by Yunalis Zarai January 16, 2014

Guess its still not too late to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! And welcome to the new and improved NOVEMBER CULTURE  online store! We now have better shipping system, better customer service ( you can now register and be a member so all of your shipping details will automatically be in our system when you shop with us! )
We want to make your shopping experience better, regardless where you're from! Don't wanna go through all the hassle of converting the price to your preferred currency? No problem! Check out the top right of our site; this is where you get to choose to view all of the products in MYR, GBP, AUD, USD, and SGD!
We're excited about our new arrivals too! In some parts of the world, it's pretty chilly (can't say the same about Malaysia though!) but if you're embracing the sweater weather be sure to check out our selections of sweaters this winter season (oh and did we mention we ship WORLDWIDE? bet it's really cold in Moscow right now.. might need a new pair of sweaters!)
We also have something in store for all you women professionals out there who crave for something new and stylish to wear to work this 2014! We assembled a collection of stylish pieces that you could wear to the office!
Enough talk! It's shopping time! Thank you everyone for your support and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more news and updates!
Happy shopping and enjoy!

Yunalis Zarai
Yunalis Zarai


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