. The prices of models of top-loading washing machine range from Rs. 7k to 17k. This type of washing machine has a special advantage due to which one can add clothes during the process of a wash cycle. It is also ergonomically friendly.

It is beneficial for those people who have trouble bending down and picking up things. This machine also consumes a lot of power and water. Compared to the front load washing machines, the top-loading washing machine has lesser wash programs and features. A bachelor or a small family consisting of 2-3 members should go for the top-loading washing machine.

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Front loading washing machine

Front loading washing machine

The front-loading washing machines are very efficient but quite expensive. They consume lesser power and water. These machines clean clothes very effectively. They have many wash programs and features. Generally, they are less noisy. One cannot add clothes in a front loading washing machine after the beginning of a wash cycle.

However, the front-loading washing machines of brands such as Samsung, IFB and Bosch have advanced features which allow adding clothes even between the process of a wash cycle. Water pressure of 1 bar is required by the front load washing machines. Hence, the vertical height of the water supply tank should be at least 16.5 feet from the washing machine.

Indian homes would not have any major concern related to it as the 1 bar water pressure is maintained by the water supply of municipal and corporation. Large families should choose a front loading washing machine. This washing machine is also beneficial for families having kids, who heavily soiled clothes. One must also opt for a front load washing machine if there is a shortage of water and electricity. This machine takes good care of clothes while washing them.

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3. Capacity

Capacity is the first and foremost essential factor one must consider before buying a washing machine. The weight of clothes which a washing machine can handle at a time is given by its capacity. A small family should opt for a compact washing machine. A large family must definitely opt for a large capacity machine which can wash a large load of clothes. The required capacity depends on the size of the family. The following are the two factors which will help you to determine the size of the washing machine you must buy:

Family Size: The more the members in a family, the more are the number of clothes required to be washed. Hence, the size of a washing machine should be selected on the basis of the number of members in a family.

Wash Frequency: One must have a large capacity washing machine in case of a full house where laundry is done once or twice a week. Smaller capacity washing machines would be suitable for those who prefer to wash clothes more frequently or have less space at home.

4. Features

One must look for the features given below before buying a washing machine:

Auto Select / Fuzzy Logic: The best washing conditions are automatically chosen by the Auto Select feature. The weight of the laundry is determined by this feature. It also determines detergent, time and water required.

Delay Start: With the help of the Delay Start feature, one can set the time as well as delay the washing process by up to 24 hours. Hence, it becomes easy to schedule the laundry time as per the routine. A family consisting for working wife and husband must definitely go for machine with 24 hour time delay setting, it would be quite beneficial for them.

Child Lock: The panel of the machine is locked by the Child Lock function. It prevents the children from disturbing the wash cycle.

Digital Display: The time left for the cycle to complete is shown by the Digital Display. It also consists of a help button and different wash modes.

Hot Wash: There are built-in heaters in some washing machines. It makes easier to wash clothes during the days of winter. For people living in the northern states of India, it is quite beneficial for them to have a function of hot wash in their washing machines. During winter, the hot wash function dries clothes faster. F. Temperature Setting: Washing machines of brands like Bosch have a temperature setting from cold up to 60° Celsius. Also, washing machines of brands such as IFB and LG have a temperature setting from cold up to 95° Celsius. It is quite beneficial for those who have babies at home or family members with low immunity as their clothes are required to be disinfected regularly. Many top load machines are deprived of temperature control settings. Instead, such machines have two inlet pipes for cold and hot water.

Wash Programs: The ways of washing clothes are different for each family. Some families wash bed sheets and bath towels in extremely hot water. For such families, LG washing machine is a perfect option. For those busy families who often forget putting all their clothes in a go, the IFB or Bosch washing machines might be the ideal choice for them.

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What are the Different Types of Washing Machines?

Many people think that there are four types of washing machines based on the load type and function type. However, that is not true as front-loading washing machines don’t have the function of being semi-automatic.

1. Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

There are two separate compartments in a semi-automatic washing machine. One compartment is for drying while the other compartment is for washing. Manual transfer is required from one compartment to another. In spite of the fact that semi-automatic washing machines are easy to use, the process can be quite tiring. These type of washing machines are available only in top-loading type.

There are agitators or impeller wash systems included with most of the semi-automatic machines. A continuous supply of water is not required by the semi-automatic machines. One can manually pour the water in it. Least amount of energy and water is consumed by this machine.

Less time is required for the washing cycle to complete. Compared to a fully-automatic washing machine, the semi-automatic machine is cheaper. For transferring the clothes from washer to dryer, manual intervention is required. More space is required as it is bigger is size. Many controls of this machine are manual.

2. Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Best Washing Machines in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 6

This type of washing machine consists of only one compartment which does both drying and washing. Hence, there is no requirement for transferring clothes. The fully automatic top load washing machine either uses impeller systems or agitator systems which are similar to semi-automatic machines. Compared to front-loading washing machines, the fully automatic top load washing machine is cheaper.

One doesn’t have to bend to unload or load the machine. The fully automatic top load washing machines are usually more mobile and lighter in weight. The wash quality of fully automatic top load washing machine is better than that of the semi-automatic washing machines. No manual intervention is required by these machines.

Too much of water is consumed by this machine. For completing the cycle automatically, running flow of water is required by the machine. One cannot add clothes after a cycle begins.

3. Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

The Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is the most advanced type of washing machine. This machine consists of a transparent door lid at its front side instead of the top lid, thus, they are called front loading washing machines. A Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine has a horizontal tub. This tub uses a tumbling action system for cleaning clothes.

This type of washing machine has the best wash quality. Compared to fully automatic top loading washing machines, the Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine consumes less water, detergent and electricity. Out of all the types of washing machines, the Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine has the highest number of wash programs.

There is a built-in heater in these machines. It is better for washing delicate clothes and gentler on clothes. It has variable spin speeds for suiting the material of the clothes to dry quickly. The Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is the most expensive type of washing machine. A permanent water connection is required by this washing machine. Also, it requires a high pressure of water. The wash cycle is much longer.

Now, one must have obtained knowledge about selecting the best washing machine for their household. Why wait then? One should definitely consider buying a washing machine now. If one is still using traditional methods for washing clothes, then it is time to move on. The world is running at a high speed and one doesn’t want to be left behind. There is certainly no point in wasting time by washing clothes with the hands instead of using modern technology. The washing machine is a technological invention made to save the time required for washing clothes. One should be able to blend in with the modern world of technology.

The washing machine is a very useful invention and everyone must make use of it. If one is looking for the best washing machine brand in India, then one must definitely check out this list. If one is thinking of buying a new washing machine, then one must consider buying the best washing machine in India 2021. The following review is one the best top loading washing machine in India reviews.


So these are the top 10 best washing machine in India. One shouldn’t be confused about which washing machine is best in India and which would be the best for the price being paid. All of these washing machines are the best ones and one can choose any of them as per their needs. In this modern world, everyone needs a washing machine for washing clothes without any hassle. There is definitely no need now for washing the clothes with traditional techniques. The world is running at a fast pace and hence, there shouldn’t be more time wasted for just washing clothes. Washing machines have made this task quite easy. Hence, one must definitely buy a washing machine.

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