Best Massage Chairs In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Massage Chairs In India

Having the best massage chair for home is like a free spa you can use to relax your mind and body. Built with sophisticated and advanced technology like Airbags, Zero Gravity massage chair, Shiatsu massage, Reclining chair, Vibrating chair to give massage to all parts of your body from shoulder to foot and relieve pain and fatigue from your tired body. This is one piece of furniture which is not affordable by everyone because of the high price.

With tons of features in these luxurious chairs, it can make you confused about which one to go for. The article is listing here 10 Best Massage Chairs in India to help you in choosing the right one for you. Apart from de-stressing your body and improving your blood circulation theses chairs relieve you from chronic pain.

You may be buying the best massage chair in India for your massage parlor, spa or home. Buying a massage chair is a big investment, so don’t forget to do your research in choosing the one that suits your needs. And finally, before getting a chair, consult your doctor and ensure that you don’t have any restriction on the type or duration of massage you can have. Now, let us proceed with reviews on the best massage chairs in India.

Top 5 Best Massage Chair in India

1st Place
Best Massage Chairs In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 1 Bodyfriend 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Bluetooth By Bodyfriend
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Best Value
Best Massage Chairs In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2 JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair By JSB
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3 Best Massage Chairs In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 3 HCI eRelaxic By HCL
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4 Best Massage Chairs In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 4 Health & Fitness_Hub Sobo HF21 By Healh & Fitness
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5 Best Massage Chairs In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 5 JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair By JSB
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Best Massage Chairs in India 2021

1. Bodyfriend 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Bluetooth 

Bodyfriend 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair incorporates the smartest of technologies like Automatic Body Scan to perform the on-point massage. The adjustable rollers work wonders on the problem areas and pain spots of the body.

Its traditional L-shaped rail allows you to lean back and relax while it provides a multi-angle integrated massage to your back and buttocks. It is made of highly durable products in an economical frame. There are multiple airbags embedded in the luxurious massage chair to help provide Back massage, Calf Massage, and Foot Massage. The Zero gravity Heavy Duty Chair also allows you to regulate the modes for head massage. 

This full body massage chair performs various motions, including flapping, knocking, and simultaneous kneading to give absolute comfort and a worthy message anytime you need it. Interestingly, this massage chair also has a Real Super Long S Track of 1450mm for Bluetooth Music Play &

Intensity Control. It is one of the premium massage chairs in India that allows flexible adjustment of the embedded rollers either up and down or left and right and in and out along the track of the massage chair. Such three-dimensional motion provides precision and a deeper massage than other traditional full body massage chairs making it the best massage chair in India in our list of the best massage chairs in India.


  1. Multiple options for head massage
  2. Ache-improving comfort 
  3. Emulation massage methods
  4. Space savings and energy saving
  5. Great for daily massage 
  6.  Manual customization of massage modes


  1. Relatively less control over the back massage feature
  2. Tall people may find the head massage panel inconvenient to fit 

2. JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair

Next on our list of the best massage chairs in India is the JSB MZ16 full body massage chair that brings together the luxury of a convenient massage in a space-saving design. It performs multiple massage motions like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, air squeeze, and thumping.

With a generously wide roller coverage for full body massage, this chair also features one-button start action. It is user-friendly with a compact & handy remote that allows full message customization. The shoulder width adjustment can be manually set as per the user’s chest width. The shoulder airbags can also be adjusted to suit your body length. 

This amazing JSB massage chair gives soothing heat in combination with a roller massage movement to improve blood circulation and reduce stress. This luxurious product has 5 auto modes, including ache relief, comfort, demo relax, upper body, and lower body to relieve pain from your problem areas.

After adjusting your preferred style of body massage, you can save up to two favorite modes for repeating it in the future.

The embedded airbags on the shoulder, arms, legs, and foot can be adjusted to suit your height. This best massage chair in India equips calf + ankle airbags and a foot roller for sole and scrapping to give ultimate comfort to your legs. The massage chair has an effective soothing heat that improves comfort and revitalizes blood circulation. Overall, it delivers full body massage and a therapeutic spa-like relaxation right at your home. 


  1. Full Body Airbag
  2. Various customizable setting to suit user preference
  3. 1 Year On-Site Door Step Warranty
  4. Soothing heat and roller massage 
  5. Excellent customer care service
  6. Zero Gravity massage


  1. Relatively expensive

3. HCI eRelaxic a Japanese Therapeutic Massage Chair with Zero Gravity 

Third on our list of the best massage chairs in India is the HCL eRelaxic. Japanese Therapeutic massages improves health by relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation, and relieving body stiffness. HCI eRelaxic Zero Gravity massage chair is the world’s only professional therapeutic massage chair. It derives its methods from the world’s best therapeutics researched programs, all the way from America, Japan, Thai, Hongkong, China to India.

