What Are The Different Types Of Recliners?

Different Types Of Recliners

What’s better than finishing a tiring day and hopping into your recliner to lean in for a relaxing break. Whether you want to just watch some television in the living room or even snuggle up for a nap, a recliner is a multi-functional fixture that has so many features and uses. If you’re looking for a fun piece of furniture to add to your home, a recliner is a great choice that every member of your family can enjoy in their unique way!

However, before you start shopping, it’s best to know all the different kinds of recliners available in the market, so that you can choose the one that’s the right fit for you and your home.

Prominent Recliner Types On The Market

1. Two-Position Class Recliner

Just like the name suggests, a two-position recliner has two positions. The two positions are an upright position or fully reclined or completely reclined position. The recliner comes equipped with a footrest. If you want to recline, you can release the footrest using a lever. These two positions recliners are usually inexpensive. They’re one of the most affordable options in the market but they have restricted functions and they can take up a lot of space.

Especially when they’re completely reclined, the chair usually moves back allowing the footrest to pop up and this makes it even bigger to accommodate. If you have limited space, this recliner is not the best option because it needs to be kept away from the walls in order to prop up and so needs substantial space. It requires an adequate range of motion and so it’s best placed in rooms with enough space. However, if you do have the kind of space this recliner demands, it’s a viable option that is not only comparatively cheaper but also has great functionality and comfort.

2. Power Recliner

Often compared to the traditional recliner the power recliner is electrically operated. While the traditional recliner has a lever or a button that releases the seat back and footrest, a power recliner on the other hand has a power button. On pressing the power button, the chair electrically reclines to the desired angle. This chair has a range of features, is far more versatile and the best part is that you have complete control over how much the chair reclines! The power recliners come with remotes attached to the chair.

These remotes are used to operate the recliner and have buttons for different features. The power recliner also comes with more additions including USB outlets and massaging options. Especially if you’ve been considering buying a massage chair, a power recliner with the inbuilt massage feature may be the perfect option for you. Though it can be a little pricey for some, it’s worth it if you can manage to adjust your budget. The features, accessibility, and convenience definitely make it worthwhile!

3. Rocking Recliner

A rocking recliner, also often referred to as the “glider” comes with a load of different reclining angles. You can set up the footrest according to your preference. And unlike the two-position recliner, the back doesn’t need to stretch all the way to the back to position the footrest! So, if you were considering the two-position recliner, but don’t have the space to accommodate it, this is a great alternative!

It can be set up in small places, and even close to walls without any restriction. They are more expensive when compared to two-position recliners, but they are not too high-end. Overall they are pretty affordable and come with enough features to ensure that you are comfortable in any position. One can exercise all its reclining angles, and place it anywhere including small spaces. It is ideally installed in the bedroom or the living room.

4. Push Back Recliner

The Push-back recliner, also often referred to as the flex-back recliner, does not have a lever or button. A push-back recliner, like the name suggests, requires the person sitting in the chair to push back and exert pressure on the back of the chair. Even though this seems like a less modernized approach, this style of recliner is super trendy and in demand due to its sleek look.

Since there is no button or a lever, the recliner resembles a regular armchair when not in the reclined position. If you prefer a recliner that exudes simplicity and subtlety, then this is the recliner you must go for. All you have to do to recline is to lean back as you sit down. The back of the push-back recliner is the only movable part so it takes less space when compared to a rocking recliner or a two-position recliner. The only drawback is the fact that push-back recliners don’t come with an inbuilt footrest and you may need to use a separate one.

Since this recliner is designed to fit in limited space, the footrest is not built. However, a footrest can definitely be paired additionally if you require one and you have the space to accommodate it. These chairs are stylish in design, with a modern look, and are reasonably priced too.

5. Riser Recliner

For those truly willing to invest when shopping for a recliner, the riser recliner is the recommended option. This essentially motorized reclining chair is versatile, adaptable, and has a range of great features.

Riser recliners usually have either a single or a double motor. Single motor recliners have only one powered motor that employs the reclining movements of the chair. These recliners can stretch back to about an angle of forty-five degrees. They come with a dual button control pad that operates the chair.

Single motors can be placed closer to the wall as the base of the seat also moves as the chair reclines. In the double motor or dual motor riser recliners, one motor controls the footrest while another motor operates the back of the chair. The dual motor riser recliner can recline all the way to the back. These riser recliners come with remotes with many buttons for different variations.

