Geyser Vs Immersion Rod | The Good and The bad

What’s more relaxing than a warm water shower to wash away your worries at the end of a tiring day. When it comes to heating water there are so many different options with so many different features and you may not know what exactly you’re looking for. A water heating appliance can be an investment and so it is important to ensure that you are purchasing the right product.

The two popular options people usually opt for are a geyser and an immersion rod. Both of them come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages that you can explore in detail. This way you can make sure that you buy the one that’s right for you and your home.

What Is A Geyser?

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A geyser is a water heating appliance that contains a sealed metallic container and is mounted onto a wall. A water pipeline is attached to the geyser inlet valve through which old water flows. The geyser outlet valve is connected to the tap through which the water flows out for you to use. The geyser has a heating element present within it and so when water flows through the geyser, the heating element heats the water. There is no need to set up the heater each time, and it only requires a one-time installation. There is no need to worry about an electric shock when it comes to a geyser. All you need to do is switch it on and wait for 5-10 minutes. After that, you can turn on the tap, and enjoy the hot water. 

What Is An Electric Immersion Heater Rod?

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An electric immersion heated rod is a device that heats water by installing a utensil or bucket along with water and a plug into the socket. It consists of a metal rod that is coated to insulate the electric shock. When electrical current is passed through the rod, it heats up. Once the rod is heated up, it further heats the water. The immersion rod works on a simple principle and is an economical and reliable option. An immersion rod requires regular maintenance and one should ensure that it does not lose its coating.

Geyser Vs Immersion Rod | Advantages And Disadvantages


Immersion Rods Since an immersion rod works on a basic principle it can take a while before the water heats up. It involves an electrical current being passed through the rod, and the rod increasing in temperature. Once the rod reaches the right temperature, the heat is transferred to the water. This can be comparatively time-consuming and the water does not heat up uniformly. There is also no auto switch-off option.

Geysers  A geyser is quite quick and efficient when it comes to heating water. It is much faster when compared to an immersion rod and also heats the water uniformly. A geyser also has an auto-off system available. Depending on the type (instant or storage geyser), their efficiency might vary a little.

Water Heating Capacity

Immersion rodsThe quantity of water that can be heated is very limited. Since it uses a heating rod and a bucket, only the amount of water that can be filled in the bucket can be heated in one go.

Geysers– A geyser has a larger capacity in comparison to an immersion rod. Its capacity however depends on the model and varies between different geysers. On average geyser can hold up to 25 liters of water if required.


Immersion Rods– Immersion rods are portable water heaters that are cost-effective and require minimum maintenance. Especially if you are moving houses or relocating supplies the immersion rod is portable and easy to install. 

Geysers Most geysers on the other hand are not portable. Companies are coming up with portable options, but they are not as efficient and foolproof when compared to geysers that are not portable.


Immersion Rods– An immersion rod can be difficult to set up. You need to fill the bucket with water manually and then dip the rod in the water to heat it. It also takes a while for the water to heat up, depending on the volume of water.

GeysersA geyser is much easier to use. It is extremely convenient and requires no setting up. All one needs to do is turn the switch on and wait for a few minutes while the water heats up. This way it requires minimum effort and is extremely convenient.


Immersion rodsAn immersion rod can pose a considerable risk in terms of safety. This is because there is always a slight chance of getting an electric shock. An immersion rod consists of a coated metal rod. The coating acts as an insulator. Over time, however, the immersion rod starts to lose its coating. This can result in an electric shock. Improper grounding can also cause an electric shock. 

A lot of safety precautions need to be followed while dealing with immersion rods. While using a plastic bucket, one needs to be careful because the plastic may melt in case of overheating. Also, if the rod is still plugged in power and there is very little or no water left, it can result in the coil getting burnt.

Geysers A geyser is much safer. Most instant electric  water geysers come with an auto-off system that automatically cuts off the power when the temperature goes beyond limits. 


Immersion RodsAn immersion rod is an extremely affordable option in comparison to a geyser. The best immersion rods can cost anywhere between Rs. 300 to Rs. 600 in India. 

Water geysersA water geyser on the other hand is comparatively more expensive. The cost of a water geyser can range anywhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 20,000. The pricing depends on the quality, features and the brand. Premium geyser water heaters are often found to be priced at the higher end of this range.

Verdict | Should You Buy A Geyser Or An Immersion Rod Water Heater?

An heating appliance is a necessity in every household. Both the immersion rod water heater and a modern geyser come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both these water heating technologies offer something different. If you are someone who loves taking a bath with the shower, an immersion rod is definitely not the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget and looking for something affordable, a good geyser may not be practical. 

An immersion rod is a portable, inexpensive and easy to assemble alternative that one can opt for. A geyser however is quicker, more efficient, and more convenient. A geyser is also much safer when compared to an immersion rod, which can be a major concern especially when it comes to electrical appliances.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your individual needs and your personal preference. Assess your budget, your demands and your requirements before you purchase either of these appliances, especially a geyser because it can be an expensive investment!

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