This advanced massage chair features a high-performance HSL Track that follows the human spine’s SL curvature and extends coverage from neck plus shoulders to glutes and thighs. HCI eRelaxic massage chair has unmatched pampering for your temples via its dedicated UShape head massage. The head massaging technique relieves fatigue instantly.

This massage chair can ward off pain from head to toe with massage combination, tapping, knocking, rolling, kneading, shiatsu, scrubbing, stretching, and Hot stone methods. It is popular for its Thai-style foot scrap therapy massage with 3 rows of foot rollers to offer an

artificial human scrape therapy massage from heel to the toes. The back rollers are made of silica gel with a mix of acrylic material, equipped with multi-sensors to offer a more gentle and accurate back massage. 


  1. 8 flexible massage methods 
  2. Professionally recognized full body massage therapy 
  3. HSL track for the human spine
  4. Excellent Head and temple massage 
  5. Available in 3 colors 
  6. Thai-style foot massage 
  7. Energy saver and space saver 


  1. Expensive 
  2. Air cell massage system has fewer air cells 
  3. No smart features like Bluetooth or voice recognition

4. Health & Fitness_Hub Sobo HF21 4D Full Body Massage Chair With Recliner Zero Gravity

Health & Fitness_Hub Sobo HF21 4D Full Body Massage chair with recliner is a luxuriously cushioned Zero Gravity Massage Chair that organizes the longest reaching rollers for back and hip massage. The range of accurately designed soft rollers for the neck and shoulder can instantly calm your body.

Its effective back & hips massage with gentle heating can uplift the user’s mood at any time of the day. This full body massage chair aims to perform full-length massage, stretch, and recovery. It is an unarguably effective solution to your everyday muscular and spinal strain.

While resting on the massage chair, you can adjust the panels to 5 positions according to your comfort. It has a detailed controller, 79 airbags, and an L track massage with 4D technology to serve several combined massage actions with simplicity. You can choose to target specific zones on your lumbar region with any massaging mode and can increase or decrease the motion of the rollers or air pressure of airbags.

It combines various massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, rubbing, and vibration. Most attractive of all is the zero gravity space-saving design added to Bluetooth music sync with speakers. All of these features make the massage chair capable enough to rank fourth in our list of the best massage chairs in India.


  1. 3d kneading and rubbing massage on the calf 
  2. Bluetooth sync music
  3. scraping massage for soles, special x-twist waist massage for waist flexibility
  4. stretching massage to relieve tired muscles
  5. 5 massage intensity and 3-speed controllers 


  1. Highly expensive 
  2. No significant cons except for the lack of technical recognition for therapy

5. JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity 

At the midway in our list of the best massage chairs in India, we have the JSB MZ24 Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair. This massage chair will bring you a supreme massage experience at home. It is your set up to keep up good health and activity. This is one of India’s coolest massage chair brands with a deeply focused calf rubbing and nodal acupressure massage for better blood circulation in your legs. The dedicated foot scraping massage and feet & ankle heating can recover your foot pain very effectively.

You can select the mode of massage that best suits you from a range of 12 auto modes. They can also be customized as per your preference. User control is made more simple and convenient through a smart 2-in-1 option. You can either operate using the highly interactive remote or give out a voice command. The Bluetooth sync allows you to play your favorite music during the massage session. 

The recliner design aims to provide ultimate comfort to your back and hips. Additionally, the massage chair comes with a specialized body scanning with back heating.

It also provides comfort to your neck and shoulder with airbags and soft rollers. The more you achieve freedom from back pain and body ache, the more energized you can feel throughout the day. The multiple airbags press against your aching spots to knead and tap the pain out. It is twice more effective in relaxing the body and fostering pain relief than sleep or a hot water bath. This zero gravity massage chair’s chief function de-stresses the user and allows the most convenient massage therapy. 


  1. Zero Gravity experience
  2. Contoured rollers for neck and back massage 
  3. 2 in 1 remote and voice controls
  4. Synchronized calf massage
  5. Excellent customer service 
  6. Improves blood circulation
  7. Full body airbags & soft roller strokes


  1. The cost of annual maintenance is high
  2. Not much space is saved

6. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Massage Chair with Zero Gravity

Robotouch maxima luxury full body massage chair is futuristic equipment designed to deliver comfort. This zero gravity massage chair serves various auto-massage functions for ache-improving comfort and a therapeutic massage experience.

This is one of the best massage chairs in India with a set of vertically movable, four-wheel driven, and noise-less smart massage hands that deliver emulation massage methods of shiatsu kneading. Users can cherish several massage variations like flapping, knocking, and simultaneous kneading on this full body massage chair. Additionally, it has advanced shoulder automatic detection for accurate identification of body areas.