The riser recliner is one of the most expensive in the market, but it comes with its own set of advantages. It can recline as well as lift upward, to allow you to get out of the chair with ease. It does not require you to exert yourself at all, and so is ideal for individuals with injuries or physical disabilities that find it hard to sit, stand or move around with adequate assistance. Besides, it looks great, is extremely comfortable, and definitely has impressive features!

6. Hugger Recliner

The hugger recliners are the most practical and accessible if you don’t have too much space. They require a maximum of 6 inches between the chair and the wall and so can fit almost anywhere you want them to! The whole chair pushes forward when you want to recline instead of just the movable parts sliding backward.

It can function in places where the recliner might have limited mobility and a restricted range of motion. If you’re looking to conserve space, this is a perfect choice. The resting position is also convenient to get in and out of. If you just want to buy a recliner to test things out, this is the one you should opt for. It won’t take up too much space and is affordable as well.

7. Theatre Recliner

A theatre recliner like the name indicates, is a recliner chair that mimics the recliner found in a movie theatre. It is similar to the power recliner, but it comes with additional features like motorized headrests, charging ports and connecting ports, cup holders, and other accessories.

It aims to give a theatre-like feel while providing excellent style and extreme comfort. Naturally, these chairs are top-tier and expensive. If you’re looking for luxury recliner options, this is the category you can look at for options.

What Factors Differentiate Recliners?

What Factors Differentiate Recliners

1. Space

One of the essential factors to consider when shopping for is space. The amount of space you can allot to your recliner will surely influence which recliner you ultimately purchase. Recliners like the hugger recliner and the rocking recliner require minimum space, while the two-position recliner demands a much bigger area. Before you start looking for a recliner, it is advisable to measure the space that you plan to delegate for your recliner.

Once you have these measurements in mind you can look at options within that range. If you plan on being the sole occupant of the recliner, you can choose a singular recliner chair since it’s also more practical space-wise. However, if you plan to share the recliner, there are sectional options. Always ensure that the size is just right for the vacant space. After all, the recliner is a big purchase and the wrong measurements will leave you wondering what to do.

2. Comfort

When it comes to buying a recliner, comfort is the most important factor. It’s the sole reason most users even decide to buy a recliner. While shopping for a recliner, you should always choose the recliner that meets your comfort standards. If the primary user of the recliner has any physical limitations or personal preferences when it comes to the accessibility and comfort of sitting in the recliner, pushing it back, and getting up, it should be kept in mind. The entire process right from when you sit to when you get up should be smooth and easy.

Comfortable, high-end options can be expensive sometimes but a recliner is a long-term purchase that most will use daily. So, it’s recommended to splurge a little while buying a recliner as long as it’s perfectly comfortable for you.

3. Reclining Angles

Reclines come with a variety of different features and loads of reclining mechanisms. It’s important to assess and shortlist the type of recline mechanism you want your chair to have before you start shopping for one. It’s important to consider the exact reclining requirements you demand especially if the primary user of the recliner has any physical limitations or restrictions that may make it difficult for the person to use the chair with ease.

Various reclining mechanisms are available including the pushback mechanism, power mechanism, lift mechanism, and even lever and handle mechanisms. The Pushback recliners use a mechanism that requires the user to lean back themselves and push the chair into the reclining position. The Lever and handle recliner mechanism reclines the chair using a lever, handle, or another kind of pulling device that will push the chair backward.

Power recliners are electrically functional and they require you to just push a button. This button instantly reclines the chair as well as returns it to its original position. Similarly, lift recliners work like the power recliner but they have an additional feature. They also help the user rise from their seat. Almost all these mechanisms allow you to lie completely flat as well as at the angle you desire.


A famous quote states that it’s always important to invest in things that come between you and the ground, whether it’s shoes, a bed, a chair, and in this case a recliner! The market has an assortment of options, and you can choose one that checks all your boxes including size, shape, comfort, design, aesthetics, and pricing.

A recliner is a great addition in terms of furniture and decor. Even though a good quality recliner may require you to spend a little, when you sink into the comfort of its cushions at the end of a tiring day, you’ll definitely realize how worthwhile the purchase was!

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