You can manually control the massage mode for the upper body with three options: fixed, partial, and full-length massage. An additional five levels of speed adjustments can be used to regulate the state of flapping, shiatsu, and knocking.

There are two pairs of papillae on the toe for root rotating massage, on the arch, and heel mastoid skin for scraping massage that ensures absolute relaxation. The massage chair warms your back using carbon fibers for comfort. In short, you get a fully customized massage at your convenient palace and time with just a one-time investment. 


  1. Has auto 2D shoulder detection for precise therapy 
  2. Inbuilt memory levels M1, M2.
  3. Configurable built for ache-relief, comfort, ease, upper body, lower body.
  4. Neck to feet therapeutic massage
  5. 3-modes of Air pressure massage.
  6. Inbuilt automatic heating via carbon fiber.
  7. Roller massage for two pairs of papillae


  1. Bulky design and consumes a larger space upon reclining. 

7. Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Robotouch Urban full body massage chair features pre-programmable modes to simplify the massage experience of its users. This massage chair assists in time setting for massage delivery and functions almost automatically through timer programming.

It can revitalize your whole body and alleviate pain in its range of stress-relieving modes from comfort, relaxation, full-body, neck and shoulder, back and waist, and stretch. Its unique L Shape design mutates a traditional massage set-up for perfect therapy assistance. This full body massage chair uses 2D detection of massage points according to body height to enhance the user experience. 

This comforting chair gives a lucrative variety in massage modes from kneading, flapping, kneading + flapping to shiatsu and knocking with zero gravity massage function. It features an extendable calf rest and adjustable leg rest to completely accommodate your feet while delivering the spa-like massage. 

Robotouch Urban massage chair provides effective respite from stressful conditions at the workplace or home in an affordable range of price. It does not take up much space, even while reclining, and hence can be placed in your personal spaces without much mess.


  1. SL-Track mechanism
  2. Voice command and Bluetooth connectivity
  3. Customizable Airbag and Roller massage
  4. Carbon fiber heating for lower back
  5. Body scan sensors and 6 massage function


  1. The remote control is not user-friendly
  2. Airbag adjustment is less effective than higher models

8. JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity

JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair with Zero Gravity feature promotes healthier blood circulation and accelerates the elimination of toxic and harmful substances. Its smart 4D technology with L track massage also equips longest reaching rollers for back and hip massage.

It has multiple controls via Detailed Wired Controller or Wireless Controller and is embedded with 79 airbags at specialized points to target precise massage for the users. It combines Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knock, Rubbing, and Vibration massage techniques to provide professional therapy in its space-saving design.

The most attractive of all is the Bluetooth music sync with speakers that allows you to tune in your favorite songs while cherishing a full body massage as per your time and convenience. 

This JSB massage chair is available in India with a 1-year on-site doorstep warranty. Added to the health benefits, this is one of the best massage chairs delivering 3D kneading and rubbing massage on the calf, scraping massage for foot soles & calves. It also has the special x-twist waist massage for waist flexibility, and stretching massage to relieve tired muscles. The airbags press against your shoulders, arms, waist, hips, legs, and calves to accelerate pain relief, especially in the lumbar region. 


  1. Full body airbags & soft roller strokes
  2. 2in1 Controls: Control through Highly Interactive Remote
  3. Price is reasonable
  4. Vibration massage for back
  5. Synchronized calf massage
  6. Bluetooth Music system 


  1. Lacks a few advanced luxury features

9. Future Massager Full Body Massage Chair with 3D Luxury Zero Gravity

Future Massager 3D Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair combines the best of actions from premium foot care to heating and roller-arranged back massage. It is a full body massage chair that performs back massage, calf massage, foot massage, hand massage, and shoulder massage. The techniques are based on biomechanics, ergonomics, and model physical therapy which is smartly aware of human skeletal characteristics. This massage chair has few features such as physical stretch alongside full body airbags.

Besides shoulder automatic detection, the pillow pad can also be adjusted up and down freely as per your necessity. Yet why just the upper body, the chair allows you to rest your legs for a roller massaging of the feet. This massage chair also contains unique features at this price range like a USB port for mobile charging, Bluetooth speaker, shortcut button & artistic led.

There are 12 kinds of automatic massage programs equipped with an Intelligent voice recognition system and Carbon fiber for infrared back heating function. The smart “SL” shaped curved rail technology helps support the human body vertebrae in its ‘S’ shaped curve.


  1. SL shaped rail to support the spine 
  2. Bluetooth speaker 
  3. Roller feet massage raised sole dots 
  4. Over 5 types of massage motions
  5. Intelligent voice recognition 
  6. Shortcut button to save your preferred mode 
  7. 12 automatic massage functions 
  8. Back heating 


  1. Reasonably priced yet expensive 
  2. Not space saving 

10. Osada India Plus 3D Full Body Massage Chair (Automatic)

 If body pain relief is your dominant concern, you can rely on this product solely to resolve it within one session of full body massage. With premium auto- massaging programs, this massage chair could be your professional friend for therapeutic relief. Another feature adding to its fame is the massage balls of the back roller mechanism.

It performs light stretching to warm up and loosen the stiff muscles, recovery action for sports massage therapy, pain relief action to relieve muscle aches, and relaxation mode which uses a gentle and soft massage program. The renew mode gives you a fully customized massage to start the day with renewed energy. 

Get maximum features and benefits with Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Vibration, Yoga Stretching, and more at a controllable intensity. You can enjoy a customized 3D Rollers system for increased pressure and better control at your preferred intensity to relieve pain. Furthermore, the Wraparound Calf and Foot Massage with foot rollers performs unmatched

scraping and rolling to dissolve your foot pain. Unlike 4 heated FIR rollers in most models, this full body massage chair has 6. The extra-long SL track facilitates massage of the back, buttocks, and thighs instead of just the back as found in S models. 


  1. 6 Heated FIR Rollers
  2. Auto programs including Athlete, Golfer
  3. Stretch and Full Body Relaxation
  4. Long SL track for greater coverage
  5. A full flat stressless position used by NASA for astronauts


  1. No cons as such except for the high price

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Massage Chair in India

Best Massage Chairs

1. Space

Massage chairs are bulky, and they end up consuming a lot of space in your room. Moreover, massage chairs that recline need much more space, and they can’t be placed with its back on the wall. Ask the salesperson whether your chosen one will fit into your living space.

If you have a big house with a lot of open space, you may want to go for massage chair with wheels to move in and out of place as required. Also, discuss with others who are also sharing the space with you to ensure they have no problem with it.

2. Features

Massage chairs come with tons of features. Choose the one that works for your body; for instance, if your leg muscle tends to get stiff or ache frequently, then you have to consider a chair that provides airbags in the leg and foot area. While those with the hip problem can go for hip and buttocks airbags. Opt for extendable leg rest feature if you want to sit with your legs elevated.

Moreover, compare the intensity or pressure of the massage and ensure they are up to your need. Some massage chairs give a strong massage, while others use lighter pressure. Before investing in a massage chair try it for at least 15 minutes to make sure that the pressure and intensity are okay; though some chairs will allow you to change the intensity of the massage to suit your requirement.

Furthermore, if you are sharing the chair with other people, then consider buying one that has a provision for saving specific massage strokes or sequences you use so that you don’t need to reprogram your massage sequence every time you use the chair.

In short, these are some preferred features chair in a modern massage chair.

  1. Massage techniques such as shiatsu, kneading, knocking, rolling, tapping, and flapping
  2. Zero gravity reclining function
  3. Vibrating airbags
  4. Foot roller massage
  5. Adjustable height
  6. Body scanner
  7. Data and memory storage

3. Budget

Massage chairs generally range from 40k to 500k in India. Chairs with simple massaging options are low in price while others with high-end features are expensive. Choose the massage chair according to your need and budget.

Usually, not everyone will use the features of high-priced models, so don’t feel that expensive product are only good in service. Do some research and test drive and find the right one for you at the right price. Check the Massage Chair Price In India at Amazon.

If your requirement is only for a massage recliner chair and not the massage part in it then you can save some bucks by getting a massage Recliner Chair. You can check our guide on the Best Recliners in India.

4. Height of the Chair

Height of the Massage Chair

Massage chairs are usually designed to suit people who are approximately 5’10 in height. If you are taller or shorter than 5′-10″, you should give the chair a test drive before buying it. For instance, if you are 5′- 2″, the back rollers will be too high for you. In this case, you might have to manually adjust the position of the rollers and nodes each time you use the massage chair, making the massage inconvenient.

Each person who will be using the massage chair should check if the height of the seat is comfortable. Similarly, massage chair with low seats is quite uncomfortable for people with height 6′-0″ and over, or people with back or knee pain.

However, there are some massage chairs that are designed to auto-scan the height of the user’s shoulder and automatically adjust the chair.

5. Warranty

You may be buying the massage chair for home, massage parlor or spa, irrespective, you will be spending a lot of money on it. Hence it is very important that you check for the warranty the brand is providing for the product. A standard warranty should cover a minimum of one year on parts and labor. The installation and demo should be free of cost.


In our busier life, why not take a luxurious massage in an electric massage chair to relax your body and alleviate pain and lethargy naturally. With so many excellent products, choosing the one that best fits your requirement you are one step ahead in embracing a refreshed and energetic life.

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